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# Name Award Domain Focus State Intro

Vocals - Chhattisga 1st female Pandvani folk singer - promoting Chhatisgarh's 3,000 year old
1 Teejan Bai PV Arts F
Folk rh traditional art form
Ismail Omar President of Djibouti - extended support during Operation Rahat, for rescuing
2 PV Public Affairs Politics Djibouti M
Guelleh Indians and foreigners from war-hit Yemen
Anil Manibhai Trade and Infrastructur Maharasht
3 PV M Group Chairman of engineering conglomerate Larsen & Toubro
Naik Industry e ra
Acting - Maharasht Marathi Theatre legend and historian - especially known for his play 'Jaanta Raja'
4 Moreshwar PV Arts M
Theatre ra on Chhatrapati Shivaji
Trade and
5 John Chambers PB Technology USA M American Technology Business Leader - former CEO of CISCO Systems
Sukhdev Singh Veteran Leader - former Minister in the Central and Punjab Governments and 3-
6 PB Public Affairs Politics Punjab M
Dhindsa time MP + 4-time MLA
7 Pravin Gordhan PB Public Affairs Politics M South African anti-Apartheid Leader and current Minister
Trade and Food Founder CEO and Iconic Face of MDH Masala
8 Dharam Pal PB Delhi M
Industry Processing
Darshan Lal Social worker providing free education and boarding to poor children - Founder
9 PB Social Work Service Haryana M
Jain President of Saraswati Nadi Shodh Sansthan
Affordable Maharasht Doctor and Founder of Vivekananda Hospital - serving the needy in the
10 Laxmanrao PB Medicine M
Healthcare ra backward, drought-prone Latur region
Budhaditya Music - West
11 PB Arts M Veteran Sitar and Surbahar Artist
Mukherjee Sitar Bengal
12 Kariya Munda PB Public Affairs Politics Jharkhand M Veteran Tribal Leader - former Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha and 8-time MP
Acting -
13 Viswanathan PB Arts Kerala M Malayalam Film Superstar - acted in 350+ films
S Nambi Science and Aerospace Sceientist and Engineer - introduced liquid fuel rocket technology in
14 PB Space Kerala M
Narayan Engineering India
Literature and Veteran Journalist and Author - wrote colums for over 80 newspapers
15 Kuldip Nayar PB Journalism Delhi M
Education (Posthumous: died in Aug 2018)
Mountainee Uttarakhan Woman mountaineer who has lead multiple mountaineering and rafting
16 Bachendri Pal PB Sports F
ring d expeditions - first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest
17 V K Shunglu PB Civil Service IAS Delhi M Former Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Hukumdev Veteran Farmer leader - former Central Government Agriculture Minister and 6-
18 PB Public Affairs Politics Bihar M
Narayan Yadav time MP
Rajeshwar Vocals - Uttar Leading Hindustani singer and Jaltarang exponent of Gwalior Gharana -
19 PS Arts M
Acharya Hindustani Pradesh performing nationally and internationally for decades
Bangaru Spiritual Tamil Spiritual Guru affectionately called 'Amma' - Founder of Melmaruvathur temple
20 PS Others M
Adigalar Leader Nadu and Adhiparasakhti Temple and Trust
Pioneer of Laparoscopic surgery in the North East - developed no scalpel
21 Illias Ali PS Medicine Surgery Assam M
vasectomy and popularised family planning
Acting - Maharasht National Award winning Hindi Film Actor known for portraying unconventional
22 Manoj Bajpayee PS Arts M
Films ra and critically acclaimed roles
Uddhab Kumar Science and Grassroots Grassroots Innovator from Assam - known for inventing over 100 agricultural
23 PS Assam M
Bharali Engineering Innovation machines including pomegranate deseeder
Omesh Kumar Himachal Epidemiologist who developed low-cost anti-Rabies treatment at 1/10 th of the
24 PS Medicine Rabies M
Bharti Pradesh prevailing cost - accepted as part of WHO protocol globally
Pritam Vocals - Uttarakhan
25 PS Arts M Uttarakhandi Folk Singer specialising in Jagar and Pawada
Bhartwan Folk d
26 Jyoti Bhatt PS Arts Painting Gujarat M Painter and Photographer documenting Gujarati Folk Art and Rural Culture
Dilip Archaeolog Veteran Archaeologist and Professor - known for scholarship on ancient Indian
27 PS Others Delhi M
Chakravarty y History and Archaeology
Mammen West Pioneer of bone marrow transplant in India - having served in CMC Vellore and
28 PS Medicine Hematology M
Chandy Bengal Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata
Swapan Music - West
29 PS Arts M One of the leading Tabla players of Lucknow Gharana
Chaudhuri Tabla Bengal
Kanwal Singh
30 PS Others Agriculture Haryana M Organic farmer from Sonipat - who introduced profitable Baby Corn farming
