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K to 12 BASIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS — HANDICRAFT Course D Grade 7/8 (Exploratory) ‘Tis curriculum guide i a speciation course whch leads to Handlcraft Making. It covers core competences that a grade 7/8 Technology and Livelihood Eduction (TLE) student ought to possess, namely; produce crochet, quit krited and embrodery projects. The peiminares of his specialization couse indude the falowing: 1) ‘saison on the relevance ofthe couse; 2) explanation of key concept relative to the couse and; 3) exploration on career opportunites, ‘CONTENT ‘CONTENT STANOARD | PERFORMANCE STANDARD | LEARNING COMPETENCIES ‘cove Trtroduction The leer demonstrates | The lamer independently Explain core concepts in handicraft 1 Basic Concepts in handcraft | understanding of concepts, | demonstrate core competences | 2. Discuss the relevance of the course 2 Relevance ofthe course Principles and theories in” | in handicraft 3. spire opportunities for Needle 3 Career Opportunies handicatt (Galt Making as a career PERSONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES - PECs (PC) 1 _Assessmert of Personal | Theleamer emorstates | The leaner recognizes his/her | LO. Recognize PECs neededin | TLE_HEWD7/8PC- Ertrepreneurial Competences | understanding of one's ECS. | PECS and prepares an atty | Handicraft. ei ‘and Skis (PECS) vss a lan that aligns with that ofa | 1.1. Assess one's PECs: characteristic, practicing Praationer/entepreneu in atibutes fest, sks, tras centrepreneurempoyee Handcraft. 1.2, Assess practioner: LLehwactestes characteris, attibues,Iesye, 1.2 atibutes sills teats 13.Utesyle 1.3. Compare one's PECS weh that of 14 sais practitioner entrepreneur 15-Taats 1.4. Algn one’s PECS with that of a 2 “Analysis of PECS in rektion to practtionerfertrepreneur 2 practioner ENVIRONMENT AND MARKET (EM) —_ — - —_} ‘Key concepts of Environment | The lamer demonstates Teamer ndependenty 101. Generate a business idea EHO? /SEM- and Market Understanding of environment | generates a business es based | that relates with acareer choice in | Ok + Produds & services avalable | and market that relates witha | onthe analysis of environment | Handicraft inthe market Career choke in Handicat.. | and market n Handcraft. LL Conduct wor araiss 4+ Diferentiton of products & 412 Ident the diferent servis Droductsservices avalable in the ‘+ Customers and their buying market bits 1.3 Compare diferent ‘+ Competition nthe market froduds serves in computer + SWOT Analysis hardware servicing business 1.4 Determine the profle potential ‘stoners 1.5 Determine the profle potenti Kb 12 LE tame Enon -Handat Carian Gide Darbar 2013 *10=Learing Qtcome K to 12 BASIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM “TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION “ompettors U6 Generate potential business idea tased onthe SWOT analysis Lesson 1: PRODUCE EMBROIDERED ARTICLE (EA) 1. History of Embroidery ‘The leaner demonstrates | The learner we bas tols in| LO. 4: Use basic tools in ‘TLE_HEHD7/8EA- 2. Uses and maintenance of basic understanding on the principles | embroider and create ‘embroidery Oa-b-t tools and materials in and concepts of embroidery embrodered article. 111 Basic tools and materials in embroidery ‘embroidery are identi. 3. Embroidery stches 12 Diferent embroidery sitches ae performed based onthe given steps. 1.3 Proper use of tds is observed 1 Rinciles of Design 02. Create embroidered article | TLE_HEHD7/SEA- 2 Bements of Design 21 Embroidered articles ceated | Oo 3. Transfering Designs based on the prindples and 4 Geod working Habits emerts of desgn. 5. Project plan on embradery 22 Color scheme ae applied in ‘eating the design. 23 Design & transferred following the ven steps. 24 Good working habits are observed Lesson 2: PRODUCE RECYCLED PROJECT (RP) 1. Overview of ecycing ‘The learner eriorstates |The kame wndestard and | LO. Understand Recycling ‘TLE_HEHD7/8RP- 2 Typesof Recyding ‘understanding onthe prindples | create recyded projec. 1. Recycled ales ae identified | Oe-2 3. Advantages of reycing and concepts of recyding based on recycable materials 4 Common materia used in recycing | 1 | TToolsin Recyding 02. Create Recyded project | TLE_HEHD7/8RP- 2. Recycled Project fom 1 Recyded atides are produced | Oeg-3 2.4. Newspaper/magarine artistically based onthe given 22 Soda Can steps. 23. Plastic Bottle 22 Tool ae propery used 223 Good working habs are ‘observed. Lesson 3: PRODUCE WRAPPED GIFT ITEMS 1 1L Waters and tools for Git The learner demonstrates | The lame understand wrapping | LOJ. Wrap Gift Items "TLE_HEHDT/8wG- Wirappig ‘understanding onthe prinpes | of git tems 1 Tool are propery sed. Ohi 2. Philippine Made Materials for and concepts of ait wrapping 2._Princles and elements of desir Kp 12 Home Economics - Handcrat Curasum Guide December 2013 *L0~Leaming Qtcome Pogo ottd K to 12 BASIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM ‘TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION “Gh Wrapping ‘we applied, 3. Procedure in Git wrapping 3. Gftitems are wrapped atsticaly 4. Decorative Arties fr gift 44 Decorative ates are applied to wrapping Kip 12 RE thme Bronomics - Handicraft Cortzsen Gide December 2013 cs °10-temmno Odcome ‘enforced wrapped git items. ‘Good working habits are observed pre