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NAME (redacted) CITY, STATE (redacted)  PHONE NUMBER (redacted)

EMAIL ADDRESS (redacted)

Vice President of Operations

Influential operations director with over (redacted) years' success motivating business growth through skillful cross-functional

Dedicated business leader driving corporate objectives by motivating optimal performance across all departments and
teams. Proactive in designing and executing programs instrumental in implementing process improvements and delivering
optimal operational efficiency. Skilled contract negotiator, leveraging superior interpersonal skills to establish professional
partnerships and open doors for new business opportunities. Adept in strategically planning projects, managing P&L
accountability, and controlling inventories in order to minimize expenses. Client-centric solutions engineer, providing
extensive knowledge and expertise with regard to client change management, program development, and material
management processes.
Areas of Expertise
 P&L Management  Team Building & Leadership
 Corporate Strategy & Development  Project Management
 Business Growth & Revenue  Contract Negotiations
 Client Relations Management  Material Management Processes

Professional Experience
Vice President & General Manager, Field Operations, (redacted) - Present
Develop and implement strategic plans for maximum operational efficiency, collaborating with executive management to
align processes with business goals. Drive corporate and client enterprise objectives through superior work ethic and team
building skills. Motivate sales teams to acquire new client contracts and guarantee delivery of all direct labor requirements
conducive to profitability. Principal team leader, mentoring peers and ameliorating escalations through skillful, effective
interpersonal communication strategies. Accelerate adoption of improvement initiatives and cultivate strong, fruitful
professional relationships. Direct all commercial management operations with emphasis on client satisfaction. Deploy
efforts for capital improvement projects, quality assurance, and cost reduction. Manage supply chain, inventory control,
and receivables, strategically balancing expenses in relation to revenue. Expand client services and ensure lean
manufacturing practices for continuous improvement.
 Controlled MRO demand, supply, and OEM assets across more than 80 manufacturing sites and production
plants within (redacted) and (redacted).
 Produced $210M revenue by orchestrating division-wide manufacturing operations for 190 employees.
 Enhanced division's gross margin by 22.5% since assuming leadership role in March 2017.
 Reduced selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses by 19% SG&A expense by restructuring division.
 Increased material revenue by 28% and secured seven new customer contracts.


District Director, Central South, (redacted) - (redacted)
Achieved sales and expense targets for assigned territory in (redacted), (redacted), (redacted), and (redacted).
Mentored and motivated market managers to further sales-focused behaviors, implementing training initiatives to ensure
individual success as well as team development. Directed flawless execution of core branch processes and solidified
business partnerships with array of entities, such as call centers, customer lifecycle, CSOPs, finance teams, and legal
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departments. Facilitated organizational advancement of key objectives and managed inventory, driving sales growth
objectives. Delivered contracted supply chain solutions within highly-matrixed environment by facilitating cross-functional
 Achieved (redacted) status in 2014 for achieving top 1% highest performance average for three years
 Drove $365M in sales and reduced expenses to under $12M throughout district.
 Commended with Annual Achievers Awards for five fiscal years between (redacted) and (redacted).


Regional On-Site Services Manager, Western US
Developed two-year strategy for closure of integrated supply business unit; supported contracts through to expiration
and transitioned client base to new material management platform. Planned and executed programs that supported
transition by delivering electronic ordering and replenishment processes to customers at point of use for indirect material
commodities. Advanced workforce optimization strategy by facilitating transition of operational scope to Branch Service
team. Developed operational reporting and metrics, advising with regard to long-term organizational structure.
Coordinated change management processes, including design, workforce development and training, and cross-
departmental communications.
 Orchestrated development for new business channel delivering on-site service solutions to existing 2M+
customer base.
 Principally led supply chain, finance, operations, and business support teams through divestiture of integrated
supply portfolio.
 Improved service workflow by enhancing technology and initiating efforts with enterprise systems teams.
 Lowered field operating expenses and drove revenue by reviewing on-site and branch services' organizational
structure for points of leverage and integration.

Director of Integrated Supply, COMPANY – LOCATION (redacted)

Material Services Manager, Corporate Real Estate & Operating Services, COMPANY – LOCATION (redacted)

Account Manager / Branch Operations Manager, COMPANY – LOCATION (redacted)


Master of Science in Occupational Education


Bachelor of Business Administration