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Throughout my life I have shown a continual interest in mathematics.

Starting with quantified

pastimes such as Lego to work experience in accounting, it has continued to interest me even with
the simplest of concepts. My love for arithmetic warrants my interest in maths based career despite
the competitive nature of the course.

I am currently studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-level. I particularly enjoy studying
mathematics as my understanding of it is that it is a subject which combines abstract ideas and
translates them to real life problems, which appeals to me as I already have a solid basis in
mathematics- achieving a grade 8 at GCSE. After attending the lecture called ‘The maths that can
stop an AI apocalypse’ I was informed of how mathematical modelling is the most creative side of
applied maths and coincides with science and technology, which gave me an insight into the wider
world of this particular field.

Another experience which helped my decision to pursue a maths based career was my previous
experience in an accountancy firm. Within the workplace I was required to examine/analyse
accounting records, financial statements and reports in order to assess accuracy, completeness and
conformance to procedural standards. Not only this, but I was also required to maintain the records
of governmental agencies which allowed me to adapt my current understanding to the workplace, as
well as improving my collaborative skills and time management.

For me, what makes the subject so fascinating is its ability to help us understand things that are
beyond our cognitive limits. I am looking forward to the challenging nature of Mathematics at