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Better Homes and Gardens. THE MAGAZINE FOR HOME WOODWORKERS $3.50 JUNE 1986¢ISSUE NO. 11 me : Ese ien == bee i prea ecaie aura we) oa Tee (ean y-laiela ele las ae ee Seley olde Sea 4 STANDARDS ied Wood screws: When to use which type Shop reference chart @ TIMBER CRUISING Sizing up hardwood on the stump @ DRILL BITS How to choose the right one for the job © EXTRA-SPECIAL PROJECTS Play structure Race A Er Cya Pr el Custom miter box Weed pots ‘nN aoos!14072 | People just don’t send you a hundred bucks for no reason. (Even your mother waits fal foryour \ Rese™ Saws* between January 1 and June 30, 1986, Delta’s going to send you a $100 rebate check, You find the best deal you can—then we take $100 off the top. For no particular reason atall. We're not doing it to yush our 10” Contractor's {aw It’s the original contrac- tor’s saw, and it’s always been one of our best-sellers. And not just with con- tractors, either. Any serious craftsperson, ii em eps ate our 25” ip capacity, our patented JetLock self- aligning rip fence, our big 40” x 27" table. ‘And we're certainly not doing it to disguise a so-so product. Delta continues to set standards for precision and reliability— with the oo contrac- tor’s saw and all our products. “Mostly, we've doing it for those folks who've never owned a Delta. To help nudge them into making a decision they'll never regret. ‘Because once you work with a Delta, welll spoil you for life. Just like Mom. Call toll-free for the name of your participating Delta dealer: Delta International Machinery Corp, 800/438-2486 (in PA, 800/438-2487). ‘tle geod ony neler {thetorusenta US. ‘ints andes “Model 24-40 incor o& Sedo ADELTA Bullding OnTredition [D Mutipurpose tool 0 TS 156 Planer 1 video ($20.00 deposit encloses) oo soovococoneseocecococucsssceoonsceobsooosseccoenesovesoes: and save money. = COMPARE =: . : Tofal SAOPe® 3 3 3 WITH SHOPSMITH.® 2 i You'll actually see j 3 A { ; LA\ 3 the improvement. | | | CALL TODAY & i j For Example: } ‘ toll free ; 3 4. 1%hp motor develops nearly 3hp while | 1-800-845-9356 3 3 Shopsmith® motor Is 1%hp developing 2hp. ) in S.C. call ; $ 2. Motor can be altered by owner to 220V. ey 8 ; Shopsmith® does not have this option. y ip eee 3 3. In more than 85% of the comparisons, the = 3 3 Shopsmith® machine is priced higher than . fi 3 3 the JoralShop@y machine. oral. ShOPER Let us send you 11 more reasons a f Total Shop is a better buy. has proudly 3 created an in-home ss WOODWORKING f 3 3 VIDEO. 4 3 © The first of its kind! ~*~ Mt = * 30-min. presentation of the 3 ToralShope® Total Shop and the TS 15-6 TS 15-6 Planer Planer. © In-home viewing. 3 20.00 refundable deposit. cIIO WOE zeDY: * Available in VHS and Beta. Sa ec uet . Now you can see collector available 3 © 2HPorSHP motor Our product at work 3 ; © 15” width, before you buy. 3 3 6" thickness { ; 3 { ; | 2eet.0 | P.O. Box 1ezecreenvle 8.6 28006, i ed 1 Mod iage eee s _S | Address Attention Shopsmith® Owners: i city State Zip Call today for our accessory brochure Phone — _ ‘