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Toshiba is a word synonymous with quality and innovation; principles that
have guided the company in the 130 years since its creation.

REGZA is a collection of award-winning LCD televisions Fast moving objects move across the screen smoothly All AV models have integrated digital tuners, an FAST FACTS
that give you a great picture, superb sound and look with virtually no motion blur thanks to our Real Speed important feature with the switch from analogue to
stylish too – just about everything you need from a Progressive technology – a feature that will be digital signal transmission already having begun. BIG DISPLAY
television. appreciated by sports fans. HD Ready display with a
Take a good look at the AV series and the REGZA
resolution of 1366x768 utilises
We have expanded our impressive REGZA By reducing the number of conversions the signal family likeness is unmistakable, with the narrow frame
over 1 million pixels
range with the AV series, which helps us push undergoes before it reaches the panel processing chip, surround given a contemporary gloss black finish. The
the boundaries of the high definition revolution our Real Digital technology is able to utilise more of the stylish looks hide a wealth of audio technology
ever further. original signal to reproduce the picture more accurately. designed to deliver a powerful audio performance from
the integrated speaker system.
REGZA AV series models feature our high performance The way a television handles colour tones, highlights Unmistakable REGZA styling
picture processing technology - Active Vision LCD. This and shadows is extremely important if images are to be Buy an AV series LCD television and it will quickly with narrow, gloss black frame
technology is constantly evolving to take advantage of brought to life on screen. All AV series models possess become the centrepiece of your home entertainment
technical advancements designed to enhance the Dynamic Contrast technology, which delivers high- system thanks to its great looks and the quality of its
colour, detail, movement and contrast of the images bright whites and enhanced dark detail by controlling picture and sound reproduction.
you watch. the LCD panel backlight.

All our REGZA AV series models are HD Ready, which
guarantees compliance with the standards set for HD
broadcasts and playback media.
FAST FACTS WHAT IS HIGH DEFINITION TV? LIFELIKE IMAGES, FULL OF Detail – both high definition and standard definition
COLOUR, FULL OF DETAIL images are produced with increased detail compared
High definition television offers the highest quality
LIFELIKE IMAGES to conventional LCD televisions. Complex up-scaling
picture currently available for home entertainment. High The dramatic increase in picture quality being offered
All models feature Active technology allows every available pixel to be utilised
definition TV uses either 720 or 1080 lines of picture by high definition broadcasts has to be matched by
Vision LCD picture and intricate lines and detail are produced without
information, compared to the U.K. PAL standard of 576 advances in display technology if you are to benefit
processing technology jagged edges thanks to complex de-interlacing
lines. from the HD revolution. We are at the forefront of technology.
technological advancement, ensuring the perfect
CHOPPING BLOCK REGZA AV series models are HD Ready, with a 16:9 integration of technologies to deliver you the ultimate Movement – our Real Speed Continuous Progressive
MPEG noise reduction creates widescreen format panel and a screen resolution of viewing experience. technology removes motion blur and maintains the
smoother, block-free colour 1366 x 768 pixels. Across all screen sizes you will
benefit offered by progressive scan over interlaced
gradation watch stunning high definition images containing over 1 We constantly modify our technology and Active Vision image technology. This giant leap forward in the
million pixels. Our AV series models are perfect for LCD is no exception. It is now better than ever; rendering of fast moving objects is particularly attractive
watching the latest high definition programmes delivering high quality screen images by enhancing the to sports fans and overcomes the blurring often found
because this content is broadcast at either 720p or four core elements of a television picture: with conventional LCD televisions.
1080i, offering a significant improvement in picture
quality over standard definition output. Colour – MPEG noise reduction and 8-BIT colour Contrast – Active Vision LCD constantly monitors and
gamut processing produces screen images with much adjusts the contrast levels required by the original
smoother colour gradation and a reduction in the signal. The system works in harmony with our Dynamic
‘blocking’ effect that is often noticeable with large areas Contrast feature to produce the optimum contrast
of colour of a similar shade. The ‘blocking’ effect is levels; dramatically increasing black levels in dark
something we are all aware of and is caused by the scenes without compromising bright white levels in
decompression of MPEG images. lighter more colourful scenes.

With MPEG Noise reduction Without

Good picture detail depends on getting the right The AV series features our unique 3D Colour The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
balance between brightness and contrast. Management technology, which allows you to ‘fine is now regarded as the industry standard for
Our Dynamic Contrast technology automatically tune’ the colour performance of your screen with connecting modern audio visual components, having Dynamic Contrast
adjusts the LCD backlight depending on the level remarkable precision. You can alter the brightness and replaced SCART as the connection of choice. automatically adjusts the
of brightness required. saturation levels of six colours until you achieve the LCD backlight for accurate
exact look you are after. HDMI transmits uncompressed digital video and multi- contrast reproduction
Dimming the backlight enables the system to channel audio content through a single cable. Use of
reproduce fine detail and more realistic dark scenes, this single cable greatly simplifies the installation of SINGLE CABLE
without compromising brightness levels in lighter, HUE SATURATION BRIGHTNESS
home entertainment systems and ensures the very 2x HDMI connections offer
more colourful scenes. Increasing the brightness of RED 15 15 15 highest quality picture and sound reproduction. single cable connection
GREEN 10 10 10
the backlight in bright scenes will give images more convenience for HD sources
BLUE 0 0 0
intensity whilst retaining the contrast essential for YELLOW -15 -15 -15
All AV series models have two HDMI connections
great detail. MAGENTA -3 -3 -3 offering convenient connection to more than one HD
CYAN 0 0 0
source, without having to continually disconnect and
reconnect your hardware. These connections will be
included as standard on almost all future digital
components, HD televisions and games consoles;
multiple HDMI connections are essential to future-proof
your TV.

