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‘Sold to MS BRONWYN KORTGE on order 827524825, Danse Classique Instrumentation String Orchestra 1 Full Score 8 Violin I 8 Violin IT 5 Viola 5 Cello 5 Bass Sold to MS BRONWYN KORTGE on order # 27524825 Program Notes Danse Classique was inspired by the string quartet literature of the Classicists and performers should approach the work with the style and clarity of a Mozart Divertimento. Terraced dynamics, sudden sforzandi, and light, playful melodies call for unanimity of tone and expression. There are several passages that feature terraced dynamics, and these passages should offer intentional and immediate changes for maximum effect. Moving notes, particularly within the inner voices, should be brought out to highlight their importance. ‘The three-note anacrusis, which begins the piece, is best bowed with three up-bows to ensure consistent expression through the work. There are also a number of passages that use a ar figure. Significant velocity should be placed upon the third note to ensure that the bow returns to the frog despite its short duration. Although not written in the score, a slight ritardando through meas, 84-85 would be appropriate to help the listener arrive with the performers once again at the primary theme. Finally, when the three-note melody is passed between voices in measures 130-132, strive for a seamless transition between sections of the orchestra, in tone, dynamics and articulation. Enjoy the piece and the process of experimentation! About the Composer Daniel DiMarino, a native of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs, is a young violinist and pianist with a passion for musical composition. His love and aptitude for music was discovered before his first birthday, and by the age of eight, he had composed his first piece for orchestra. Danse Classique is his first published work. Daniel is currently a student in the Owen J. Roberts school district. He is principal violinist and concertmaster of the Reading Symphony Junior String Orchestra, which premiered another of his original works in April 2013. When not in school, performing, or composing music, he enjoys swimming with his local YMCA swim team, where he has gone on to district and state-level competitions. Sold to MS BRONWYN KORIGE om order # 27524825 Timeca 415 7 Grated Danse Classique Daniel DiMarino Allegro assai J.=90 Ya nm simile vio yyy og sim Violin Violin tt Viola Calle Bass Vint Vin. Via Cello Bass xy edt, apni o arangent this won le orn pat itt te ise of ncn hae consis on rere of VHB (Copyright ©2019 WingeJonesPubliations, Paoli, PA 19301 Anema Copyright Sected Made io USA All Righs Reserved