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Park Avenue Housing Scheme Bylaws

Dear Members,

We, on behalf of Management of Park

Avenue Housing Scheme feel honoured to have you as our
valuable clients and all of yours support, hard work and
excitement was worth it. As you know Park Avenue Housing
Scheme offers a life of luxury with the combination of
modern facilities and by the grace of Allah Musa Builders
Pvt. Limited owns 100% of the land in this project and the
Park Avenue office does not sell promises. Park Avenue
offers all the basic and new technological facilities. Park
Avenue Housing Scheme has made a team of professional,
experienced and motivated members with a strong incentive
to make this place an ideal life. We sincerely believe and wish
that all of the members of Park Avenue Scheme will follow
the bylaws to avoid any problems and complications. We the
management of Park Avenue Housing Scheme welcomes your
comments and observations on these bylaws. The
management wishes you best of luck for yours prosperous

Park Avenue


1- DEFINIATIONS.................................................Page 1-5

2- Established Built Up Areas................................Page 6

3- Mandatory Open Spaces....................................Page 6

4- Building Height..................................................Page 6-7

5- Porch ..................................................................Page 7

6- Regulations ( Residential)..................................Page 7-16

7- Regulations ( Commercials )............................ Page 17-18

8- Apartment ..........................................................Page 19

9- Demarcation And General Rules......................Page 20

10- Educational Institute..................................... ..Page 21

11- Parking Requirements................................. ...Page 21-24

12- General Regulations..................................... . Page 25

13- Construction Violation And Inspection.........Page 26

14- Power Of Management......................................... Page 27

15- Drawings And Documents.....................................Page 28

16- Cancellation Of Permission...................................Page 29

1 Definitions

Unless otherwise expressly stated, the following terms shall,

for the purposes of these Regulations have the meaning
indicated in this part. Where the terms are not defined they
shall have their ordinarily accepted meaning or such meaning
as the context may apply.

Acre: means size of land equal to 43560 sq. ft (4047 sq.m) or

4840 sq. yards or 9.68 Kanals .

Act: means the Lahore Development Authority Act 1975 .

Addition & Alteration Plan: Building plans submitted to the

Authority for obtaining approval of any structural change
brought about after the completion of the building without
affecting or violating any provision of these Regulations.

Amalgamation: means the joining of two or more adjoining

(side by side and/or back to back) plots of the same land use
into a single plot for building purposes.

Apartment: means a dwelling unit located in a multi-storey

building meant to provide habitation.

Apartment Building: means a Multi-storey building

containing more than two Apartments sharing common
staircase lift or access spaces.

Arcade: means a covered walkway or a verandah between the
shops and the street/footpath on which the shops abut.

Area: Means the area of operation of Park Avenue Housing

Society and the area showed in the master plan of Park
Avenue Housing Society.

Authority: means the Lahore Development Authority,


Balcony: means a stage or platform projecting from the wall

of the building surrounded by a railing or parapet wall.

Basement: means the lowest part of a building, partly or

completely below ground level.

Drainage: mean a system of natural and artificial removal of

surface and sub surface water (liquid, sewage etc.) from any

Floor Area Ration (FAR): means the aggregate covered area

of a building or buildings (excluding the area under covered
parking) on a plot divided by the total area of the plot.

Floor Height: means the vertical distance from the top of the
floor finish to the top of the floor finish on the next floor
above or below.

Foundation: means a structure entirely below the level of the
ground which carries and distributes the load from pillars,
beams or walls on to the soil below.

Gallery: means an open or a covered walk way or a long


Governing Body: means the Chief Executive/Managing

Directors of Park Avenue Housing Society.

Ground Coverage: means the percentage of the plot area that

can be covered at the ground floor.

Hoarding: means any advertising tool including advertising

boards, neon signs etc. which are displayed on the top of the
building or in the vacant plot.

Infrastructure: means the basic facilities, utility services and

installations including transportation and communication
systems, water supply, drainage and sewerage system,
telephone, sui gas, cable, power lines and grid stations.

