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Lesson Plan Template 2018


- Information on SEPEP competition, team announcements, choosing of roles and fixture distributed.
- Give the students the responsibility and ability to make their own choices (distribution of roles) and run their own drills

Pre-lesson organisation:
- Have Teams already sorted outs and fixtured written up
- Have information of each role on paper to hand out to teams
- Have padlet organised for students to put in team name, members and their roles
- Have desks set up to accommodate large groups (number of teams should dictate how many desk groups are made)
Learning Area Outcomes:

Strand: Movement and Physical Activity (MPA)

Sub-Strand: Moving our body (MB), Understanding Movement (UM), Learning through movement (LM)
Focus Areas: Active Play and Minor Games (AP), Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS), Games and Sport (GS)

Time Task(s) Observations Task Management

(What students do) (What to look for) (Management of Student Group)
9:30 Beginning class organization:
- Students enter classroom and find a seat and do the student roll

9:33 - Explain to student what SEPEP is and - See what students are paying - Making sure students are paying
(15 mins) how this approach will help with student attention and which ones are not attention by throwing in a question or
learning two to the students so that they pay
- Give the students a rundown of the Modification attention.
upcoming SEPEP basketball competition - Have students complete a Kahoot or
(e.g. fixtures, trade day, finals etc.) another quiz-based activity about
- Explain to each student what each role SEPEP
entails and how they can contribute to
their teams (e.g. what apps to use etc.)
- Quick rundown of the SEPEP rubric.
- Explain that students will have a chance
shortly to decide on team name and a
team uniform.

9:48 Bridging organization

- Have team lists and role information sheets on teacher desk nearby ready for announcement
- Students get ipads/ laptops out. Hand out school ipads/laptops to students that don’t have one
9:49 - Announce the teams and have each - Roam around the classroom, giving - Make sure students are on task if
(18 mins) team move to their designated area hints on what I believe some students not, use strategies such as sooner
(desks). roles should be they get this done the sooner, they can
- Explain to students that as a team they - Making sure all groups are on task get out onto the courts.
will decide on each individual’s role - checking the padlet to see which - If students are not using the
based off their strengths and weaknesses groups have entered the information technology properly, tell them to get
- Once students have decided on Team required before team building back on task or they’ll have to turn it
names, team member roles and team activities can begin off
uniform have the students enter the
information on a padlet that can be
accessed on teacher Weebly so there is
a record of the team’s name, uniform and
- Students will then have 5 minutes to
read up on the details of their role and
decide on an app that they will be using.

10:07 Bridging organization

- Once all students have entered their information, have them move the school gymnasium
- Two students go and collect bag of basketball balls

Lesson Plan Template 2018

10:10 - Students will now be completing some - Making sure all students and groups - Make sure students are running
(15 team building activities are on task basketball activities/drill and not just
minutes) o Human knot: students standing - To students/groups that are not free shooting and talking.
in circle, have to hold hands with embracing the team building - Give students options on activities
teammates opposite them and challenegs, encourage them to o Bump
have to untangle without letting participate o 4v3
o Pass the hula hoop: students Modification
must be linked in a line and a - Depending if students don’t embrace
hula hoop must be passed from the team challenges, have students
one end to the other without the running basketball activites within
link breaking their group earlier

- After team building games are

complete, each team is allowed to collect
one basketball and then as a team they
are allowed to go through some drills of
their choice

10:25 Closing Organisation:

- Have students pack away basketballs
- Gather infront of teacher

10:27 Closure:
(3 mins) - Give students recap that first round of games is next lesson and that they need to organise team uniforms and other
accessories (team music etc.)
- Question some students on what their role is and how they are going to use the app they have chosen
- Explain that students can contact each other outside of school but trade talk is not allowed until week prior to trade day.

Lesson Plan Template 2018