SGA Minutes October 14, 2010 I. Call to Order: 11:31am II. Roll Call: Absent: J. Longmire, M. Smith, M. McLean, J. Thompson , B.

Bartman, Dr. Doty, Dr. Sullivan Morgan, W. Wahlen. C. Krause and Dr. Lindberg introduce themselves as new staff representatives. IV. Agenda: J. Meding: Move to add Tea Enthusiasts for provisional recognition into policy section. Second: R. Hartman Amended unanimously V. Minutes. Motion to approve by J. Meding, seconded by J. Denhof Approved unanimously VI. External Committee Reports a. Academic Council: H. Wahlen is not here to report on it and R. Nelson was not able to be at the meeting. b. General Education Committee: A. Romano: Meeting as we speak so cannot be there for it. c. Honors Council: H. Wahlen not here to report on it. d. Advisory: T. Harris: Denise Jones is happy with all the numbers. They work similarly to us, they have a projected budget then adjust when enrollment numbers come in. VII. Committee Reports: a. Student Services: R. Hartman: Maggie has been working with reaching out to students will be having some sort of idea session on Wednesday, October 20th from 11:30am-1pm in the Frick. Joe has been trying to figure something out with the election party. The Etiquette Dinner is next week at 4 pm in the Prospect Room. b. Policy Committee: J. Meding: Had an amazing meeting this week. Twirlers Club is here for provisional recognition and it has Policy Committee’s recommendation. M. Potter and J. Thayer: This is something that is really close to us and since there is not a group here we want to start an organization and get the word out. Want this to be here so future students can join the squad even when we’re not here. Want to get the campus involved- maybe teach people to twirl and perform at games, people can put money on their favorite twirler and this money can be donated to a charity, maybe National Baton Twirling Association or something else. L. McAllister: Can anyone join?

M. Potter: Anyone can join because we can teach them, but it takes a lot of time and practice to get the hang of it so it might be hard to perform if you’ve never done it before. R. Hartman: How will you work out equipment? M. Potter: We have enough batons, but we’d have to fund or fundraise to buy any outfits we need because they are expensive. J. Scott: Can we have an example of what you might do? M. Potter and J. Thayer show example I. Crone: Have you ever twirled fire? J. Thayer: It could set the field on fire so probably not. P. Silva: This is something that some people have been asking about so it would be a good organization to have. J. Denhof: Motion to vote. Multiple seconds. Motion to close debate. Multiple Seconds. Approved unanimously Vote to provide provisional recognition. Approved with abstentions by B. Kaplan and M. Potter H. Wahlen enters. J. Meding: Tea Enthusiasts is up for provisional recognition. They want to spread the word about tea and will work with Serene Tea. Their Faculty Advisor is Laura Wilmarth Tyna. Dr. E. Sullivan enters R. Hartman: Will be a part of this organization if all goes well with recognition and excited to see what it will do. B. Mingus: Motion to provide provisional recognition, second B. Kaplan Close debate: B. Mingus, Harman. Vote to close debate unanimous. Vote to provide provisional Recognition Passes with one abstention by J. Scott. E. McAllister: CONGRATS J. Meding: Greenjays is up for Formal Recognition.  E. McAllister passes gavel to J. Meding. L. McAllister: Julie isn’t here, so I can speak on behalf of the group. We have done a number of events to encourage recycling: a month long competition to reduce waste and increase recycling, a fashion show, go green panel, etc. Motion: J. Denhof, P. Silva seconds. Denhof: Close debate, Silva second. Vote to close debate passes with one abstention by H. Wahlen Vote to provide provisional recognition: Passes with one abstention by L. McAllister  J. Meding passes gavel back to E. McAllister.


Finance Committee: T. Harris: Applications for the Finance Board are still out. Encourage others to apply. Coop tomorrow. One of the best ways to find out about events on campus. Finance committee from 2-330. H. Wahlen: How many have turned in applications? T. Harris: None, but many applications and emails taken. L. McAllister: How is co-op going T. Harris: 4-5 groups a week L. McAllister: Funding? T. Harris: Will keep you updated Marketing Committee: B. Kaplan: Comment box has been painted, but needs a third-coat. Committee is still working on standard PR. Committee is meeting from 4-5pm today.


e. AKP: H. Wahlen: Nothing

Exec: E. McAllister: Mostly discussed the constitution.