Indian Football Team Captain - 2nd highest Goalscorer among Active
31 Sunil Chhetri PS Sports Football Telangana M
International Players in the World
Dinyar Acting - Maharasht Legendary Parsi-Gujarati Theatre and Film Actor, especially known for his
32 PS Arts M
Contractor Theatre ra comic roles
Founder of CU Shah Pragna Chakshu Mahila Sevakunj working on the welfare and
33 Pankajkumar PS Social Work Divyang Gujarat F
empowerment of Divyang Women in Saurashtra
Madhya Organic farmer Satna engaged in the conservation of old and traditional seeds -
34 Babulal Dahiya PS Others Agriculture M
Pradesh promoting Biodiversity in Satpura Hills, inspired 'Beej Yatra'
Music -
35 Thanga Darlong PS Arts Tripura M Rosem Flute Player - preserving and reviving Tripura's special tribal instrument
National Award winning Choreographer, Director and Actor - work spanning
36 Prabhu Deva PS Arts Dance Karnataka M
across the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industries
Woman farmer popularly from Muzzaffarpur known as Kisaan Chachi - formed
37 Rajkumari Devi PS Others Agriculture Bihar F
Self Help Groups and motivated rural women to become financially independent
# Name Award Domain Focus State Intro
Crusader for Social Justice - worked her way up from being an ill-treated sweeper
38 Bhagirathi Devi PS Public Affairs Politics Bihar F
in the BDO’s office to a 4-time MLA serving her community
Baldev Singh Science and Agriculture Scientist and Plant Breeding Specialist - Vice Chancellor of Punjab
39 PS Agriculture Punjab M
Dhillon Engineering Agriculture University
Harika Andhra
40 PS Sports Chess F Chess Grandmaster in 2011 - representing India for over a decade
Dronavalli Pradesh
Veteran Madhubani Painter - contributed to establishing Madhubani Museum in
41 Godawari Dutta PS Arts Painting Bihar F
Gautam Former Indian Cricket Team Opening batsman and Captain - represented India for
42 PS Sports Cricket Delhi M
Gambhir 15 years
Draupadi Established Sikkim Viklang Sahayata Samiti working for empowerment of
43 PS Social Work Divyang Sikkim F
Ghimiray Women and Divyang
Science and Particle Physicist at IISc Bangalore - known for her outstanding work on
44 Rohini Godbole PS Nuclear Karnataka F
Engineering Colliders
Leading Transplant surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals and Professor at
45 Sandeep Guleria PS Medicine Surgery Delhi M
Pratap Singh Ophthalmol Madhya 80 year old Ophthalmologist from Indore specialising in cataract surgeries and
46 PS Medicine M
Hardia ogy Pradesh myopia - provides free services to poor patients
Conservator of ancient Indian heritage, especially Tribal Art - discovered first
47 Bulu Imam PS Social Work Culture Jharkhand M
rock art of Jharkhand
Animal German lady popularly known as Sudevi Mataji who has been taking care of sick
48 Friederike Irina PS Social Work Germany F
Welfare and abandoned cows in Mathura for over 2 decades
Joravarsinh Dance - Folk-literature author working to conserve Gujarat's dying folk art forms -
49 PS Arts Gujarat M
Jadav Folk especially the 'Bhavai' folk dance
50 S Jaishankar PS Civil Service IFS Delhi M Former Foreign Secretary of India
Narsingh Dev Literature and Literature - Sahitya-Akademi award winning Dogri Poet & Playwright - formerly served in
51 PS and M
Jamwal Education Dogri J&K Police for 3 decades
Fayaz Ahmad National-award winning exponent of traditional Kashmiri art form of Papier-
52 PS Arts Craft and M
Jan Mache
Vocals -
53 K G Jayan PS Arts Kerala M Veteran Carnatic Bhakti singer - widely known as Ayyappa Ganajyothi
Science and Computer Scientist specialising in Quantum Computation and Artificial
54 Subhash Kak PS Technology USA M
Engineering Intelligence - also a leading Indologist
Table Tamil India's leading Table Tennis player who has won multiple medals at
55 Sharath Kamal PS Sports M
Tennis Nadu Commonwealth Games - representing India for over 15 years
Social activist working for the sustainable development and empowerment of
56 Rajani Kant PS Social Work Service M Weavers and Artisans - protection and promotion of traditional craft through
Geographical Indication
Maharasht Pioneer of Sickle Cell Research in India - especially working in tribal communities
57 Sudam Kate PS Medicine Sickle Cell M
ra of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh
Acting - Maharasht Leader of Dalit theatre movement, worked in plays delivering message of social
58 Waman Kendre PS Arts M
Theatre ra justice and empowerment
Acting - Veteran Hindi Film Actor and Screenwriter - acted in over 300 movies
59 Kader Khan PS Arts Canada M
Films (Posthumous: died in January 2019 )
Abdul Gafur Kutchi Rogan artist - 8th generation of the only family practising the dying art
60 PS Arts Painting Gujarat M
Khatri form
Smita & Affordable Maharasht Husband and Wife Doctor duo working for the welfare of Korku tribals of naxal-
61 PS Medicine Duo
Ravindra Kolhe Healthcare ra affected Melghat
Bombayla Devi Archer who has won multiple medals at World, Asian and Commonwealth levels -
62 PS Sports Archery Manipur F
Laishram representing India for over a decade
Kailash Literature and Literature - Madhya
63 PS M Bundeli Folk Writer and leader of Manikikiran Andolan
Madbaiya Education Bundeli Pradesh
Ramesh Babaji Animal Uttar Spiritual Leader and founder of Mataji Gaushala - takes care of 45,000 cows, and
64 PS Social Work M
Maharaj Welfare Pradesh has India's largest Bio-gas plant
Organic farmer from Junagarh known for developing Madhuvan Gajar - high
65 Vasrambhai PS Others Agriculture Gujarat M
yielding variety of carrots cultivated in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan
Literature and Literature -
66 Gita Mehta PS USA F Author and Filmmaker focused on Indian Culture and History
Education English
Shadab Uttar Head of Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at King George Medical
67 PS Medicine Dentistry M
Mohammad Pradesh University Lucknow
Archaeolog Veteran Archaeologist - restored and preserved ancient Indian structures across
68 K K Muhammed PS Others Kerala M
y India
Shyama Prasad Affordable Doctor providing quality healthcare to the poor in Jharkhand - proving treatment
69 PS Medicine Jharkhand M
Mukherjee Healthcare and medicines for negligible charges
Tribal Farmer who single-handedly carved out a 3 km long canal with a hoe and
70 Daitari Naik PS Social Work Service Odisha M
crowbar to bring water from a mountain stream for drinking and irrigation
Vocals - Maharasht Popular Playback Singer and Composer - sung over 3,000 songs in multiple
71 Mahadevan PS Arts M
Films ra languages
Shantanu Trade and
72 PS Technology USA M President, CEO & Chairman of Adobe Systems
Narayen Industry
Dance - First transgender Bharatnatyam dancer of international repute, performing on
Tamil Transge
73 Nartaki Natraj PS Arts Bharatnatya ancient Nayaki bhava tradition and Tamil Sangam literature - role model for
Nadu nder
m having overcome social resistance and exclusion
# Name Award Domain Focus State Intro
74 Tsering Norboo PS Medicine Surgery and M Ladakh based surgeon - served for 50 years in remote, high altiutude regions
Anup Ranjan Chhattisga Founder of Bastar Band promoting traditional Chhattisgarhi tribal music -
75 PS Arts Music M
Pandey rh spreading the message of 'Banduk Chhodo- Dhol Pakdo' in troubled areas
Jagdish Prasad Organic farmer from Sikar - who developed pest and climate resistant
76 PS Others Agriculture Rajasthan M
Parikh Cauliflower variety in arid Rajasthan
Ganpatbhai Literature and
77 PS Education USA M Educationist and Social Worker - Founder of Ganpat University
Patel Education
Expert Architect and Urban Planner - recognised for his work on the Sabarmati
78 Bimal Patel PS Others Architecture Gujarat M
Riverfront and post-earthquake redevelopment of Bhuj
Hukumchand Progressive farmer from Jhalawar - marketed online, exported as well as trained
79 PS Others Agriculture Rajasthan M
Patidar local farmers in organic farming techniques
Harvinder Singh Human Right Activist - spearheaded legal battle to gain justice for the victims of
80 PS Public Affairs Law Punjab M
Phoolka 1984 anti-Sikh riots
Madurai Chinna Microfinanc Tamil Woman Farmer who pioneered micro-finance in Tamil Nadu through her
81 PS Social Work F
Pillai e Nadu Kalanjiam movement
Tao Porchon- 100 year old American Yoga Teacher - taught and promoted yoga
82 PS Others Yoga USA F
Lynch internationally
Woman Tribal agricultural activist froom Koraput - preserved endangered seeds
83 Kamala Pujhari PS Others Agriculture Odisha F
and promoted organic farming
Freestyle Wrestler who won back to back Silver and Gold in the 2014 and 2018
84 Bajrang Punia PS Sports Wrestling Haryana M
Asian and Commonwealth Games
Ophthalmol Chandigar Director of PGIMER Chandigarh - developed innovative paediatric cataract
85 Jagat Ram PS Medicine M
ogy h surgery to cure an earlier incurable birth defect
