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-EELONY v ¥ [mr ro =r cama — — vals © hud ; f— Arrest And Booking Report 120181829506 mod Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Jacksonville Florida Prev Jus Jail jail _2018033043— 42/14/2018 14:37 File Direct: YES| 35018 Cour Clrult sw ons Arresting Agency: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Route To: DoaelTne Anes: Friday 12/14/2018 13:00 \ None: CAMP, RICHARD EVERETT 66814 HEHE tse: . Nn PCQuIRED WAIVE? Voi Arreste's Home Address: 76437 TIMBERCREEK BLVD Apiitot: Lodsl ‘Subssetor: OF : City: YULEE SiaiesFLORIDA zip: 32097 VME I Tee Crise 0 deployed prior tltering Arvest: NO pow.s/91983 Age: 35 Bou see ee ow Weight: 612" Weigh (si: 240 CLERK Race: WHITE zviniciy: NOT OF HISPANIC ORIGINs.:: Male Bye Color: BLUE air Color: OTHER! Conplaron: FAIR / LIGHT Bui: Heavy CD Umge:NOT APPLICABLE IR writen reed ots niens? NO AIR Incident Y- IR cide Isan Oe a hate cine? NO Ts an Offense a dating violence crime? NO. Required register aa sec offeder? NO Stet imate Manda? NO Arvest nends ADA Gosden? NO Aresoe Conse? Manda Rights Given? NO Disabil or Seil Consideration _Acconnotations Requested ‘riverLicae # C510745831690 Sia: FLORIDA. Subjects Resden Type: CITY lim Phone Bs Phone # Phone Bx CallPhone CellPhone Provider E-mail 1s Vagrant? NO Sbjct Resderce Seta: RESIDENT Amed Wit: NOT APPLICABLE (NONE) DisgeshingMrk: Employer: Place of Bit: JACKSONVILLE DUVAL FLORIDA UNITED STATES Com of Cizeship: UNITED STATES DEC17 2018 wena School Last Atended: us Citzen: YES [Domestic Violence Inoived: NO Children wider 18 Present ‘T1o ts Domestic Related: NO. DayiDeteiTine of Ieiden-From: 00:00 ay/Duie/Time of Inciden-Te: 00:00 Incident Address? ApeiLot Sib-Sector Citys States Zip Taz: Crossreet: Offense Location Type:Jall | PrigOM_uerfewed by: Interviewer ID Where Arrested: 500 ADAMS ST E. ApeiLoc4: Sub Sector: AB Cin: JACKSONVILLE Swe:FLORIDA zp: 32202 : Tax97 Crossuree: Involved in Trafic Accident: NO Injuries from Accident {Incident Gag Related: NO IsArrestoea Gang menber?NO Statute or Ordinance Number(s): #1 Stare No:817.034(4)(A)1 Degree:F1. UCR Code:260A Auten Code: Commit teprazor8-13:02 ORGANIZED FRAUD; ENGAGES IN SCHEME - OBTAINS PROPERTY/VALUE $50,000 OR MORE ciation # a ‘Sav 18AFO69932 Warren Type: Local Arrest Warrant [iso contol # 1563031 WarraniCase #2048:AF-085794., No.of Couns: 1 ORIGINAL JADLT cave, xicuarp evererr ARREST REPORT ni sait# 2018023008 ADLT O © ot JuristionsJacksonvile Sherit's Ofice ( LocationDin CRE wet Pargelond Type: BONE ‘Bond Amount: $125,003.01Date of Issue: 12/13/2018 Date of Re 12/14/2018 Judge:EMMET F, FERGUSON Il Disposion: Disposition Date Blanket Bond: VOP/FTA ONLY Original Stare No: Degree: UCR Code: Attempe Code: Commit Description Statute or Ordinance Number(s): #2 ‘Statute No:896.101(3)(A) DegreeF1 UCR Code:260A Attempt Code:Commlt ‘s2y14/2018- 13:02 MONEY LAUNDERING fceaione ‘saw 18AFO69932 Warrant ype: Local Arrest Warrant 10 Convot #1563031 WorrantCase #2018-AF-085794 ‘No.of Count: Jurisdiction: Jacksonville Sherit's Office CT. bocatonDin CRE Pargetiond Bre: BONE Bord Amount $128,003.01Dat of issue: 12/13/2018 Date of Renen-12/14/2018 Juige:EMMET F. FERGUSON I Dispositions) Disposition Date: Blanket Bond: VOPIFTA ONLY (Orginal Stare No: Degree: UCR Code: Atempt Code: Commit Deseripson: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 1 ‘Reporting Offcer: L.DIHORTON 7119 7 ‘SUBJECT WAS TRANSPORTED BY THE NASSAU COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE TO THE PTDF ON THE ABOVE - LISTED ARREST WARRANT. REQUIRED: SEE ATTACHED ONDITIONS:GPS OR ANKLE MONITO? Tranpored By NASSAU COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFUpproving Supervisor L.D.HORTON #7119 “Arresting Officers) #1:LD.HORTON #7119 wa: #0 SO a a Toe Sat Pot Coy of a seg emp eit Sof spiddataud ‘Sworn to jor affirmed) and subscribed bofore me this day of Stern bur 20 £ X, by ‘Pesonly Keegy 2 or Produced ligation ype of lenin rosea A Lhaewche 6879 : 4 EYER A Capek shi mb ile OTTER Investigative Time: #1 Hours:0 Minutes: 10 Cost Amount: $8.40 Drug Activity: NOT APPLICABLE Drug Type: NOT APPLICABLE ‘Alcohol Related: UNKNOWN (OR N/A) Drug Related: UNKNOWN (OR N/A) Jail Information Back Door) Date and Time Admitted: 12/14/2018 14:37 Jail # 2018033043 Juevenile/Cowt Clerk Triage Questions: involved n Trafic Acclden: NO Ines fom Acide: Papers en JADLT cane, fuciakb evercrr © ARREST REPORT x23 suit 2018033083 ADLT OC deployed prior rolduring Arrest: NO shawl rast tara HO Oo Does the arrestee exhibit any signs of suicidal behavior or actempes? NO Does th arested have any observable medicallmental health problems? NO “Has the arrestee shown any escape potential or violence propensity behaviors? NO Is there anyother information abou the arrestee that jail personnel need ta know? NO ‘yes, what? LT Part Il of Arrest And Booking Report: | Arrestee Personal Information: How Long in Jax? S5\@ Chemical Test Data me Ahern ont is 21a ie oot a eat me ne a eo sve: os Ope Nomen Verfication By: Right Thumb Print [ADLT cane, arcinno evenerr ARREST REPORPRIGINAL., ADLT|