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Application No.


Common Application form for Agricultural Credit

(To be obtained one time or whenever there is change)

The Branch Manager,

____________________ Branch

Dear Sir,

I/We hereby apply for a loan/loans aggregating Rs. _______ (Rupees ________________
__________________________________ only) and furnish below the necessary information.

Type of Credit Amount (Rs)

1. Production Credit (As per Assessment) : Rs.
2. Term Loan (As per Assessment) Rs.

S.N. Purpose Name of Scheme Amount (Rs)

(In case of Govt. sponsored scheme)
1 Rs. …………….
2 Rs. ……………
3 Rs. …………….


1. Particulars of the applicant(s)

Full name of the applicant(s) Age Education Village Taluka/ Block/ Phone
(Yrs) Qualification P.O./ District Number

a. Shri/Smt.
S/D/W of

b. Shri/Smt.
S/D/W of

c. Shri/Smt.
S/D/W of

2. Names of the family members Relationship Whether Annual Income

Dependent (Rs.)
3. Name of the Karta (in case of Joint Hindu Family) :

4. Whether belongs to
(a) Scheduled Caste/Tribe/ Backward Class/Minority Community:
(b) SF/MF/Agricultural Labourer:

5. Deposit Accounts if any:

Bank_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Branch __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A/c No._ _ _ _ _ _

6. Particulars of land holdings (If Lease hold/share cropper, specify).

Furnish copies of land records.

Title Area
Of which Source of Encumbrance if
Village Survey No./ Block No. Share
Owned Leased (Acres) Irrigated irrigation any

7. Present annual Income

(a) Agricultural Income Rs.
(b) Other Income (Specify) Rs.
TOTAL Income Rs.

8. Particulars of existing liabilities as borrower, if any :

Present Security Offered

Outstand Of which Installment repayable
ing overdue during the year
Name of Institution of Loan Rs. Rs. Rs.
Our Bank
Other Banks (Specify)

Co-op credit soc.

Land Development Bank

Other Creditors (Govt.

9. Liabilities as Guarantor:
Loan sanctioned to Shri / Smt.
Name of the Loan:
Name of the Bank / Institution :
Amount of Loan. : Rs.
Balance Outstanding: Rs. (As on )
Status of Account Regular/Overdue:
10. Particulars of farm equipments / live stock / immovable assets owned.
Movable Number Present Value
Plough Cattle
Milch Cattle
Poultry Birds
Oil engine/Ele. Pump
Power Tiller
Transport Vehicle

Particulars of property (Owner/ Lease/ Pattadar/ Share Cropper):
House/ Building
Tractor shed/ Farm shed
Fishing ponds/ Tank

10. Security (ies) proposed to be offered

Collateral (where applicable):

10. Particulars of guarantors, if any

Name Address Worth (Lacs)

I/We hereby declare that the particulars given above are true and correct to the best
of my/our knowledge and belief. I/We hereby authorise the Bank to disclose all or any
particulars or details of information relating to my/our loan accounts with the Bank, to any
other financial institution, government or any agency(ies) as may be considered necessary
or desirable by the Bank.
It will be in order for the Bank to disqualify me/ us from receiving any credit facilities from
the Bank in case it is proved that the declaration of my/our outside borrowings made
contain misrepresentation of facts.

I/ We hereby declare that I/ We have no borrowings/ liabilities excepting those mentioned

under item (8) and (9) as on the date of application.

I/We hereby undertake to abide by the terms and conditions that the Bank may stipulate in
sanction of this loan and inform Bank in the event of acquiring any other assets during the
tenure of the advance.

Applicant's Name Signature(s)/Thumb impression(s)

1 ……………………………………….
2 First Applicant
3 ……………………………………….
Second (JT) Applicant
Place : ……………………………………….
Date : Third (JT) Applicant

Name of the Applicant(s) :

Interview - cum - Assessment Form for Short Term Loan (Crop Loan) requirements
Crop Proposed Area of Cultivation Month of Scale of Finance Loan Due date
Irigated Rainfed Sowing Harvesting
Irrigated Rainfed Amount of
Kharip (Ha) (Ha) (Rs) (Rs) (Rs) Repayment
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0

Two months after harvesting of crop and / or before 30th Nov.2009

0 0 0 0 0
0 0 Sub Total - 1 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 Sub Total - 2 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 Sub Total - 3 0
TOTAL 1+2+3 (A) 0

