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Jefferson Coimbra
Avenida Luzitana, 529 – Parque Ribeirão Preto
Ribeirão Preto – São Paulo – CEP 14031-240 – Brazil

Tel.: +55 (16) 39193894 / +55 (16) 997540519 / +55 (16) 982116976
Nationality: Brazilian / Marital Status: single / Age: 44 years old
Passport: FR854926 / Acting License (DRT/SRTE): 25203
Lattes CV:

______________________ __ __
Qualifications profile:
creative, communicative, team leader, hard-work, flexible, able to travel, English proficient, good managerial skills and open to the new.
Objective overview

Majored in Human Management, Philosophy and Music, graduate college in Music Education and TEFL certified seeks a working position in
either teaching or managing position. Experienced in teaching teenagers, adults (and the elderly) in different areas and fields which include
foreign languages, business, exam preparation, general English, music, drama and performance, pedagogy and philosophy. Founder & CEO
at Bell’Arte Cultural, shows great enthusiasm in team work and is a visionary with multiple talents and expertise.
Education (further studies) and Certification (teacher training)
Postgraduate School Centro Universitário Claretiano (CEUCLAR) Musical Education (lato sensu) 2018
Undergraduate School Universidade de São Paulo (USP) – Major in Music (Bachelor in Brazilian Art Song and Lyric) 2014-2017
Centro Universitário Claretiano (CEUCLAR) Philosophy – Full Teaching Degree 2013-2016
Centro Universitário Estácio-Uniseb – Human Management Technology Degree Course 2013-2015
English Teaching: Cambridge ESOL (UK) – COTE – Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English 2002
Cambridge ESOL (UK) – CEELT 2 – Certificate of English Exam for Language Teachers 2 1999
Foreign Language Skills
Italian, French and Spanish (functional command): self-teaching instruction
Extension Courses at Centro Universitário Claretiano(50 hours each)
The Theatre Practice for Groups (A PRÁTICA DO TEATRO PARA GRUPOS) 2013
English Literature History (HISTÓRIA DA LITERATURA INGLESA) 2014
Cinema in the classroom: an audio-visual pedagogy (CINEMA NA SALA DE AULA: UMA PEDAGOGIA AUDIOVISUAL ) 2015
English Proficiency
Exam Area Institution Country Date
TOEFL-iBT (B2) EFL MasterTest & USP Brazil 2016
CPE EFL UCLES/The University of Cambridge UK-BR 2001
CAE EFL UCLES/The University of Cambridge UK-BR 1998
ECCE EFL ELI-UM/The University of Michigan USA-BR 1996
International ESL Residence and English Studies
SELC (Sydney English Language Centre) Sydney/Australia Jan. 1999
Career and Related Work Experience

Senac – Arts & Communication Department (Idiomas/Languages) 2013 to 2018

English as a Foreign Language Teacher
- taught English to teenagers and adults
- in charge of placement tests at the beginning of the term
- in charge of the cultural activities (drama and music)
- implemented Shakespeare and Musical Break activities Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

CNA Boulevard – English Language School 2011 to 2012

English as a Foreign Language Teacher
- taught English and exam preparation for TEAP (proficiency test)
- taught General English from basic to advanced students
- in charge of placement tests at the beginning of the term Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

Eugênia Vilhena de Morais Public State High School 2011

English as a Foreign Language Teacher
- taught 3 different 9 graders
- hired to cover for maternity leave
- taught Biology, English, Philosophy and Arts Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

SKILL Idiomas
Pedagogical coordinator 2011
- place students in the right level
- hire and fire teaching and administrative staff
- organized students in groups Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

ELFE Idiomas 2008

Business English Language Teacher
- taught business English In Company São Paulo, São Paulo

Cultura Inglesa 2006

English as a Foreign Language Teacher
- taught General English to teenagers and adults
- taught English, drama and singing
- invigilated examinantions São Paulo, São Paulo
CELLEP Language Center 2003-2006
Foreign Language Teacher
- taught Portuguese for Foreigners (mainly North Americans)
- taught General English to teenagers and adults São Paulo, São Paulo

Colégio Anglo (High School) Santo Rosa de Viterbo 2000-2002

English Language and Literature Teacher
- in charge of the regular high school syllabus accomplishments
- prepare tests and second chance tests every 3 months Santa Rosa de Viterbo, São Paulo

Cultura Inglesa Ribeirão Preto 2000-2002

English as a Foreign Language Teacher
- taught General English to teenagers and adults
- taught English, drama and singing
- invigilated examinantions Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

Flash English School 1997-1998

Intern (English Teacher)
- followed up training sessions and taught In Company 1997-1998

CIEI Centro Integrado de Especialização Idiomática Ltda. 1996-1997

Intern (English Teacher)
- followed up training sessions and taught students conversation lessons Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

Holiday Inn Hotel Ribeirão Preto (Montebelo Hotéis e Turísmo Ltda.) June-December 1995
- worked at front desk dealing with guests, booking, reservations, check-ins and check-outs Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo
Additional Work Experience

Bell’Arte Cultural – Arts, Culture and Foreign Languages 2014-present

Founder and owner.

- in charge of teaching lessons and teacher training in TEFL

- manages service provision in arts, culture and foreign languages
- responsible for the monthly finantial balance Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

Extracurricular Activities and Accomplishments
In 2006, while working as an EFL teacher at Cultura Inglesa Higienópolis (SP), I was in charge of preparing a cast for the year at Cultura
Inglesa Drama Festival. Not only could I find some talented student-actors, but also I was able to set up a play by Wood Allen and they
could perform it in almost 12 students, winning 5 awards in all at the same festival. It was amazing and rewarding, a life-change experience
as English speakers for the whole cast and definitely a quantum step in my own career as a TEFL professional.
In 2015, I could meet Professor Sarah Meredith Livingston at USP and from such academic relationship, she was able to shed light to my
doubts as a professional, artist and educator. She taught me how to integrate skills since the world has been changing and so do classes,
students and ways of teaching and learning/acquiring in higher education mainly with mature students.
Teaching Singing Capacitation and Certification by Studio Marconi Araújo

Belting Comtemporâneo (Teaching Musical Theater Singing): 2018

Additional Job Experiences and Activities as an Interpreter and translater of English

Job Company, Instituion City Personality Date

Musical Theater Masterclass 4Act School/Broadway São Paulo Titus Burgess – EUA 2008
Medical Attitudes United Medical Lab São Paulo José Edwin da Silva – EUA 2007
VoiceBrazil Experience Casa de Artes Operária São Paulo Maria Zouves – EUA 2006
VoiceBrazil Experience Casa de Artes Operária São Paulo Sherrill Milnes – EUA 2006
Written Translation Sonangol São Paulo Year Book – Angola 2006
Musical Theatre Masterclass Casa de Artes Operária São Paulo Cornéllius Baltus - Alemanha 2005
Forum Mundial de Cultura Sesc Vila Mariana São Paulo Itizik Galile – Holanda 2004
The Kosh Theatre Group Cultura Inglesa Rib. Preto O grupo - Inglaterra 1997

Mrs. Reis, Kênia Regina Silva dos (former student) Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil
Contact Information: +55 (16) 992691477 e-mail:

Mrs. Claudia Triumpho (former TEFL trainer) São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Contact information: +55 (11) 3887-1892 e-mail:

Mrs. Livingston, Sarah Meredith (former professor) Ribeirao Preto-SãoPaulo, Brazil & Green Bay-Wisconsin, USA
Contact information: +1 (920) 4652637 e-mail:

Mr. Fagundes, Ricardo (former co-worker/classmate) Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil

Contact information: +55 (16) 991185908 e-mail: