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mi: M4005" 407 2llla | 6" x 47" 10" SUPERHEAVY =§ 10” HEAVY DUTY. 6" x48" HEAVY DUTY DUTY TABLE SAW TABLE SAW COMBINATION JOINTER MODEL Gi023. MODEL Gi1022 SANDERS MODEL G1014 _— 9" Discs ‘ne of our most atoms Great Adate Ralabie MODEL contactors Gite2 swt ay REG. 4975 41 SALE PRICE Praccursey oi pen #99500 pace s355° ‘ony SALE PRICE MOBILE BASE MODEL Gr744 ca ewan reesei: SEALE prea iced WAaimaet eter MOBILE eASE MODEL ci7an MOBILE Base MODEL 1730 ‘OnLy seem WOOD SHAPER Ss | f 15” PLANER Pertect or « Surround yourself _ MODEL G1025 ava th b 1 ox ae, OWE ie Res SALE PRICE $24500 MODEL G1021 rageegen NOW ONLY sien °, #72500 ONES oa MOBILE BASE MODEL G1748 IMPORTS, INC. ee 24.P. DUST rane 16” BAND SAW COLLECTORS mace eahoRa MODEL G1538. MODEL G1029. ‘REG. *525°¢ MODEL Gts31 SALE PRICE 495° me = REG. *935% \), SALE price #2950 FOR Sar xan blade capacty makes eps, wing's pier! era MOBILE BASE Hoses anatuinge ONLY $3.9500 era opel grree seatiet cece prochernant ONLY #89 INCRA GAUGE CARBIDE-TIPPED SAW BLADES INCRA JIG | | oy BABE [ROOF KH] wooe [°Saze [amy | ence es cme fre | | me | tree ster comge q eine [7a [a] naee nea tee (fees erected eae [| w]e woDEL G17e8 MODEL Gi823 omy #129 dl ‘Ai thexe price you can't 9 wrong Amino! ont #2880 Our warehouse is bursting with tools! Ask for our free catalog. CALL TOLL FREE: EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI; WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI: 1-800-523-GRRR 1-800-541-5537 (Orders & Catalog Requests Only) (Orders & Catalog Requests Only) 717-326-3806 (Inquiries & Customer Service) 206-647-0801 (Inquiries & Customer Service) Buy 1 tool and get our 212 page tool free. Here are just 8 few ofthe 3,500 unique wood- ‘worcing tools avaiable from our most versatile {ool che 1990 Garret Wace Catala. Th 212 pe Clog, gully $4.0, i Pe with any order fom this ad. Or if you would just ike che Catalog, send us $4.00 with your fame and aides. Tis the one woodwedlung soute book: you shouldnt be without. A// Que 202GF Gap Filling Glue Has ‘Remarkable Properties Te has a very high solids content so that small gaps in joinery are actually filled — wich Strength. And the “squcez=out beads fight up and chips off when diy. No seaking in to main finishes. Dees roa light tan. Water clean-up. 62y01.01 $6.50 6301.03, $1150 pe. 202GF 1g. 20268 1D/ Band Saw Handbook Jy Mark Daginsle ‘An javaluable bench reference fer aay wood- worker” Len wha makes your bands tick ‘inep ad marene; ble cto, ck ing and tensioning; plus cutting methods ‘tous wonts anc her mara: Hunde of ‘ipsand shortcuts. Unlock your sas potential 1GLO402 Band Saw Handbook $1695 B/ Special Bandsaw “Cool Blocks” Prolong fe Life And Increase Accuracy Made of spec Graph impregnated Phe: ic Laminate this see uF upper thd loweradeblale guides. ‘Gool Blocks cun cooler and are more “slippery” gh ception el gud. Se they an tat tachi the blade, they ite you Bester canal othe cure to improve rhe pefoemance of whatever bandas ys se 33K09001 $1195 33K09.02 $1195 33K09.03, $1195 33K0804 “1 Shogsith 31195 33K0805 “E" OldSeus 4" Ra) $11.95 33K09.06 "Jer Lis Dela pie) $11.95 33K0807 'GGiliom O46" Ra) $11.95 33K09.08 "H’ Deka 16" 811.95 Garrett Wade Co., Inc. 161 Avenue ofthe Americas New York, NY 10013 Dept 105 (Cll Toll Free 800-221-2949 (NY 212-807-1757 No Collect Calls Pease) les send me these Gare Wade roolsand ince s FREE 1990 Calg with my are. (Price good aati September 14, 1990) vee Chen T 1 Garree Wade Has Discovered Some Very tnteresting Bandsaw Blades Ye" “Super Narrow” Blades Yu may have never seen lace like this, A 2p ase jos oth as ile tnaking incredibly tght cams. We strongly ec fommerd using our “Cool Blocks" with these (oleate bids beanse they can beset closer to the blade without danger of overeating, Cabinetmaker’s Special Bandsaw Blades A.Garrett Wade exclisve. They look like "skip tooth” blades, bur each tooth is aceuly formed 2 hook, with every Sth tooth an unset raker. ‘The result is 2 very smooth cutting blade that fecds easily, 14" blade i for general work, and che VP sie fr resawing and heavy staght saving, 9314" Blades (Delea 14" and copies) 33KUL0L Me! Scoll 33KIL02 4" ep) Cabinet 33K1L03 4" Gepi) Cabinet 80" Blades Seas 12" nat lt bead) BKI2Z01 Me" Scroll 33K1202 Cainer 33K1203 4" Gabinet 72" Blades Shopsmith) Saws 33KI301 Ve! Scroll 3351302 Cabinet 33K13.03 V4 Cabinet 7314 Blades (Inca 1042") 160 Ve! Seroll 310. 310.162 104" Blades (Dela w/Riserand Inca 20") T1001 Ye" Scroll $16.00 710201 4° Cabinee $1195 7102024 Cabinet 51250 $1475 $1080 81L75 $13.50 $10.00 $1075 $1220 $9.40 $9.95 $12.80 $9.70 $10.30 E/ The "Blind Nalee” Used To Be A Seaple In Every Finish Carpenters Toot Box ‘his untgue tool lows you to se al brs sr Sp te pl lh i ne nail shape eating ge, into the Peto ig and tighten the camping screw Pace the Hic sle om the wood an she the end of the chisel with a firm tap with the palm of your fu The Bind Nater wil lif pero sal chip from che surface. Hammer your rail ot bral in and then glue te chip back in place. Blind Nailer $1495 44K01.03 FOG TY] DESCRIPTION PRICE [TOTAL GW] 1 | WoO Caalog ie withorterfom hi) | 4 | 00 wal ‘New York Resides appa Sls Ta i 4 lng $2 coe spc $10 pd Htoke fina gs seeing 95 fr 20.01 0830 = 56D toness0 cote