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Slide Content 

90-100%  presentation perfectly fulfills rubric description (It couldn’t be better.) 

60-80% presentation does not exactly fulfill rubric description (but it does mostly) 
0-50% presentation does not fulfill rubric description (or it is missing element) 
Title Slide  The introduction and title slide clearly state the topic and include an interesting, tasteful image of the subject(s) 

Overview  The title slide is followed by an Overview slide that outlines the information about to be presented.  

Introduction to  There is a Introduction to the Subject slide that introduces the audience to the major traits and descriptors of the subject. This 
Subject  includes at least one image that effectively illustrates the traits (or most) that are listed.  

Symbols (x2)  There is a page that lists the major symbols of the god or goddess, with descriptions or background where necessary. This also 
_____/10  includes at least one image that illustrates one or more of the symbols (particularly the major ones and/or those the audience might 
not be familiar with).  

Accomplishments  A pages lists the major accomplishments or notable stories about the subject. This page also includes an image that effectively 
(x2)  illustrates a scene from at least one of these stories.  

Friends/Enemies  A page lists the major allies and enemies of the subject and briefly explains the subject’s relationship with each (why they’re 
(x2)  friends or enemies). There is an image illustrating at least one.  

Conclusion  A final slide reinforces the main and most important points to remember about the subject.  
Content Points _______________/50 
Style and Presentation 
5 points  presentation perfectly fulfills rubric description 
3-4 points presentation does not exactly fulfill rubric description (but does mostly) 
0-2 points presentation does not fulfill rubric description (or is missing element) 
Mechanics (x2)  There are no mechanical errors (punctuation, spelling, etc.) in the presentation. 

Vocal Quality (x2)  Each word spoken is easily heard and understood. The information is taught and effectively communicated to the class through 
_____/10  voice, gesture, and eye contact--not simply read to the class.  

Style (x2)  The slides are attractive and effectively formatted. They are easy to read, containing neither too much information to be read nor 
_____/10  so little that the reader is lost. 
Style and Presentation Points _______________/30 
TOTAL ________/80 
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