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‘The Commandant Officers Training School FORT SLOCUM, N. Y. request the pleasure of your presence at COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of the Fourth Class of Military Railway Service Officers ; to be held ‘on the morning of Saturday, the Fifteenth of May, at 10:15 A.M. ‘Boat from Neptune Dock, New Rochelle This Invitation adits eave at 915,950, 9:45 and 10:00 AM. beater and gues PROGRAM ( eee Adan Const Transporation Corpe (OftcrsTeining Schoal v MILITARY INSTRUCTORS. tL H.ttgh TC ORT HENWNG GROUP de Bt el Li WA. Mater HUI Moy i Ba MW sa W.] eae LA.) Cat sala FM Sy Lf W. Sea a | Mk VISITING LECTURERS LGLDE Bite Cyn GC May POST LECTURERS ai A Rolin TC Serene SL Nadine TC McK R Mande Tc Cain A Nan FC mye ae re. Atlantic Coast Transportation Corps Officers Training School Commencement Exercises Military Railay Service Units Fort Slocra: SATURDAY, MAY 15,1949 a 10:13 A.M Scope the lly sae nd all ot wil rh