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Friday, January 23, 2009

Crane Collapse Kills 36 in Shanghai Shipyard

Thirty-six workers were killed and three others injured when a 600-ton gantry crane collapsed
suddenly while being elevated in a Shanghai shipyard at 8 a.m. Tuesday.The injured have been
hospitalized and well treated. The accident occurred at the Hudong Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. in
Shanghai, the largest metropolis in east China.Leaders of the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of China (CPC) and the State Council were very much concerned about the accident, and gave
important instructions in terms of rescue, relief, and accident investigation.
The two cranes are reported to have literally “fell apart” just after midnight while lifting cargo according
to the Shanghai Safety Production and Supervision Administration.

The cranes would of course been lifting ship modules, most likely in a tandem lift that went wrong, the
failure of one then caused an overload of the other.

Huang Ju, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPC and member of the Political
Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, rushed to the scene for rescue work, along with other municipal
officials, firemen and medical workers.
Officials from the Office of the Industrial Safety Committee of the State Council, the State
Administration for Industrial Safety, Supervision and Management, the Commission of Science,
Technology and Industry for National Defence, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, and China
Shipbuilding Industry Corp. have also arrived at the scene for relief and investigation.

An accident investigation leading group, organized by the Industrial Safety Committee of the State
Council, has been set up according to related regulations of the State Council.The cause of the
accident is still under investigation, sources said.
Brief Introduction : It was discovered that the crane that collapsed and
killed 28 workers in Shanghai, Tuesday, is China's first and largest gantry
crane designed and built in China.

The crane, weighing 5,000 tons itself, is able to lift 600 tons at one time and cover a span as wide as
170 meters.
Before the collapse, the crane was the major piece of hoisting equipment used in the construction of a
large-scale boatyard for the Shanghai Hudong Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd.

The major metallic parts of the crane include the girder, a rigid leg and a flexible leg. With an installed
capacity of 1,902 kilowatt, the crane is electronically controlled using highly advanced equipment,
equal to those around the world.
Source By People's Daily Online ---
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