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Beer market leader San Miguel Brewery Inc.

strengthened its efforts to aid in “regreening” the country with its
annual Trees Brew Life tree planting activity.
In response to Malacaňang’s directive for citizens to become
stewards of the country’s natural resources, SMB conducted its
environmental outreach in locations where the company
On its ninth year, the campaign consists of tree planting
engagements in Cebu, followed by activities in Davao Del Sur,
Quezon City, Pampanga, Negros Occidental, Makati, and
This year, volunteer employees and partner institutions will work
hand in hand to plant over 75,000 seedlings of hardwood,
mangrove and fruit-bearing species in identified areas
“With the current administration zeroing in on its efforts to
rehabilitate the country’s environmental integrity, we readily
extend our support by aligning our programs with our
government’s initiatives,” says SMB President Roberto N.
“The Trees Brew Life project is one of the pillars of our
organization’s commitment toward environmental stewardship.
Having our campaign supplement our nation’s goals is a source
of pride for us beermen. It not only contributes to the
preservation of our country’s natural resources, it also promotes
a sense of responsibility among our employees.”
The initiative directly supports the Expanded National Greening
Program of the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources, which aims to reforest unproductive, denuded and
degraded forestlands.
Since its inception in 2010, SMB’s Trees Brew Life has
successfully planted over 600,000 seedlings.
Under the brewery’s flagship Buhayin ang Kalikasan program,
the nationwide environmental program aims to protect,
preserve, and rehabilitate forest covers in both urban and rural
settings and aid in regenerating mangrove areas in coastal
The project likewise aims to ensure the availability of water
supply in its host communities.
SMB has also adapted water sustainability measures in line
with San Miguel Corporation’s pledge to cut water consumption
across all its businesses by 50 percent.
As of March 2018, SMC has been able to save four billion liters
of water, equivalent to the daily water consumption of 137,000
Last September 2017, SMB discontinued its plastic bottled
water business, which furthered the company’s commitment to
reduce its environmental footprint.
Instead of selling bottled water, SMC will invest in filtration
technology, which will be deployed during calamities to provide
access to safe drinking water.
Aside from environmental concerns, SMB is also actively
involved in programs that promote education, health, and basic
services and livelihood.