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Unit 6 test

Listening 5 Complete the sentences with the past simple

form of the verbs. (3 marks)
1 1.07 Listen to a radio programme about
We travelled (travel) to Italy.
Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. Tick ()
1 She _________________ (name) her cat Azul.
the people you hear. (10 marks)
2 He _________________ (discover) electricity.
actor  king 
3 I _________________ (prefer) the countryside.
farmer  scientist 
writer  queen 
Language focus
singer  inventor 
6 Complete the questions and answers with was,
football player  teacher  wasn’t, were or weren’t. (18 marks)
Where were you yesterday?
1 I _______________ at the sports centre. ()
2 Complete the definitions. Write words from the
2 We _______________ at the shopping centre. ()
word square. (5 marks)
3 Where _______________ I last night?
4 You _______________ at home. ()
O D R B U I L D E R 5 Your sister _______________ at the cinema. ()
C M U S I C I A N H 6 _______________ he with you at lunch?
7 Yes, he _______________ with me. ()
8 No, I _______________ alone. ()
9 His friends _______________ with him. ()
7 Complete the sentences with there was, there
A scientist studies science. were, there wasn’t or there weren’t. (6 marks)
In 1900 … there was a train station in my city.
1 A d___________________ works in a hospital.
1 __________________ computers.
2 A b___________________ makes new houses.
2 __________________ an internet café in my town.
3 A m___________________ plays music.
3 __________________ hospitals.
4 An a___________________ is good at art.
5 An e___________________ visits new places. 8 Complete the table with the correct past simple
form of the verbs. (4 marks)
3 Match 1–6 with a–f. (5 marks)
1 actor a he / she works in a school Past simple affirmative Past simple negative
2 teacher b he rules a country
travelled didn’t travel
3 chef c he works in films
(1) _________________ didn’t invent
4 writer d he / she makes new things
5 king e he / she writes books played (2) _________________

6 inventor f he / she cooks food (3) _________________ didn’t arrive

stopped (4) _________________

4 Complete the past simple forms. Write -d or
-ed. (7 marks)
invented 4 establish _______ 9 Write the past simple form of the verbs. (8 marks)
She really liked (like) the horror film. ()
1 cross _______ 5 live _______
1 They _________________ (walk) home. ()
2 listen _______ 6 change _______
2 The chameleon _________________ (change)
3 invade _______ 7 explore _______
colour. ()
Unit 6 test
3 He _________________ (discover) anything. () Communication
4 I really _________________ (like) Madrid. () 12 Match the questions 1–5 with the replies a–e.
(10 marks)
10 Complete the sentences. (4 marks)
1 What was Buenos Aires like? 
ago last in in
2 Were you on your own? 
1 They invaded the city about 500 years ________. 3 What about the shops? 
2 He was a king ________ the fifteenth century. 4 Was the weather good? 
3 We played football ________ weekend. 5 How was the exam? 

4 They travelled to Australia ________ 2009. a No. I was with my family.

b Yes, it was brilliant. It was really sunny!
Reading c They were amazing.
11 Read the text. Then answer the questions. e It was terrible! The questions were really difficult.
(10 marks) d It was a really cool city.
Where are there many places with unusual
names? In the UK. Writing
1 Where is a village named after an animal? 13 Choose the correct words. (5 marks)
In ______________. She started school three months ago / now.
2 Which place in Britain has got a very short 1 It’s a popular city today / yesterday.
name? ______________ 2 He lived here in / in the 2007.
3 When were the Romans in a village in Wales? 3 This was a popular town in / in the 1960s.
______________ ago. 4 They lived here in the sixteenth time / century.
4 What was the name of this village about 160 5 We moved there nine years last / ago.
years ago? ______________
14 Look at the information. Then write about New
5 How many letters are there in the name of the York. Use the questions to help you. (5 marks)
village now? ______________
New York
THE SMALL VILLAGE WITH THE Location: east of the USA
BIG NAME Name: named after York, a city in England
Many British places have got unusual names. In Population: in 1900s, about 3.5 million – now,
England, you can visit Dog Village and World’s about 8.5 million
End! The name of one village in Scotland has only People: New Yorkers
got two letters: Ae But a village in Wales has got a Famous people: 50 Cent (musician), Al Pacino
really difficult name: Llanfairpwllgwyngyll- (actor)
1 Where is New York?
This village is very old. Romans lived there about
2,000 years ago! In the 1850s, the name of the 2 Why was it named New York?
village was Llanfair, and it was a very small, quiet 3 What was the population in the 1900s? What is
place. People in the village wanted more visitors, the population now?
so they changed the name. They invented an
interesting new name, with 58 letters! Now, 4 What are the people there called?
thousands of people visit the village every year. 5 What famous people live in New York?

Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 20 Language focus _______ / 40

Reading _______ / 10 Communication _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 100