Other Annual Requirements (To be filled where applicable) Amount

1 Power/Fuel cost, if any 0

2 Repairs & maintenance of Agri. Equip/live stock/ machinery, etc. 0
3 Minor investment of short term nature 0
4 Family maintenance expenses 0
5 Educational expenses 0
6 Medical expenses 0
7 Post harvest expenses 0
8 Any other expenses 0
Margin for other loans, if any 0
Loan (B) 0

Margin (Rs) #DIV/0! Rs. 0

Loan Recommended Rs. 0

Signature of Appraising Officer Signature/Thumb Impression of Applicant

Memorandum for Sanction of Short Term Loan (Crop Loan)

Observations of Appraising Officer :

1 Whether the applicant(s) posses the land as shown in the application and
whether the crops proposed to be taken, suit the land? Y/N

2 Whether the soil and climate are suitable for the proposad crops? Y/N

3 Whether the cropping pattern suggested is generally followed in the area? Y/N

4 Has the farmer adequete experience in the cultivation of crops suggested? Y/N

5 Whether the technical advice is easilly available locally? Y/N

6 Whether there is any assured arrangement for procurement in inputs including

organic manure? Y/N

7 Whether the loan amount requested is in accordance with the scale of finance
suggested by the technical committee for the area? Y/N

8 Whether adequete irrigation facilities for the proposed crop plan are availa Y/N

9 Whether sale of farm produce is under arrangements? Y/N

10 Whether crops are covered under 'Crop Insurance Scheme'? Y/N

Recommendations of the Appraising Officer :

The relevent land records / documents have been obtained and verified and found correct.
The farm was visited by me on

a) Limit Recommended Rs. 0/-

b) Security Proposed (i) Hypothecation of standing crops.

(ii) Mortgage / Charge on land (De Sy. No. Area (Ha) Village
(iii) Guarantee of
Signature of Appraising Officer
Place: Dukli
Date: oct 2008
Branch Manager / Manager of Division

AB 1 - SIM
(This agreement needs to be signed by the borrower(s) only at the bottom of the page)
The State Bank of India,
Dukli Branch

1 Agreement exicuted this day of oct 2008 in favour of the State Bank of India constituted under
State Bank of India Act, 1955 and having its Central Office at Mumbai and branch at Dukli
hereinafter called the Bank (Which expression shall include its successore and assigns) by
i. Shri/Smt. S/W/D of residing at
ii. Shri/Smt. S/W/D of residing at
iii. Shri/Smt. S/W/D of residing at
(Herein after referred to as the "the Borrower (s) which expression shall unless the context or subject
otherwise requires include his/their heir[s],executor[s] and administrator[s],assigns jointly and severally]"

2 WHEREAS at the request of the borrower(s) as contained in the application a copy of which is enclosed,
the bank has granted / agreed to grant the following facilities:

a. Crop Loan / Agricultural Cash Credit / Kisan Credit Card with a limit of Rs. 0/-
(In words: Rupees Twenty Thousands Only )
b. Term Loan Limit of Rs (In word Rupees Only)

3 In consideration of the premises, the borrower(s) hereby create a first charge by way of hypothecation
in favour of the State Bank of India in respect of the crops including standing crops (Present and future)
on the lands described in the schedule hereunder and / or…………………………………………
{ Asset financed under term loan (Hereinafter referred as security)} with an intention to secure the
cash credit / term loan facility.

4 The Borrower(s) shall pay interest at the rate of 0% below the State Bank of India Advance rate
Minimum % in respect of the cash credit and at the rate of ……………...% below/above the
State Bank of India Advance Rate minimun ………………% in respect of term loan facility calculated
on the daily balances in the said accounts with monthly /quarterly / half-yearly/yearly or such other rest
in accordance with the practice of the bank from time to time.

5 Bank will be entitled to change the rate of interest from time to time and in the case of default by the
borrower(s) as mentioned in the letter of arrangement, the Bank shall charge enchanged rate of interest
The said letter of arrangement dated oct 2008 duly acknowledged by the borrower(s) shall be
read as part of this agreement.
6 In the case of Term Loan and or Agricultural Cash Credit / Kisan Credit Card / Crop Loan, the
borrower(s) shall on demand fourth with pay to Bank the outstanding(s) owing to the Bank in respect
of the loans inclusive interest, commissions, cost incidental and service charges, etc, and other charges
and expenses. However, in case where for any reason Agricultural cash Credit or Kisan Credit Card or
Crop Loan is permitted by the Bank at its absolute discretion to be repaid in installment and on such
terms as may be stipulated by the bank, the security as created in favour of the Bank hitherto shall
continue to the subsisting and the conditions as to term loans herein shall apply to the said loan subject
to such charges as may be stipulated by the Bank. In case of term loan, it will be repayable in
installment of Rs. (Rupees )
each and a final installment of Rs. (Rupees )
with startup period of months. In the of any default committed by the borrower(s), the bank
shall have right to demand the entire amount of principle and interest thereon remaining due and outstan-
ding which will become payable forthwith.

