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Better Homes and Gardens, APRIL 1988 ISSUE NO. 22 TRY YOUR HAND AT ONLAY The parquet-like Demerara aga eigy and accessories BRUSHED LACQUER Pama) for small projects HORSE LOGGING IN THE ADIRONDACKS pe Tau Mitoyv a ian ef sant) harvested in the ol’ days PROJECTS GALORE Herringbone dining table All-occasion vase Blade-height gauge Teddy bear clock Scroll-saw necklace Carved serving board Kids’ clothes rack 072 $600 complete NEW AND INCREASE FLOOR SPACE tea rae PLANER STAND WITH ET ROLLERS od merece in ROLLERTASLE Dees Discover HTC's many unique products designed only with you, the dedicated woodworker in mir Find out how you can make your ‘machining safer, increase working area of your shop and accomplish nearly impossible tasks easily, uick'y and aecurately- all by yourself! CALL TODAY! re PRODUCTS, Nc. eens es Oval Oak, 1 88087, ER aeeeios “°° Anette 1-800-624-2027 ext. 108 Better Homes and Gardens. This issues cover wood grain: White (slippery) elm. APRIL 1988 ‘WOOD PROFILE Dy) ‘TEAK—SFAWORTHY STOCK WITH TRUE GRIT ‘Teak, the world’s most popular seafaring wood, takes a long journey of up to five years before arriving at Asian sawmills for processing, ISSUE NO. 22 ©. SHOP-TESTED TECHNIQUES 28 ‘TRY YOUR HAND AT ONLAY Because of new hotmelt glue technology, you now assemble furniture with the sime handsome designs: that Jong have graced parquet floors and fine furnis ings. NOW YOU CAN BUILD IT E 3 PURE SOUTHWEST ONLAY VASE Put the onlay techniques you've learned to good use and. build our stylish vase. Expensive? Not on a bet! Thin strips of maple, padauk, and walnut create the pattern. DINE IN STYLE AT THIS 3 4 OAK HERRINGBONE TABLE You'll search a long time before you find a dinner table for six as sturdy and handsome as this one, And you can't beat the price either, We built ours for less than $150. ‘CRAFTSMAN CLOSE-UP 3 ‘TIMBER-FRAME JOINERY 6 “Timber framing, once a dying craft, comes alive under the skillful joinery hands of Samule Aaron, With a razor-sharp chisel and a powerful mallet, this ambitious craftsman frames homes the dependable way of old. contemporary rats crock 40 Who says beautiful projects have to be expensive and time-consuming to build? We built this stately oak tall lock in two weekends for less than $600 including, the dependable clock movement, You can, too! WOOD MAGAZINE APRIL 1988 IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT FINISH SERN WEBER'S SATINYSMOOTH (9 BRUSHED LACQUER FINISH This Kansas Gity carver encourages customers to touch her carving. “If they do, T usually make a COMBINATION sale,” Fern says. py) = WOODWORKING MACHINES, : Crowds gather three and four deep at wood: shows to learn more about these power- iropean combination machines; TOOL BUYMANSHP BLADE-HEIGHT GAUGE 58 Adjusting your table saw blade to just the right height ¢: pain. Get relief with this handy, easy-to-make shop helper. bea HIGH-TECH SAW-BLADE MANUFACTURING 60 With the motto “Sharpen the tool better than it was built,” the Chandler family has built a thriving business in Arizona, Join us for a closer look. TEDDY BEAR WALL CLOCK 64 Hibernating from the workshop? Beat the winter blahs with this honey of a project featuring, chubby oak-and-walnut teddy bear. CouNTRYSIYLE ¢ 6 SWAN NECKLACE Can't get enough of that country look! Cut this swan from our full-size pattern, RABBIT CLOTHES RACK This terrific scroll-saw project may just convince your Child that being tidy can be fun. HORSE LOGGING 6 8 IN THE ADIRONDACKS ‘Meet Paul Dicob, a logger who believes horses have a place in today’ environmet tally conscious timber operations, CARVE A SERVING BOARD 74 Else Bigton imparts a Norwegian influence to her Ole-World patterns SHORT-SUBJECT FEATURES Editors Angle sseess © Products That Perform Talking Back . Cutting-Board Tips Tips From Your Shop Magazine Customer Service . 98 (And Ours) Bulletin Board .... 400 wooo maGaz APRIL 198 Ly Pu Tea yew you every step of the way. 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