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LAW? UNE RK WARBOSS h every new release, plastic use plastic is such a versat models seem to get better and material we encouraged Darren to put his better. The plastic miniatures of conversion skills to the test (with a lit Ui MEV 1 ee err tre Reece ea urs recta Nanci Petar tg is the plastic Ork today are highly characterful and detailed models, as much at home as centrepieces in their own right as they are in units With this in mind, we decided it had been too long since the ‘avy Metal team had tackled a plastic miniature for one of our masterclass artic! The Ork Warboss from the Assault on Black Reach boxed game was the perfect candidate for the job, and Darren Latham, in his first Masterclass, took on the task. (/ Xen hese paints are available from ut, Wash and Foundation rang @ cr208 aisk Spray @ vos: B:0¥n © Peaches Bone Liche Purple Mina iver Hawk Turquoise help from miniatures designer Seb Perbed) The plastic O this, and it to make a truly unique Warbo: Before Darren started painting the model he plan ent use, Darren wanted to create a Bad Moon Warboss and let that concept guide his component selection. Before sticking bits together he did a “dry run’ with adhesive putty to make sure the conversion worked adel ‘Wash: W_ Foundation: F Gaobin Green shat wie Golden Yellow Tin Bite Vermin own Hormagaunt Purple Iyanden Darasun nome Brown Pea d em eo cag © ox Anse Lc ta noe e Files sab Red Rotting Flesh Katloe Green Space Wot Orkhide Shade Tousept Ochre 800000000 hed Brown Badab slack oma hake Darren wanted to ‘open up’ the figure and expose more of the Ork’s frontage. To do this he twisted the right arm outward and turmed the head more at the neck. This was done by cutting into both the arm and neck joint and forcing the gaps open a litle way to widen them. Green Stuf was used to il the gaps he'd created Darren macle sure that all the mponents he used didn't alter the flow and direction of the model. A commen mistake in conversions is to have hair flowing one way while a banner is flying in another direction ~ this can ruin the impact and realism of a miniature ’ Darren replaced the orginal iarbos head with another fom the Nabe rae. The aw plate wae dled to gt an even meaner sa56 The tophnot was another component tom the Nebz Kit Damen mace sire the have wae Blown inthe sae dvecton # the other elements ofthe model. Every Ork Warboss needs» pet ‘Squig, and one ws aed to the shoulsr ofthe model ora bit of Character No doubt its ready to ite the face of any epponent that ‘comes within feseht Conversion Bitz e ot The bospote am the Nob frame trae afied fo the back of the Warbose The hired fo the pole Blowing inthe same etecton a tl tpn aa don cloth Extra Parts The frames of our plas kite, such as the Ork Nobz, ate packed with extra bitz and there are more components than you need to assemble the boxed models. As every hobbyist knows, you should never throw these away - add them to your Daren added a buzesew to the The buzesaw was added as Daron bits box and save for power Maw fst bua thought tat t ‘wanted to maketh power klaw bitz ox and Unbalanced the model To rect ven bigger and more viious than ther project. this he made he than bade attachment rth 3 ites rota with wow 89 konica Daren paid special stention tothe bhurched muscles onthe som. These wee defined using the method an ‘colours described below, but etch Stage was but up in a succession of thin layer calor than a sage tek The veins were painted nthe same snare ae Ble tree the (jel. The redness ofthe shin ‘where the flesh meee the bioniks You always want your heroes and characters to stand out, The yellow in the mix lifts the skin tone, making it especially in an army as infantry heavy as the Orks. While brighter and stronger so it catches the eye. Another tip for the size and aesthetics of a character model help ‘making your model stand out is to always use the same differentiate between them and your average Ork Boy, highlight colour. For instance, the lips, blue veins and skin, 'Eavy Metal use a more subtle technique to further define all use Bleached Bone as the basis for the highlight colour, this for the Orks by adding yellow to the skin colow tying the fles Painting the Skin Step 1. The skin ofthe Warboss Step 2 Daren then bul up ‘Step 3. Pure Goblin Green was Slap 4. Next a 4:11 mix of Goblin was fs given a basecoat of layer ofKraloe Green over all of then painted ave the previous. ‘Geen, Golden Yllow and ‘Oithide Shade. This was followed the lesh areas apart fom the layer the rocenes and ceases in _‘Seached Bone was applied to bys wash using 3 Ie mi of dleper recesses the sin were avoided telat the the rated areas Chaos Black nd Bada Black, Katie Green show though Step 5 The same mix of colouss Step 6. The esh was finshed off Aer the kin, Daren ta The fower eyelids weve pained was used again for this stage, only with an eames talons, sing 9.1 basecoat mix of wth 211 mix of Regal Ble and the proportions were 2:1) of Bleached fone, applied carefully rhe Shade an Hawk Goblin Green. The lips were Cob Green, Golden Yellow to the mos prominent sre Turguotse. These were highishied pained witha 1° Seab Kedar tnd Bleached Bone ith Roting Flesh Goblin Green ix 90. WHITE DWARF PAINTING MASTERCLASS