VIII. Advisor Reports: I. Crone: Sorry for the side conversation. Continue to RSVP for the Board of Trustees Dinner and meetings. Who hasn’t RSVP’d? Also, immediately after meeting please go downstairs to get your year-book headshots taken! E. Sullivan: Nothing IX. Old Business H. Wahlen: If you look at the copy of the constitution you have, all of the changes we have discussed have been made and shown as comments on the side. I have made a few other changes, which are listed on the screen. H. Wahlen: Motion to approve the amendments, seconded by J. Meding R. Nelson: Can we change the font? Hard to read. H. Wahlen: People seemed to be questioning if we would always be able to get 30 people so we decided to keep the number at 21. Article II. 2. g. makes the president responsible for planning the Fall Retreat every year. Separated the Elections Committee and AKP because in the past they have always been different groups of people working on it. Quorum: pg 10- Liz was the only one to send an idea on how to change this. J. Denhof: All good things. But 14 is a cause of concern. We don’t need to have a minimum because we will always have a full board. B. Kaplan: Understand what you are saying Jake, but I feel like we need to have a concrete number to stay with the democratic feel.

H. Wahlen: Formal debate rules? E. McAllister will keep track J Meding: We need a set definition of quorum. J. Denhof: Not saying that we will only have seven people on board, but if that’s all we can get we need to work with it. We’re a republic so we’re representative of the student body. If only 10 people, they would probably be more accountable than 21 people who don’t know what they’re doing. H. Wahlen: We need to be realistic with this constitution. Roberts Rules of Order says that we need to have a number. We’re not just preparing this for our students but for the future board as well. We need to have a certain number from our student body to represent body as a whole. R. Hartman: Having a set quorum number provides motivation to fill up the empty spots on the board. J. Denhof: What would we do if we only had seven people? L. McAllister: There would be no Exec board but they could have elections to fill the empty spots and then proceed from there. I. Crone: We need to have this set number to help ensure that there is a higher degree of accountability. Advisors will be here to help. Dr. Lindberg: Clause a. and c. contradict each other. Maybe get rid of a. and move on with b. and c. B. Kaplan: There needs to be a certain amount of people. L. McAllister: If we take it away it means that there is nothing saying that members need to be present. H. Wahlen: Friendly amendment to remove a. and change it to reflect what Liz is saying J. Meding: Article X. 3. a. (Quorum)- change to “ that have been sworn in and must be present at the meeting” H. Wahlen: motion to close debate, seconded by J. Meding J. Denhof: motion to vote on approve the amendments, seconded by H. Wahlen Approved with 1 abstention by R. Hartman J. Denhof: motion to approve the amendments, seconded by H. Wahlen Approved with 1 abstention by R. Hartman H. Wahlen: anything else? Eileen: In order for this to be approved by the board, it needs to be done for tomorrow. If we need more time to work this out it won’t be voted on until March. J. Meding: motion to close debate, seconded by J. Denhof Approved unanimously B. Kaplan: Motion to do a roll call vote, seconded by H. Wahlen Motion passes with 15 yays, 3 abstentions, and 1 nay X. New Business a. Student Life Committee – need fill in for the Marketing meeting from 3-4:30 on Friday. Email or volunteer now. R. Nelson: Does everyone attend this? L. McAllister: Only Exec Board.

M. Potter: I can probably attend b. Gubernational Debate Staffing E. McAllister: This Sunday. Desiree Chen reached out to Hannah and I. Any other volunteers to help out? Hands raised: J. Denhof, R. Hartman, B. Kaplan, T. Harris., B. Mingues, R. Nelson, P. Silva, A. Romano. c. Partners for Peace: J. Meding Designed to address societal issues, this year addressing hunger. This month we are collecting canned foods to donate to a church in a Lawndale community. Going to participate on the first weekend of November 5. Nov 5 – load Cargo Van, fill reusable bags with canned food Nov 6 – leave at 11am. Help serve food until 2pm. Short Service. Be back on campus by 5pm. Plenty of organizations saving that they are willing to get food. Liz and I would like SGA to take part in this. XI. Comments from the Gallery – None XII. Announcements: - none XIII. J. Denhof Motion to adjourn, T. Harris Second. Vote passes with one abstention.