7 In case of any default committed by the borrower(s), the Bank shall have right to enforce the security
created hereunder and in the sanction letter. The borrower(s) hereby declares that the security charged
to the Bank is free of encumbrances and he will pay all taxes, statutory charges, etc. regularly to protect
the security to make it enforceable.

8 This agreement and / or the security created hereunder is intended to and shall operate as a continuing
security for all loans indebtendness and liabilities of the borrower(s) to the bank at all times during the
subsistance of the agreement not withstanding:
a) This existance of a credit balance of "Nil" balance in the loan account at any time or any partial
payment of fluctuation of accounts or
b) Any loan or any part thereof have been repaid either after demand has been made by the bank or
otherwise or has been so repaid on demand.

9 The borrower(s) shall at all times keep such items of security as are of insurable nature, insured against
loss or damage by fire and other risks a may be required required by the Bank and shall deliver to the
Bank all such policies. In the event of gthe securities created in favour of the Bank becomes insufficient,
the bank reserves the right to demand such additional securities as may be required.

10 That the contents of the agreement have been read over and translated in to Bengali vernacular
language (here center the name of the language of the borrower(s)) and he/she/they having understood
the contents thereo subscribe(d) to these presents.


State : Tripura District : W-Tripura

Survey No. Extent Village Boundries (Survey Nos.)

(Ha) North South West East
IN WITNESS WHEREOF of the borrower(s) has / have set his / her / their hand(s) to these presents
on this the day and year first above written.


Instructions : To be stamped as an agreement not to be attesed. If the security hypothecated is located in more
than one State then to be stamped with the highest of stamp duty chargable in different States.

Appendix- AGL/2/1/B
(This agreement needs to be signed by the borrower(s) only at the bottom of the page)

Dear Sir(s)/ Madam,


With reference to your application dated 04.08.09 Requesting grant of Crop Loan (herein specify the nature of
loan applied fro viz.Crop Loan, Term Loan etc) we have pleasure in sanctioning crop loan limit of Rs. 0/-
( Rupees Twenty Thousands Only ) on the following terms and conditions.

a. Purpose.

The Crop Loan (herein specify the type of loan) should be utilized for the specific purpose of Agricultural
production needs (specify the exact purpose for which the financial assistance is sought) brief details of which
are furnished below:
i Cultivation of seasonal/perennial/plantation crops
ii Other annual domestic needs

b. Utilisation
The loan will be disbursed to you (herein called as ‘borrower(s)’ or ‘you’) according to disbursement programme
furnished below. (Give the disbursement programme as indicated in the documents).

(other conditions attendant on the disbursement of the loan may also be specified viz.)
1. Disbursement towards civil works will be made on production or certified statements of expenditure duly
countersigned by the borrower(s) / Agricultural Department of the ___________ and after personal inspection
by the Bank Officials.
2. Disbursements towards purchased of machinery will be made either on receipt of machinery and installation
thereof in the borrower’s farm or against documents covering dispatch of machinery received through the Bank
or by direct remittance to the suppliers on authorization by the borrower(s), after ascertaining in the latter case
whether machines are ready for delivery.

c. Security
i. Primary Security :Hypothecation of standing crops
ii. Collateral : (hypothecated / pledged / mortgaged and value thereof).
iii. Third party guarantee if any a.
d. Documents:
(Give Brief particulars of documents required to be executed by the Borrowers.)
i. Letter of Arrangement (Tick here)
ii. Hypothecation Agreement - AB1
iii. Deed of Guarantee - AB2
iv. Mortgage Deed - AB3
v. Consent Clause
vi. ……………………………………..
e. Interest:
Interest will be charged monthly/quarterly/half yearly as at the end of 31st September or as on the dates the
repayment instalments fall due at the rate of 0% below SBAR with a minimum of % p.a. rising and
falling with the change in SBAR on the amount outstanding in the account. Enhanced rate of interest at 2% p.a.
will be charged over and above the rate mentioned above in case of any default committed by the borrower(s)
in respect of the conditions mentioned herein.