With Dynamic Contrast Without

FAST FACTS POWERFUL AUDIO PERFORMANCE A great choice of channels, digital quality images and
sound, true widescreen format and innovative
It’s important the quality of the sound you listen to, is as
SOUNDS GOOD interactive services.
good as the pictures you watch and the REGZA AV
Superb NICAM stereo series won’t let you down. A powerful audio The integrated digital tuner gives access to Freeview,
delivered through slimline performance is delivered by full range NICAM stereo, the terrestrial digital broadcast service that can be
speakers further enhanced by the optional Bass Boost feature. received through existing TV aerials**. The digital signal
When you hear the output for yourself, you will not delivers high quality digital sound and images without
EXTRA TERRESTRIAL believe all that sound could possibly come through the the interference and ghosting associated with
Integrated digital tuner offers slimline speakers, cleverly positioned under the screen conventional analogue signals.
access to Freeview with over – it delivers so much, from so little.
40 TV channels and 20 radio There’s no end to the entertainment, with Freeview
stations currently offering over 40 TV channels and more than
20 digital radio stations, a superb digital text service
and a high-tech electronic programme guide.
The easy-to-use on-screen menu delivers a wealth
of useful information including:

• 8 day at-a-glance listings

• Programme summaries
• What’s on - now and next
• Personal reminders
• Favourite channel memory

Remember, you don't need a separate digital box,

there's no contract and no monthly fee.

When you leave your AV series TV in stand-by
mode you will be able to automatically receive software
updates including new Freeview channels when they
VIDEO INPUT become available.
1 2 H
Each night the AV series will automatically search for
these updates whilst you sleep. All AV series models
AUDIO PR/CR are extremely energy efficient, consuming only 0.9
R watts when left on stand-by.





Optional floor stand

Printed on
recycled paper

Model 42AV505DB 37AV505DB 32AV505DB Model 42AV505DB 37AV505DB 32AV505DB Help us look after the environment
Toshiba is proactive in complying with the new EU
Picture Connections directives for the recycling of Waste Electrical and
Visible Screen Size (cm) 106 94 81 HDMI™ 2 2 2
Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and the Restriction of
Screen Format 16:9 16:9 16:9 Composite Video Yes Yes Yes
Panel Resolution 1366x768 1366x768 1366x768 Component Video Yes Yes Yes Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations.
High Definition Ready Yes Yes Yes RGB (via SCART) 1 1 1 Where this symbol appears on a product, it
Dynamic Contrast Ratio* 17,000 14,000 20,000 SCART 2 2 2 should not be treated as household waste. For
Active Vision LCD Yes Yes Yes Analogue Audio Input Yes Yes Yes
information about recycling your old product,
Standard TV up-scaling Yes Yes Yes Headphone Yes Yes Yes
Brightness (cd/m2) 500 400 400 DVB Common Interface Yes Yes Yes please contact Toshiba, your local household
Viewing Angle (º) 178 178 178 waste disposal service or the original retailer.
MPEG Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes Other Features Where possible, we use recycled paper or source papers
Selectable Picture Format Yes Yes Yes Off Timer Yes Yes Yes
from sustainable well-managed forests. The companies
3D Digital Comb Filter Yes Yes Yes Panel Lock Yes Yes Yes
Digital Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes Integrated Signal Amplifier Yes Yes Yes that supply these papers must prove they meet local
Wall Mountable (VESA) Yes Yes Yes European environmental legislation.
Audio As an organisation, we are committed to complying with
NICAM Stereo Yes Yes Yes Dimensions
all environmental legislation requirements and approved
Sound Output (RMS) W 20 20 20 Width (mm) 1006 913 796
Bass Boost Yes Yes Yes Height without Pedestal Stand (mm) 635 579 512 codes of practice, as well as maintaining open
Height with Pedestal Stand (mm) 675 619 552 relationships with all regulatory authorities.
Tuning Depth without Pedestal Stand (mm) 104 107 99
Digital Ready Yes Yes Yes Depth with Pedestal Stand (mm) 264 247 224
Freeview Digital Tuner** Yes Yes Yes Weight without Pedestal Stand (kg) 18.2 14.9 12.2
Analogue Tuner Yes Yes Yes Weight with Pedestal Stand (kg) 19.6 16.3 12.9 Energy saving products use
Auto Set-up Yes Yes Yes Power Consumption - Typical (W) 217 169 137 less energy, which lessens
Power Consumption - Stand-by (W) 0.9 0.9 0.9 their impact on the
Interactive Features
environment and lowers their
Digital Text Yes Yes Yes Accessories
Electronic Programme Guide 8 Days 8 Days 8 Days Optional Floor Stand MV5FXZ MV4FXZ MV4FXZ overall running costs. Only
Now and Next Information Yes Yes Yes products that meet strict
Favourite Channel Memory Yes Yes Yes energy efficiency criteria are
Product design & specification subject to change or modification without notice.
Fastext Yes Yes Yes endorsed by the Energy
Text Page Memory Yes Yes Yes Screen images and graphic representations for illustration purposes only.
Saving Trust and are allowed to carry the 'Energy Saving
Recommended’ logo.
**To check your postcode is in a Freeview coverage area, go to
*Dynamic Contrast specifications are defined by Toshiba's standard which is Reception may depend on the type and condition of your Digital televisions manufactured by Toshiba carrying this
based on measured results. existing aerial. Aerial upgrade may be required. Freeview channels and services logo, are guaranteed to meet the strict energy efficiency
subject to coverage. criteria.

Toshiba Information Systems (U.K.) Ltd., Consumer Products Division,

Toshiba Court, Weybridge Business Park, Addlestone Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT15 2UL
Stockist information: 08704 424 424 Email: Ref: CP00140