Ophthalmol Tamil Founder of Sankara Eye Foundation - working on 80:20 model for providing
86 R V Ramani PS Medicine M
ogy Nadu affordable eyecare services across the nation
Tea Seller providing education & food to slum children - set up a school from his
Devarapalli Affordable
87 PS Social Work Odisha M own income generated over 50 years
Prakash Rao Education
Photograph Uttarakhan Nature photographer - famous for his photos of Himalayan landscape and
88 Anup Sah PS Arts M
y d wildlife
French artist practising and promoting Indian Classical Dance forms like
Dance -
89 Milena Salvini PS Arts France F Kathakali, Bharatnatyam and Mohiniyattam in France - also wrote books and made
documentaries on the same
Nagindas Literature and Maharasht
90 PS Journalism M Veteran Journalist, Author and Gandhian - known for his work in Chitralekha
Sanghavi Education ra
One of the greatest Telugu Lyricists, having written over 3,000 songs - his lyrics
91 Seetharama PS Arts Lyrics Telangana M
especially known for optimistic values
Animal Maharasht Cow Caretaker from drought-prone region of Marathwada - protecting cows for
92 Shabbir Sayyad PS Social Work M
Welfare ra half a century
Founder of Shivganga Ashram in Jhabua working for Tribal welfare - developed a
93 Mahesh Sharma PS Social Work Tribal M sustainable development model, especially setting up water harvesting structures,
libraries and solar panels
Literature and Literature - Sanskrit scholar and author - promoting communal harmony through his books &
94 Hanif Khan PS Delhi M
Education Sanskrit poems based on ancient Indian shlokas
Brijesh Kumar Literature and Literature - Uttar
95 PS M Scholar of Sanskrit and ancient Prakrit language
Shukla Education Sanskrit Pradesh
Animal Farmer from Panipat known for his contribution in the development of Haryana's
96 Narendra Singh PS Others Haryana M
Husbandry indigenous Murrrah buffaloes
Uttar Captain of Indian Women's Basketball Team - representing India for over a
97 Prashanti Singh PS Sports Basketball F
Pradesh decade
Animal Pisciculturalist from Karnal known for setting up ultra-modern fish farms using
98 Sultan Singh PS Others Haryana M
Husbandry innovative technology - also conserved endangered varieties of fish
Jyoti Kumar Affordable Former IPS officer who established Shoshit Seva Sangh post retirment - providing
99 PS Social Work Bihar M
Sinha Education education and medical support to disadvantaged communities of Bihar
Anandan Tamil
100 PS Arts Music M India's foremost Percussionist - having performed nationally and internationally
Sivamani Nadu
Specialist in Archaeometallurgy - who has integrated perspectives from
Sharada Archaeolog
101 PS Others Karnataka F performing arts into historical studies
Srinivasan y
Devendra Literature and Uttar Journalist, Historian and Social Worker
102 PS Journalism M
Swarup Education Pradesh (Posthumous: died in Jan 2019)
Himachal Captain of Indian Kabaddi Team - Led India to victory in 2016 World Cup
103 Ajay Thakur PS Sports Kabaddi M
Rajeev Music -
104 PS Arts Karnataka M Veteran Sarod player of Senia Gharana
Tharanath Sarod
Saalumarada Environmen 106 year old woman who single-handedly planted thousands of trees over 65
105 PS Social Work Karnataka F
Thimmakka t years, taking care of them as her children (Vruksha Mathe)
Environmen Tribal Environmentalist fighting the timber mafia and naxals - mobilized women
106 Jamuna Tudu PS Social Work Jharkhand F
t to protect trees and animals
Bharat Bhushan Uttar Multiple award winning farmer from Bulandshahr known for practicing organic
107 PS Others Agriculture M
Tyagi Pradesh agricultural techniques that reduce costs and increase income
Ramaswami Plastic Tamil Pioneer of hand and reconstructive surgery - treated 2 lakh injuries including acid
108 PS Medicine M
Venkataswami Surgery Nadu attack victims
# Name Award Domain Focus State Intro
Ram Saran Uttar Hi-tech Farmer from Barbanki - adopted technology and scientific farming in
109 PS Others Agriculture M
Verma Pradesh cultivation, and trained others in the same
Swami Spiritual
110 PS Others Kerala M Spiritual leader - President of ancient Varkkala Sivagiri Dharma Sangham
Vishudhananda Leader
Vocals - Uttar
111 Hiralal Yadav PS Arts M Bhojpuri Singer and Lyricist - widely appreciated for songs of Birha genre
Folk Pradesh
Venkateswara Andhra
112 PS Others Agriculture M Agricultural journalist and social activist - promoting organic farming methods
Rao Yadlapalli Pradesh