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CP-122 HSE Manual Process Author:

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Hazard Identification & Assessment of HSE Risk 2.1b) Process #: E B1B V 1.0

Actions to Address Risk & Opportunities (2.1 ) Planning to Take Action (2.1g)

Determine context and

scope (2.1a)
Identify HSE risks and HSE
What is to be assessed? opportunities (2.1c)
Assess and evaluate HSE
How we decide what to risks and opportunities
assess (2.1d)
How will it be assessed?
These are tools used to assess it Risk treatment to control
Is it important?
risks and opportunities
How we decide what control is (2.1g1)
Step 1
needed Risk recovery (loss of
Determine context and Step 2 How is it controlled? control) (4.6a)
scope (2.1a)
Identify HSE risks and HSE What we do to control it How is recovery done?
SP-2062 HSE case Step 3 HSE Monitoring (5.1a )
requirement for brownfield opportunities (2.1c)
SP-2062 HSE case What we do to
development ( ) Assess and evaluate HSE restart work How is risk monitored?
requirement for brownfield Step 4
SP-2062 HSE case development ( ) risks and HSE opportunities
requirement for greenfield SP-2062 HSE case (2.1d) What we monitor in the
development ( ) requirement for greenfield Risk Matrix (qualitative risk Risk treatment to control Step 5
work place
Determination of legal development ( ) assessment & evaluation) risks and opportunities
requirements & other PR-1971 HAZID ( (2.1j) (2.1g1)
Use for Design

requirements (2.1f ) Step 6

PR-1696 - HAZOP Procedure SP-1258 - Quantitative risk Risk recovery (loss of
( assessment (QRA) 4.2 Management of change control) (4.6a)
Health safety &
environmental SP-2062 Bow-Tie ( ) DCAF Health safety & Emergency Preparedness & HSE Monitoring (5.1a )
management system EPZ Classification CP117 Project engineering environmental Response (4.6)
SP-1190 - 1 The basics, ( management system PR-1243 - Emergency Management review (5.3 )
classification & sour SP-2062 Bow-Tie ( ) SP-2062 - HSE specification: procedures Part III, Internal audit (5.2)
contracts ( HSE cases demonstrating contingency plans volume
DCAF SP-1075 FERM ( ) 13 medical emergencies HSE L1/L2 audits (
CP117 Project engineering ALARP (
SP-2062 - HSE Specification: (4.6.10 ) 4.2 Management of change
Determination of legal Specifications for HSE cases SP-2062 - HSE specification: Statement of fitness –
requirements & other demonstrating ALARP HSE cases demonstrating project ( )
requirements (2.1f ) ( hierarchy of control (4.1b)
HSE letter of assurance
PR-1171 - Part I Contract SP-1127 - Layout of plant ( )
HSE Management - Mandatory PR-1172 - Permit to Work
equipment and facilities procedure ( )
for PDO P ersonnel Involved in
( ) SP-2194 Specification for
Con tract Management ( ) SP-1157 - HSE specification - environmental
PR-1997 - Contractor HSE HSE training ( management (EIA) (
technical evaluation HSE competence assurance
(Banding) ( PR-1980 ( )
Operational risk
Use during Operations

identification & assessment SP-1190-4 sour operations

(2.1h) (
JSP Internal audit
SP-2194 Specification for
management (EIA) (
Environmental monitoring
& reporting ( )
SP-1230 Medical
examination, treatment &
facilities (4.1.MCC.4.1 )
SP-2061 - Technical
authority system ( )
HSE incident investigation

(6.1 )