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Englishaula PART 1/Exercise 1


Your teacher has asked you to write an essay on the consequences of living in a popular tourist

Is better to live in a tourist destination or not?


1. Good for the economy

2. Quality of life
3. ……………………………….. (your own idea)

Write an ESSAY in 140-190 words, in an appropriate style, using all your notes

You must give reasons for the ideas you express.

Living in a popular tourist destination have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on

several causes, such as kind of person, their basics necessity or their works…

Firstly, many people argue that living in a tourist city is good for the economy, because there
are a lot of shops, bars, restaurants … For this reason, some people decide living in the big city.
That is why there is a lot of demand of work.

On the other hand, there are a few reasons against living in tourist destination, as for quality of
life. It is lessened because the place is noisy, there is a mass of people in everywhere. Because
of this, there is pollution then everybody could fell overwhelmed, with problems respite, with

To sum up, I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages about living in this kind
of city, but it is depending on your lifestyle. If you lived, for example in Madrid, you would have
many amenities. This is because there are theatres, cinemas, supermarkets, parks, gyms… For
me, one of the main disadvantages is noise.