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FT-8000R Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver : 6 Page 33, 45 & 63 is missing, Sorry! Table of Contents Specifications .....-.--. Accessories & Options .. . . Front Panel Controle, Switches, & Cornecior | Rear Panel Connections. . . . ee MH-36 Microphone & Keypad ban 392 MH-425, Microphone & Keypad . 5... . 19 Installation ...-.-.--.- fll Preliminary inspection Shee 3 lastaliafion Tips. . Safety Information <<. . Antenna Considerations - « Mobile Installation et ‘Transceiver Installation - . : Mobile Power Connections Mobile Speakers. Base Station Installation’ ° FP-800 AC Power Supply Packet HadigTNC «=. Transceiver Cloning... ADMS-2 Programming Kit Operation «a vwes sees Preliminary Setup * : 22 Turning the Power On/OH# IIT 22 Supply Voltage Display — < Dllll pe Adjusting the Volume and Squetch <2... 23 Frequency Display and Bané Change... 24 Intetigent Bang Display (30)... 28 Keypad Beeper 0... sist 26 Display Brighiness ie 26 Frequency Selection: “Dial" (VFO) Mode |. 27 Channel Step Selection... ... « toe 28 VFO Tracking... yocen ss BB Receiver Muting aes “a Monoband Operation voy a0 WHF-VFH (WAV oF UHE-UHE (U-U) Operation 3t 2 Sub Band Command Control. . Transm 5 Power Output Setting PTT Locking... Repeater Splits... . Memary Storage | * : Recalling Memories - Allernating-Band Memory Selection (ABMS) | Home Channel Memories... 2.0 +. Memory Offset Tuning . . - 4 Masking and Recovering Memories ©. >. Scanning. Memory Skip Scannin Programmable Band-Scan Limits - ‘Smart Search Operation... . . Priority Channel Monitoring °° CTCSS Operation CTGSS Bell Paging with the FTS-22 DTMF Autodialer Operation . . . Packet Operation... Cross-Band Repeater Operation” Time-Out Timer - Automatic Power Off (AP nix . Power-On Settings . - In Case of Problems . Reselting the CPU . Memory Backup . « FTS-22 installation - Internal Adjustments LCD DC Voltmeter Alignment aageggag vanensaeesnn? Sanus 35 FT-8000R Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver The FT-8000R is a deluxe, compact FM mobile transceiver providing wide-band receive capability, along with a host of features which provide state-of- the-art performance on the 2-m and 70-om amateur bands, Included in the FT-8000R's feature comple- ment are: * 50 Watts of power culput on VHF, and 35 Watts on UHF, with High/Medium/Low selection on each band. + Expanded receiver coverage: 110-550 MHz, and 750-1300 MHz (cellular telephone frequencies are blocked, and cannot be re-enabled). ‘© Qutstanding packet radio capability at 1200 or 9600 bps with easy interface via a dedicated rear-panel Jack, ‘© Dual Receive (VHF/UHF, VHF/VHF, or UHF/UHF) and Crossband Repeat capability is built in. ‘* 108 memory channels (54 per band) which store repeater shifts, odd repeater shitts, and CTCSS tones, plus one-touch HOME channels for each band, * The Smart Search feature, which automaticaly sweeps a band and loads active frequencies into dedicated memory banks, is Ideal for identitying active repeaters when visiting a city for the first time, «© Yaesu-exclusive Omni-Glow™ multifunction LCD cispiay. ‘Additional features include a CTCSS encoder (FTS- 22 CTCSS Decoder optional) providing 39 subaudible.tones for repeater access, a transmit Time-Qut-Timer (TOT), and separate speaker jacks for the VHF and UHF bands. And an all-new S-Meter Squelch circuit allows the owner to set the squelch to open at a programmable setting of the S-Meter, thus reducing guesswork in setting the squelch threshold. Congratulations on your purchase of the FT-8000R! Whether this is your first rig, or if Yaesu equipment is already the backbone of your station, the Yaesu organization is committed to ensuring your enjoy- ment of this high-performance transceiver, which should provide you with many years of satisfying operation, Yaesu’s dealer network and technical sup- port personnel stand behind every product we sell and we invite you to contact us should you require technical advice or assistance. We recommend that you read this manual in its entirety prior to installing the FT-8000R, so that you fully understand the capabilities of your new trans- ceiver fully. Introduction