Mandatory Open Spaces: means the spaces required by

these Regulations to be left open at ground level around the

Market: means a group of shops assigned particularly for one

or more specified trades

Marlas: means a size of land equal to 225 sq.ft. (20.91 sq.m)
in case of Lahore District

Master Plan: means the detailed layout areas comprehend by

Park Avenue Housing Society.

Multi-Storey Building: means a building having more than

three stories or more than 38 ft. height (11.58m), whichever is
less excluding basement.

Open Space: means area of protected or conserved land on

which development is indefinitely set aside.

Parapet Wall: means a wall, whether plain, perforated or

panelled, protecting the edge of a roof, balcony, verandah or

Pergola: means a structure with perforated roof consisting of

cross bars in the form of reinforced concrete, wood or steel
etc. of which more than 50% of roof is open to sky.

Plinth: means the portion of the building between the ground

level and the level of the ground floor.

Porch: means a roof cover supported on pillars or

cantilevered projection for the purpose of pedestrian or
vehicular approach to a building.

Property Line: means the boundary wall of the plot.

Public Building: means a building designed for public use
and includes dispensaries, post offices, police stations,
bus/wagon stands, railway station, air port terminals, town
halls, libraries and premises of social agencies such as hostels,

local government offices and educational institutions, hospital

and clinics, mosque, fir stations and rescue centers etc.

Residential Building: means a building exclusively designed

to be used for human habitation together with such out houses
as are ordinarily ancillary to the main building and used in
connection therewith.

Regulations: means the rules and regulations made by the

Executive Board of Park Avenue Housing Society.

Right of way: means width of road/street between two

opposite property lines.

Septic Tank: means a tank in which sewage in collected and

decomposed before its discharge into a public sewer or
Soakage Pit.

Setback: means an area to be surrendered for road widening

as per approved scheme/plan, under the relevant master plan
of Lahore or provided under any other rule.

Site Plan: means the plan of the proposed construction site

showing the position of the proposed building (s) and existing
buildings), if any, the width and level of the streets on which
the plot abuts and the adjoining plot numbers, if any, together

with cardinal point.

Sunshade: means an outer side projection from the building,

providing protection from sun/weather.

Verandah: means a roofed gallery, terrace or other portion of

a building with at least one side open to courtyard or a
permanent open space.

Warehouse: means a building where raw materials,

intermediate products or manufactured goods may be stored.

Zone: means an area/area earmarked for a particular

use/building height/density in approved Master Plan.

Established Built Up Areas

*Mandatory Open Spaces:

a. For a building abutting on roads having up to 25 ft (7.62 m)

right of way the building line shall be as established by the
buildings which have been in existence but as far as side and
rear spaces are concerned, the following table shall be

b. For the buildings abutting on roads having more than 25 ft

(7.62 m) right of way, the mandatory open spaces shall be as

* Notwithstanding the provision under section (a & b) above,

a guard room measuring not more than 100 sq ft (9.3 sq m) in

10 | P a g e
area is permissible near the gate in case of apartment building.

c. Notwithstanding the provisions under (a & b) above, the

construction of drain, sewer, septic tank, cess pool, filter or
other structure in connection with disposal of waste liquid or
open garden tank or private swimming pool is permissible,
provided that no roofed building are attached to any of them.

Building Height

The height of any residential building other than Apartment

Buildings abutting roads having Right of Way up to 25 feet
measured from the

crown of the road to the top of the parapet wall shall not
exceed 38 ft (11.58 m) and the minimum clear height of each
storey, other than the basement, shall not be less than 9-ft 6-
inches (2.9m), measured from finished floor level upto
underneath of the roof slab above.

In case of Approved apartment sites the maximum height of

any Apartment Building measured from the crown of the road
shall not exceed 1.5 times of the width of right of way plus
the width of setback in front of the plot (Exclusive of chimney
stacks, lift heads and water tower). i.e.
Building Height = (R.O.W x 1.5) + Setback or
Building/House Line.

11 | P a g e

In case of plot size 10 Marlas and above, a car porch not

exceeding 20-ft (6.1m) in length shall be permissible in the
side space. In case of corner plots car porch shall be
permissible along longer side. In case of sites with minimum
5-ft (1.5m) side space, construction of a room over the car
porch equal to its area shall also be permissible.

Regulation: Ground Coverage, Floor Area Ratio (FAR),

Height, No. of Storeys, and Parking Requirements
Maximum ground coverage, height and floor area ratio (FAR)
shall be as described

12 | P a g e
a) Basement is included in FAR.
b) Structure Stability Drawing/Calculations are required
above 38’ (4 Storeys).
c) In case of amalgamation, Building Regulations of the
resultant plot size shall be applicable.
d) Applied only on New Proposed and Rebuild Plans
e) For Parking Provision a storey must contain at least a
habitable room, a latrine, bath room and a kitchen.

*Toilet /Bathroom

A toilet / bathroom not exceeding 40 sq ft (3.72 sq.m) in area

and 8 ft (2.44m) in height can be constructed in the rear
corner towards the dead wall as an integral part of main

13 | P a g e
Height of Residential Building

Construction of rockery and hard landscaping outside the

boundary wall shall be prohibited, however 2‘ wide flowerbed

14 | P a g e
of small plants, parallel to boundary wall , made of bricks and
have height of 6“ shall be permitted.

Mumtee 10 marla and below 100 sft.

15 | P a g e
Projections from the Face of Building
No bay-window, porch and extension of roof shall be
constructed beyond the face of the building except:
a. A window-sill with a projection of not more than 2.1/2 in
(0.06 m).
b. Sun shade not more than 3 ft (0.91 m), if mandatory open
space of 10 ft (3.05 m) or more is provided with in its
c. Sun shade of not more than 1ft-6 in (0.46 m), if mandatory
open space is less than 10 ft or no mandatory space is
provided with in its compound. sun shade not use as balcony,
and will have no concrete/bricks parapet wall. However grill,
fencing or railing is permitted on the shade.
Note: Notwithstanding the above provisions, sunshade shall
have a clear height of 7 ft above the plinth of the structure.

Pergola: A pergola shall not be permitted within the

minimum mandatory open spaces required under these
Building Regulations.

No balcony shall be made on sides as it affects the privacy of

neighbours .

The gate of the house of the corner plot shall not be provided
in the chamfered portion of the boundary wall.

16 | P a g e
All corner plots shall be splayed on both sides from the
corner. Plots of 10 marlas or les shall be splayed by 5 ft (1.52
m) and more than 10 marlas plots shall be splayed by 10ft.

Swimming Pool
a. Construction of swimming pool shall not be permitted in
the residential building having area less than one kanal and on
roof top of the building.
b. To ensure the privacy of swimming pool 10 feet high wall
or any other arrangements as directed by the Authority be

Basement In Residential Area

a. Single storey basement shall be permitted in the residential
area, the height of plinth of ground floor shall be 3 feet 6 inch
from the crown of front road. However, height of plinth of
ground floor can be relaxed up to the normal plinth level
where sunken area is provided.

17 | P a g e
b. Sunken area can be extended into clear space leaving at
least 2.5 feet
wide clear passage.

Staircase (Mumtee)
The area of stair mumtee shall be as under:-
a. Residential Buildings
(1) 10 Marla's & below 100Sft
(2) More than 10 Marla's 175Sft
(up to 1 Kanal)

No pillar construction is allowed in residential buildings

except apartments.

No billboard and hoardings shall be allowed on residential


General: These Bylaws are enacted for regulating the

eraction, construction and alterations to building in Park
Avenue Housing Society.

5 Marla's : Max No. of storey = 3 (excluding basement)

Max G.coverage= 75%
Max height = 38’
Parapet Wall minimum 2‘9”
No Piller construction is allowed in residential buildings
except apartments.
Mandatory space : 5’ rear space , side space not required.
1 Car Porch.

18 | P a g e
UGWT and OHWT shall be provided in all types of buildings.
Boundary should not exceed 6’ in height from plinth level.
In case of houses, minimum area of basement shall be 100

8 Marla's : Max No. of storey = 3 (excluding basement)

Max G.coverage= 75%
Max height = 38’
Mandatory space : 5’ rear space , side space not required.

10 Marla's : Max No. of storey = 4 (excluding basement)

Max G.coverage= 70%
Max height = 38’
Mandatory space : 7’ rear space , 5’ on one side.
In case of plot size of 10 Marla and above , a car porch not
exceeding 20‘ in length shall be permissible in side space.
In case of corner plots car porch shall be permissible along
longer side .
In case of side with minimum 5’ side space , construction of a
room over car porch equal to its area shall also be permissible.
The minimum size of living room shall not be less than 'l00
Sft .

The height of ceiling of living rooms in residential building

shall not be less than 9.5 ft, whereas maximum height shall be
12 feet. Height of ceiling of basement shall not be less than 9
feet and more than 10 feet.

19 | P a g e
Where entry/exit to the basement is from the rear mandatory
open space, a minimum chamfer of 6x6 ft shall be provided at
the rear two corners of the building at the ground floor level

The mud/ dirt acquire during excavation and digging shall

not be your possession and allowed to sold, the mud will
remain the property of Park Avenue Scheme as the
scheme will use it to fill shallow plots.

Disparity In Ground Level

Park Avenue housing Society will not be responsible for

levelling the plot in case of any moat, ditch, unevenness or
abnormality in the plot.

20 | P a g e
21 | P a g e
22 | P a g e
23 | P a g e
24 | P a g e
25 | P a g e
The Facia
It should be provided at the roof level of hte ground and first
floor which should be 2’ wide to fix the hording etc.

Construction of basement under verandah is permitted in
commercial building on the available space after leaving 8’ on
either side to accommodate UGWT and septic tank.
The minimum height of any basement room shall be 8 feet
Maximum achieve able height of basement is 12’ including
beam drop, and the top of plinth level shell not be less than
3’6” .

There should be two columns in the 30 feet frontage. The size
of columns may not be less than 13 inches x 13 inches or 13
inches diameters

Foundation shall not be permitted to extend beyond the
property line.

Sanitary Pipes
No sanitary pipes for kitchen and bathroom will be allowed to
installed on the face of the shop.

26 | P a g e
27 | P a g e

The members are required to make an application for

demarcation of plot to the General Manager of Park Avenue
Housing Society at least 10 days prior to such demarcation.
After having completed all formalities , the plot will be
handed over to owner.

No construction will be allowed until all dues are clered and

maps approved by Park Avenue Housing Society. Once the
plot is handed over to owner or his agent, the owner wil take
al responsibilities for his plot.

After demarcation, Park Avenue Housing Society will provide

the copy of site plan to the owner or his agent.

The owner has to pay the demarcation fee and site plan fee.

Green Belt
Maximum allowable width of green belt outside residential
plot is 5’ .

Theft Of Services For Outsider Area

If any services of Park Avenue Housing Society is used out of

the area of Society, the service to the owner of defaulting
action occurs where the connection are drawn, will be

28 | P a g e
disconnected and a fine which may extended up to Rs
50,000/- will be imposed by the management of Park Avenue.

Growth Of Trees And Vegetation

All members are expected to help in plantation and protection

of tree. Each member is expected to plant small tress ( shrubs
) 3-4 in numbers in front of his premises.

Members will not grow any vegetation/ trees so as to

encroach/ occupy the space or block the road or reduce the
openness of areas which mark the aesthetics of Park Avenue,
the society reserves the right to remove such vegetation .

29 | P a g e
30 | P a g e
a. One car space for every 6 rooms, provided that in case of
family suites, each room will be counted separately as one
room for calculation of parking spaces
b. One car space for every 800 sq ft (75 sq m) of shopping
c. One car space for every 1000 sq ft (92.95 sq m) of office
d. One car space for every 500 sq ft (46.47 sq m) of floor area.
Under restaurant, café and banquet hall.

Restaurants ,Clubs & Cafes

One car space for every 500 sq ft (46.47 sq m) of floor area

Community Centres
One car space every 500 sq ft (46.47 sq m) of floor area.

