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2 38 TEA FOR TWO from “NO, NO, NANETTE” ‘Words by Music by VINCENT YOUN! * IRVING CAESAR. Moderato. Voice. 1. ue.T'm — dis-con-tent- ed QsueYou are re-veal- ing Piano. ‘ x | ypomes that are rent-ed so. [have in-vent-ed . my own} plan so_ap-peal-ing, can't help but feel-itg for you. a Ab Ebr ra Be Ay oe = lov-er's 0 - as - is, where life's wea - ry chase is to command it, Darling, this place is a xe. Darling, I plannedit, can't you un-der-stand,it is yours ——= er cr rr a Fo or Bhar Copyright, MEMXXLY, by HARMS tne. UU ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Chappell & C9, Ltd. 50, Now Bond Street, London W. 1 Far fromthe cry of the ci - ty where flow do. sue.All of yourschemes lim ad - mir - ing,—— theyre wort? Ai pret. ty caress the streams, Co - sy to hide _'sir- ing. but cant you see, Pd — like to wait, des = Dia Ab tr ——— 2 ————<——— ¥ rr live side by side some fu- ture date, dear dont let it abide in my It won't be too late, dear, for REFRAIN. EW Ab Ey Ay EM Gt Pic - ture you up - on myknee, just tea for two and two for "ibe pam A Bhar Bima 7 Abe hia Eby ie ~ bod-ynear us to see us orhear us, No friends or re-la- i Dat Daz oe omaj2 akeek- end va-ca - tions, We won't have it known,dear, that we own a v Dav Dav maja i will break «and you'll 28568