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Adamstown Community College (Dublin, Ireland) & Aniturri BHI (Agurain, The

Basque Country, Spain)


1. Brainstorming. Tool: Power League

ABOUT POWER LEAGUE: You can create your own leagues or use our ready–
made ones — Power League is a free, versatile resource for actively engaging
people with topics and positioning potentially challenging issues in a fun, easy

Power League can be used by everyone to take part in their public leagues, but
we can set up our own custom leagues. They provide 5 important leagues to
get you going, which you can copy and customise, or you can use an easy
wizard to set up your own. Our leagues are private to you but we share it with
you and your friends using an individual league URL and password. Leave a
reply here and we will invite you.


Our league is about the Youth Manifesto for a

Better Internet
Which of these principles is more important?

The Youth Manifesto initiative was launched in 2014 by a group of young

ambassadors as part of Safer Internet Day with the support of the European
Commission. The Youth Manifesto gathers ten principles that reflect the digital
rights and opportunities that European young people view as most essential for
building a better internet. More

An example of the league:

Warming-up: Game: on Digizen

2. Discussion on copyright law and my right and responsibilities.

Resources: The & insafe

The lesson plans propose ideas and activities to encourage young people to
develop the creative and critical thinking skills essential for a fulfilled life in the
world of tomorrow.

Chapter 1 and 6
3. Sharing opinions. Tools: Padlet wall

We have used this collaborative wall to share questions and answers for the
final Kahoot game. Students from Adamstown CC (Ireland) and Aniturri BHI
(Agurain) have posted written and audio questions and answers.
You can collaborate with us. Click on this picture to take part in our wall. Once
you are on Padlet, scroll down to read the entries. Double click to contribute
with a question or an answer (written or audio).

4. Final product. Kahoot game: How safe are you online?

This is the link to play our Kahoot game. Do you know how to play it?
Are you at school? Your teacher will launch the game on the whiteboard and
will show the game-pin. You will use your own device (mobile, tablet, laptop or
computer) to play the game: log in at
Are you at home? Click on the link and launch it yourself, but again, you will
need two devices. You can use your computer to launch the game (device 1)
and your mobile phone (device 2) to play the game, but remember the second
device will have to be logged in at

The launching device will give you the pin you need for your second device.
You will see this screen after clicking on the link. Click on play and launch the

The launching device will show the game-pin

And use your second device to answer the questions. This is an example of
what you would see on your launching device.

This is what you will see in the second device. You will answer clicking on the
shape of the right answer.
The questions and options are not shown on the second device. You will just
see the grid with the four options. If you are the first to answer correctly, you will
earn the maximum points. After each question, you will get feedback to know
your position and to know how many points you need to catch up with the

User guide to play Kahoot! And have fun!