Cinema, Theatres & Concert Hall

3 car spaces for every 1000 sqft (92.95 sqm) of floor area.
Cultural Institutions (parks & monuments) Post Offices &
Police Stations
One car space for every 2000 sq ft (185.90 sq m) of floor area.

Industrial Buildings, Warehouses & Go downs

a. One car space for every 500 sq ft (46.47 sq m) of floor area
of the administrative block of the building for the staff.
b. One car space for every 2000 sq ft (185.9 sq m) of floor
area for the workers.

31 | P a g e
Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions
a. One car space for every 2000 sq ft (185.9 sq m) of floor
b. 40% of car parking space shall be reserved for motor cycles
and buses.

Motor Cycles
In addition to car parking space, an area equal to 16% of the
total car parking area shall be provided for motor cycle.

Floor Height
Minimum height of parking floors shall not be less than 8 ft

Ventilation & fire protection in parking area

Adequate means of ventilation, fire protection and emergency

exits shall be provided in the parking areas.

Lighting Arrangement

All parking areas must be properly lit for clear visibility and

Basement, Ramp, Parking

a. The lower ground floor/basement if used for car parking

purposes shall be constructed after leaving 4ft (1.22 m) space

32 | P a g e
all around within the plot. This would apply in the case where
basement is provided without pilling. Ramp may be provided
in the mandatory open spaces in the basements subject to the
condition that it shall not obstruct these spaces on ground
level. The owner will have to surrender the setback area for
road widening in future if needed without any compensation.
b. For the construction of basement the entire plot area can be
covered subject to the provision of RCC piling along all four
sides of the plot. The owner will have to surrender the setback
area for road widening in future if needed without any
c. No ramp is allowed inside and rear spaces at ground level if
these spaces are not abutting a road.
d. However the level of the roof of the basement in the
mandatory open spaces required to be provided under these
Regulations shall not exceed 6 inches above the crown of the
e. The lower ground floor/basement if used for usable
purposes other than car parking shall be constructed after
leaving all the mandatory open spaces as required under these
f. No Ramp shall start within 10ft clear space from the plot
line for entry and exit purposes. Such ramp should have a
maximum slope of 1:5, with transition slopes minimum 8ft
long and maximum 1:10 gradient at both ends.
In case, a commercial building is proposed to be used for
multi-purposes like hotel, banquet hall or apartments etc. the

33 | P a g e
parking requirements for these uses shall be calculated
separately on the basis of proposed uses as per these

Note: No basement would be allowed in the setback area .

34 | P a g e
35 | P a g e
Right of Way

The minimum right of way for Arterial, Major and Secondary

roads shall be as prescribed in the Master Plan.
a. For roads where minimum right of way is not prescribed in
the Master Plan, the right of way and widening of roads shall
i. As provided in the revenue record or in absence of such
record as established at site in existing built up areas.
ii. Including set back as prescribed by the respective Authority
iii. As fixed by the Competent Authority.
iv. Not less than 30 ft (9.15 m) in all other cases.
b. No gate, boundary wall, fence or hedge shall be erected or
grown within the right of way.
c. No ramp will be provided within the right of way.
d. The earth filling on the road shall have outward gradient of
4% from the edge of road berm up to a distance of 5 ft (1.52
m) from the property line from where it will go up to the
property line at the same level.
e. All corner plots shall be splayed on both sides from the
corner. Plots of 10 marlas or les shall be splayed by 5 ft (1.52
m) and more than 10 marlas plots shall be splayed by 10ft.

Amalgamation of Plots

In any zone two or more plots of the same uses may be

combined for the purposes of constructing one or more
buildings considering that the plots are owned by the same or

36 | P a g e
multiple owners. If at any later stage the sub-division is again
done then the building period charges will have to be paid for
the sub-divided plots from its original date of expiry of
building period of approved plans. Whereas for
commercial/converted plots building regulations will be
applicable as per policy of Commercialization.


a. The building plans should clearly show entry, exits,

gradient of ramp, turning radius, storage spaces, circulation
and movement of vehicles etc.
b. Proper parking signage such as entry and exit, directional
arrows and road marking must be provided.

