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SUNNY ie ‘Words and Muste by BOBBY HEBB cter-day my life was filled with rain, thank you for the sun ~shine bou-quet.— sun ~ ny,— you smiled at me and Sun - ny, — ‘thank you for the £ = real- ly eased the pain. love you've brought my way ? ve dark days are done,— and the bright days are here, gave to me your—_ all fand all sun-ny one—shines 80 oh, the — You sin-cere,— Oh Now 1 feel ten feet tall. Sun - ny one so true,—— Copyright ©1965 & 1946 by Portable Music Compan. ta mematonal Copyratt Sexes = Se eee NOON TT ats Reserved Campbell, Connelly & Co. Ltd., 10, Denmark St., London, W.C.2. ‘thank you for the truth you've let me see. thank you for that smile up - on your face. e ft fi fe ae thank you for the facts from A to Z thank you tor that gleam that flows with grace. — ses fe rou Se GS = life was torn Itke— wind-blown sand, Then a rock was formed_ when we held hand: You're-my spark of na~ ture’s fire,— you're my sweet com ~ plete de -sire.—— > we ae gE After Repeat D.C. and fade Sun = ny one so true,—