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5 f fibromat EROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE USE OF A BIODEGRADABLE EROSION CONTROL BLANKET AND HYDROSEEDING Ml 12 24 2.2 23 31 BIODEGRADABLE EROSION CONTROL BLANKET (FIBROMAT®) ‘The term biodegradable erosion control blanket shall referred as BECB. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION BECB should be machine made comprising of path straw bonded to alight weight polypropylene mesh and should have the following measurement: Norminal mass 250 g/m? Normal Thickness 68mm Roll width 2.1 t02.4 Roll size 100m? INSTALLATION OF BECB BLANKET Prior to install of BECB, the slope or other soil surface should be prepared as in clause 4. Prior to install the BECB, the slope should be seeded by hydroseeding as in instructed in clause 3. Prior to installation the BECB, unroll the mat with the netting facing upwards and the path straw in contact with the soil. Install immediately after seeding. Unroll the mat vertical to the contour, butting the ends and the sides of adjoining mats by overlapping a minimum of 50mm. BECB should be anchored to the ground with the use of U-shaped staples, length 100-150mm, Smm diameter steel. Where the soil is very sandy the steel staples should be replaced by bamboo sticks of at least 200mm long. The general pattern of stapling is at 2 meter intervals both at the margins and, in an off side line in the center of the roll. Extra stapling is required in the back filled trench at the top of the slope, and wherever necessary to accommodate the surface undulations. SEEDING AND SEED MIXTURE AND FERTILISERS Seeding is normally done by means of hydroseeder where a slurry of seeds, fertilizers, binders and organic matter is sprayed on to soil surface. 32 3.21 3.22 33 34 SEED MIXTURE ‘The seed mixture shall comprise the following recommended combination or similar asinstructed by the consultant. ‘Seed Combination A (For hard material) Kgha Centro (Centrosema pubescens) 10 Signal grass (Brachiaria decumbans) 5 Seed Combination B (for normal soil) Bermuda grass (Cyenodon Dactylon) 5 Axonopus affinis (Cowgrass) 5 FERTILISERS AND SOIL AMENDMENTS ‘The following fertilisers and soil amendments should be mixed in the hydroseeder : Type Rate of application (g/m?) ‘NPK. 25.0 MULCHFIBRE The following mulchfibre should be mixed in the hydroseeder : Type Rate of application (g/m2) Coconut fibre (short) 50 ‘Newsprint fibre 50