Crowd-sourcing Government Apps and Innovation

Vivek Kundra, former CTO of DC (now Federal CIO) needed a way to make DC’s open Data Catalog useful

The Old Way

1.0 you know the way it’s done now

The New Way Open Data/Source + 2.0 Citizen Talent + Fame and Fortune = ?

Fame and Fortune

Year 1 Results
47 web, iPhone, & Facebook apps $2,300,000+ EST Value $50,000 in cost +4000% ROI

* Marinas near you * Libraries near you * Gas stations near you * Banks near you * Hotels near you * Construction projects near you * Embassies near you * Places of worship near you * Vacant properties near you * Building permits pulled near you * Crime alerts near you * Post offices near you * Housing code violations near you * Police stations near you

Subsequent Innovation


Download: Http://bit.ly/apps4all

24 Months = 28 Countries/Cities
Apps  for  America Apps  for  the  Army Apps  for  Healthy  Kids Apps  for  Inclusion

US  Federal
Civic  Apps  for  Greater  Portland Apps  for  California

US  Local
Apps  for  Finland Apps  for  Denmark Apps  for  Norway Apps  for  Belgium Apps  for  NSW  Australia MashUpAustralia App  My  State  Victoria  AU Apps  for  Climate  Action Apps  for  Edmonton Apps  for  Belgium  (INCA  09) Apps  for  Norway  (Nettskap  2.0) Apps  for  Development Apps  for  Africa

NYC  Big  Apps SF  Data  Challenge Apps  for  Baltimore NYC  Transit  Apps

Apps  for  Democracy
Apps  for  Innovation



Apps  for  Ben's  Chili  Bowl Apps  for  Government Apps  for  Public  Media

Soldiers not contractors. 75 days not 2+ years.
119 Developers 53 Apps 17 Android Apps 10 ASP NET Apps 16 iPhone Apps 7 LAMP Apps 2 Black Berry Apps 1 AKO

14 Data Viz 6 Morale/Welfare/Rec 2 Career/Personnel Mngmt

8 Training 6 Location Aware 5 Other

9 Mission Specific 3 Warfighting

Beyond Apps

where DC is
Civic Innovation Market Place Global Innovation Market Place


Data Catalog

Apps Contests

Civic Hacker Networks Global Hacker Networks

Civic Innovator Networks Global Innovator Networks


Data Catalog

Apps Contests

where the world bank is

Teach for America for Civic Hackers

created by @schingler and @jessykate during Washington, DC's #snowmageddon, 2010.

Building DC’s Civic Innovator Network

send them back out into the community

“The more we use these tiny computers for tasks we've always done without gadgets, the further removed we'll become from real innovation. For all the pleasure and time-saving mechanisms...they aren't solving any real problems.” -Michael Rosenwald, BusinessWeek, 10/7/10 Apps for the Army is satisfying because it does. Spring 2011...

Do stuff that matters. We’re out of time for screwing around.

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