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PU Tati By Sisley etal a Lay COR The subject for this eae an or Pein cnc eens CUCL PMU u ee cic Pere ed DS eee BET ANY ALTA |MASTERCLASS | SKULLTAKER ‘champion of Khorne, is a name feared across the corpse-strewn battlefields ‘of the Warhammer world and the blasted warzones of the 41st Millennium. ‘Wherever the red: treads, death and d as Skulltaker seeks to add another polished skull to his master’s Skull Throne; a task to which he is more than suited, Sas Bloodletter and chosen This : | was sculpted by the talented Mark Harrison, depict Skulltaker on foot, swathed in the skulls paints are available from th indation and Wash ranges @ bots. Wo @ chainmait @ Hermagaunt Pure @ vender Daaun radon Granite @ vere Pune dishing the newly harvested skull of a ted foe at his enemi For this issue's ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass, job 0 ng Khorne > Joe Tomasewski. This is lass, and we're sure you'll agree he was more than equal to the task! The first step for Joe was to clean up the miniature, removing any flash or mould lines with a hoblay knife and files he had to assemble the figure and undercoat it with Chaos Black. Herald © surest Yotow @ vermin row @ Vert Brown rk Throughout the paining process, Joe lept Sklar hoa separate om 2 tying stand Joe painted Skulltaker in two separate parts, painting the head and body separately so as to be able to paint the detail on the chest and the back of the head properly. He started by painting Skulltaker from the inside out, starting with the red skin. The basecoat for the skin was made up of a series of thin layers of Scab Red, applied directly over the This close of Slates hand Chaos Black undercoat, followed by successively brighter shades. Throughout the painting process, joe's technique involved using lols of thin layers of paint, building them up to blocks of solid colour. This allows for a smooth effect between the highlights, creating a subtle gradation of colour across the whole surface. ing the red skin Sep 1 L088 of thin layers of Sab Red were aos Black undercoat, to form Bleed Red. Step 5. the nex layer was a hihi Blocd Red and Blazing Orange, applied to the raed eos of the skin and blended into the Step 4. joe Scorched Brow Shade. Final, he applied a 1°) mix of Blazing Step 2. The next stop wast pant a mix of 11 rd Red Gore over the basecoa sing ots of thin layers to bul ‘ube hgbight rd ymiter Darou a «highlights the uppermost areas ofthe sin Eyes and Teeth Joe painted the eyes and teeth early om in the Painting process, at the fame time as the skin. The tyes were painted Blazing Orange and then highlighted with Sunburst Yellow and Skull White. The teeth were painted Charadon Granite and were highlighted with Bleached Bone of Chace Black and fe vacesses of the skin a8 3 95 Painting the Cloak Aiter the skin, Joe focused his attention on Skulltaker’s The leather effect was kept deliberately subtle, to flowing cloak, lavishing particular attention to the ornate emphasise the most eye-catching area of the cloak ~ the symbol of Khorne emblazened on its lining. The cloak was large symbol of Khorne. Joe painted the cloak using a “non- painted in such a way that the material resembled shiny metallic metal” effect to make it look like it was still a part black leather, no doubt made frorn the flayed hides of Of the fabric of the cloak, but still presented in a distinctive previous victims. Khornate brass colour Painting the Cloak Detail ‘Step 2 The next layer was a highlight of Vermin ote ofthe cloak was painted with» Basecoat Brown, applied to te raised areas ofthe symbol (of Scorched Brown recy over the Chaos snd border a wel a othe edges, creating 3 Black undercoat, Sroraly dalinedoxine, Cloak Fabric Joe painted the material of the cloak to look as though i is made from leather. He painted a 1:1 basecoat of Chaos Black and Codex Grey over the ‘oak, leaving Chaos Black in the recesses, Successive highlights of Codex Grey, and Fortress Grey were then painted to the raised areas: Finally a fine line of Skull White was painted along the uppermost areas ofthe cloak, giving it that shiny, leather effect Step 3. highlight of 11 mi of Vermin Bro ‘Step 4. Finally, a pure Skill White highlight was ard Skill White was then painted onthe edger pple tothe extreme edges of he symbol, to ind tppermodt aren ofthe deal make Hk si 96 WHITE DWARF. EAVY METAL MASTERCLASS