g. Repayment:
This loan should be repaid as under: (give the details of repayment as stipulated in the documents.)
Total loan for Rs. 0/- plus interest to be repaid on and before 30th Nov.2009
h. Insurance:
(particulars of Insurance required to be taken on/waiver thereof to be advised herein).

i. General:
i. All legal expenses such as lawyer’s fees, registration charges, etc. should be borne by you.
ii. Original invoices, supplier’s receipt for the cost of machinery and other connected correspondence
should be deposited with the Bank.
iii. The Assets charged to the bank should not be disposed of, sold or otherwise encumbered as long as
the Bank loan remains unpaid.
iv. The Bank’s name board should be displayed prominently on the machines pledged/ hypothecated
to the Bank.
v. The advances is also subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in the documents for the long
granted and also other conditions, if any, stipulated by the Bank from time to time.
vi. In the case of loans granted under the scheme approved by NABARD, we will pass on the commit-
ment charges levied by NABARD to you if the failure on your part.
a. to apply fro refinance as per schedule or
b. to get the scheme rephrased is due to the failure on your part
x. to draw the loan instalments from us as per schedule or
y. to advice us to apply for rephasement(s) (in view of the anticipated delay in the
implementation of the schemes) respectively.

j. Events of Default:
In once or more of the following happenings, it would be treated as an event of default committed by you in
terms of this letter of arrangement and legal action can be taken to recover the loan dues.
a. Any breach of the terms of this Letter of Arrangement;
b. Any one or more instalment(s) are not paid on time;
c. Interest has not been paid on due date;
d. If any information furnished by you to the bank is found to be incorrect or incomplete
in any material particulars.

k. This letter of arrangement shall be read with the hypothecation agreement to be executed by you for availing
the various loan/facility.

Received a copy of letter Yours faithfully

oct 2008

Annexure - I
Text of the Consent Clause

To be executed by the borrower(s)

I/We, understand that as a pre-condition, relating to grant of the loan/advances/other non-fund

based facilities to me/us, the State Bank of India, requires my/our consent for the disclosure by
the Bank of information and data relating to me/us, of the credit facility availed of/to be availed,
by me/us, obligations assumed/to be assumed, by me/us. In relation thereto and default, if any,
committed by me/us, in discharge thereof.

2. Accordingly, I/we hereby agree and give consent for the disclosure by the State Bank of
India of all or any such;

(a) Information and data relating to me/us;

(b) The information or data relating to any credit facility availed of/to be availed,
by me/us, and

(c ) Default, if any, committed by me/us. In discharge of my/our such obligation,

as the State Bank of India may deem appropriate and necessary, to disclose and furnish to
Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd and any other agency authorised in this behalf of RBI.

3. I/We, declare that the information and data furnished by me/us to the State Bank of India
are true and correct.

4. I/We, undertake that:

(a) The Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd and any other agency so authorised may
use, process the said information and data disclosed by the bank in the manner as
deemed fit by them; and

(b) The Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd and any other agency so authorised may
furnish for consideration, the processed information and data or products thereof
prepared by them, to banks/financial institution and other cerdit grantors or registe-
red users, as may be specified by the Reserve Bank in this behalf.

Signature of the Borrower(s)

1 ……………………………….

2 ……………………………….

3 ……………………………….

State Bank of India : Loan A/c. No.

Dukli Branch

Control Return For Agricultural Credit

Name of Borrower(s) i)

Name Of Guarantor(s) i)

Service area / Non service area

Activity : CROP LOAN / ACC / KCC

Purpose : a) Cultivation of seasonal/perennial/plantation crops
b) Other annual domestic needs

Total Area of Cultivation (Ha) : Kharip : 0.00 Rabi : 0.00 Summer : 0.00

Irrigated / Rainfed : Source of Irrigation :

Amount Sanctioned : Rs. 0/- (Rupees Twenty Thousands Only)

Proposed rate of interest @ 0 % below SBAR Minimum % per annum.

Due date for repayment : 30th Nov.2009

(Tick here)
Documents Obtained : 1 Application from borrower
2 AB -1 : Hypothecation Agreement
3 Letter of Arrangement
4 Consent Clause
5 Form of Declaration
6 ………………………………….

Branch Manager
Dukli Branch
Date: oct 2008

Forward to Asst. General Manager of the region for control / necessary action.

Branch Manager
Dukli Branch
Date: oct 2008

repared by Shri. Ganesh A. Durgude (MRO), Region-IV, RBO, Akola,(NAGPUR MODULE), Mob