Inspection Of Buildings

Park Avenue Housing Scheme through its authorized officers

will exercise continuous vigilance and may inspect the
premises at any time during execution of work or even after
completion. If on such inspection, it is found that the
owner ( building works ) violate any of the rule or bylaws.
Park Avenue Housing Scheme reserves the right to disconnect
or refuse any or all the services as per decision of the
management of Park Avenue Housing Scheme.

37 | P a g e
Construction violation

The member shall not violate construction and building

bylaws. Management of Park Avenue is empowered to take
strict action in addition to disconnection of services and
reserves the right to stop the work.

Improper ramp, whereas according to bylaws ramp slope must

finish within 5’ from boundary wall.

Since the area outside the boundary wall is liable to be dug

by Park Avenue Housing Scheme, members are advised not to
make costly ramp.

No water point /taps will be left outside the boundary wall.

Permanent fence and hedge in any form is not permitted

outside the boundary wall.

Damaging the road by mixing concrete or cutting etc means

any kind of damage to road must be avoided at any cost.

Cutting of road while laying underground electric cable is not

allowed without written approval from Park Avenue Housing

Members reduce clear spaces while carrying out construction,

which is not permitted.

38 | P a g e
The members/residents must extend cooperation to Park
Avenue Authorities to develop smooth relations with the
Authority members.


The members and residents shall be bound by the decisions

and directions of the management/ General Manager and
Directors of Park Avenue Housing Scheme. In case of
violation and offence disconnection of any or all services or
fine or both can ensue.

Parameters/ instructions given from time to time will also be

followed in addition to those contained in these Bylaws.


The plot shall be used for the purpose for which has been
earmarked in the scheme by Park Avenue Housing Scheme.

Vacant plots and parks will not be used for marriages, parties
and meetings without written permission from the
management of Park Avenue Housing Scheme.

39 | P a g e
Bending of bars, mixing of concrete and storage of materials
on road is not allowed.

Wall chalking, writing on walls and pasting of posters on the

walls is strictly prohibited.


The members shall pay normal rates of all services of Scheme

as fixed by the Management/ Department concerned and
which are liable to be revised from time to time.

Interpretation Of Permission

The opinion of Park Avenue Housing Scheme shall be final

and conclusive as to interpretation of any Bylaws, rules and

The direction of management of Park Avenue Housing

Scheme expressively covered by Bylaws shall be valid and

Signage Policy

All the shop signs will be back lit. No lights and sign boards
shall be installed beyond the building line .

40 | P a g e
Depth of the back flex board will be 8” while depth of 3D
letters shall not be more than 6” .

Sign Boards shall be displayed on front side only and for

corner shops it can be displayed on front as well as side of the

Drawings/ Documents

The building plan / drawings, signed by Architect, shall be

submitted to the management of Park Avenue Housing
Scheme indicating the following details:

All drawings including plans, section, elevation and working

drawings etc.

Plan of the services like water supply, sewerage, including

cross section of underground and overhead tank.

Details of construction of ramps.

Total height of building indicating overhead water tank,

staircase, machine room for lift and parapet wall etc.

Cross section of boundaries wall towards roads, level of

roads, ground and plinth.

Plan and elevation at minimum scale 1”= 8’.

41 | P a g e
Sectional drawings at minimum scale of 1”=4’ indicating
foundation details like specification of foundation, plinth
super structure, roof joinery,
plinth protection, finish and plaster.

A Structural Stability Certificate of the building from the

registered Structural Engineer.

Cancellation Of Permission

If at any time, after permission to carry out building works has

been granted and Park Avenues Housing Scheme
management is satisfied that such permission was granted in
consequence of any defective title of the applicant, material,
misrepresentation or fraudulent statement of documents
submitted there with in respect of such building , the
permission may be cancelled and any work done there-under,
shall be deemed to have been done without permission.


For suggestions/improvement in Bylaws members are

expected to contact with management of Park Avenue
Housing Scheme.

42 | P a g e