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What are they doing??? ‘Some crazy things are going on 2. A giraffe is poking his head 2. He Is Cooking sausages 3. The stag is wearing 4. The boy is sleeping 5.A bear is sitting 6. The girl is skiing 7. The lady is putting suntan lotion on 8. The ow! in the tree is 9. The man in green is skating 10. The fish are swimming 1. There is a Cuckoo clock 22. The Chipmunk is 13. The Clown is playing his trumpet and 14. There is a photo 15. There is a hoover 26. The Van has got a icturell! Match up the sentence parts. a) On the top of the tent. bi Inside the van Cl Skateboarding d) Hanging up on the tent €) Doughnut for a front whet #) But there is no snow 9) Out of the van ) Atthe picnic table i) A hat and a scare 3) Over a block of ice fa But there is no ice Riding his one-wheet bike, but where is the circus? im)But it’s nighe time ) Attached to the tree ©) Butit’s grass, not carpet! P) Checking his phone