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Eliza Fitri Kamaliya, Putri Wahyuni Arofatun and Dr. H. Sueb, M.Kes

Jurusan Biologi, FMIPA, Universitas Negeri Malang

Email: elizakamaliya@gmail.comand


Diabetes mellitus is a group of disorders characterized by an increase in

blood glucose levels. This can be dealt with by improving an unhealthy
lifestyle. Lifestyle is the overall picture of a person's self in interacting with the
environment. This study aims to determine correlation between diabetes
mellitus and personal life style. This research is descriptive quantitative. It’s an
study which analyses the relationship between diabetes mellitus and personal life
style. We use questionnaire to take data in this reseaech. The respondents are
asked to complete the quistionnaires. The population are all people with diabetes
mellitus deases at Malang City. The samples are people with diabetes mellitus 18
respondent and without diabetes mellitus 12 respondent. The location at Klojen sub
district by 30 respondents and using random sampling. For analyze the data we used
the chi-square test to determine the relationship between the cause and diabetes
mellitus, BMI, and percentage. The variables are age, gender, body mass indeks,
education, job, sport, and diet pattern. The result in this research that there is a
correlation between lifestyle and diabetes mellitus. The conclusion of this
study is that unhealthy lifestyle can trigger the emergence of diabetes mellitus.

Keyword : Diabetes mellitus, life style