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a H ea tH Hs 4 LS Linorotested Structural Steel - British Steel Corporation Research Services Swinden Laboratories Department of Environment fF a Lt Fire Resear ie Building Research Establishment —~ e Research Station ") ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS . ‘The authors wish to thank the Sections Commereial Division of the Britiah Stee] Corporation and the Department of the Environment (through the Fire Research Station) for jointly sponsoring the preparation of this Compendium. im addition to the fire tests carried out by the British Steel Corporation, Swinden Laboratories, the Anelusion of the results from the following organisations is gratefully acknowledged: Arbed SA, Belgium ‘The Fire Research Station, Borehamwood, UK Pell Frischmann & Partners, Manchester, UK. ‘The authors also wish to thank Dr. R. Baker, Director of Research and Development for the British Steel Corporation, for permission to publish this document. ‘Taw purpose oh Canaser Protaton hat 187 ae corpaile wth BEC declared chien ft para of mle in rlton athe quay open and ta uaty owora, aris om th above lation, Brith Shas Crperation a ite ebiiary compass (B5C) neidar it uomary to duh nntin Wo teicvionr ad ter of thai produto the ilomng- 1. BSC hate evry arto antr hatnfrmation setanad in thi decent ‘secant ba grt tat ants ase ay lability in rpc tare. Printed and Published by BSC Swinden Laboratories 1988° ISBN 0900206 470 COMPENDIUM OF UK STANDARD FIRE TEST DATA UNPROTECTED STRUCTURAL STEEL -1 by D.E. Wainman and B.R. Kirby British Steel Corporation ‘Swinden Laboratories Rotherham Ref, No. RS/RSC/S10328/1/87/B