Hi, my name is Hyeon Soh, and I am an undergrad student pursuing a degree in mechanical Engineering at Cornell.

Currently I¶m doing an internship at this company called Air Products and Chemicals, and I got bored after work and always wanted to take an economics course, so I decided to register for the course. I play violin and read, but I intend on learning golf and improve in tennis (My overhand serves suck). I also joined gym yesterday, only I¶m meekly crossing my finger that I¶ll go there for at least the amount I paid, $50 for two months. Economic Major: Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft) Originally I was going to do a summary on Sam Walton (CEO of Wal-mart), the infamous octopus that my high school economics teacher gave craps almost daily basis. Then I realized that another classmate had chosen him so I thought I¶d better expand on Sam Walton¶s all the deeds as my reply to that post instead. [My mother is in LOVE with Wal-mart, and she defends it most ardently so I¶m not here to get rid of Wal-mart, it¶s just that from economics perspective, it might not be the most benevolent corporation, or so I reveal my hypocritical side] Well, so instead of Sam Walton, I chose another CEO from supposedly has been octopus like company. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Mr. Ballmer graduates from Harvard University (of course, ugh how sickening) with his undergraduate degree in applied math and economics. After college, he works for two years at Procter & Gamble Co. and attends Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Then he drops out of the business school, and joins the Microsoft. Well, enough about his profile, but what did he do? Or better phrased, what is the major thing that Microsoft do, and why should anyone think that it is, despite Mr. Bill Gates¶ generous funds and donations on behalf of Microsoft, a monopoly corporation? The court case, United States vs. Microsoft was a bunch of civil lawsuits taken against Microsoft with the Sherman Antitrust Act (created during when railroad and steel monopoly was popular [Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, etc]) to stop Microsoft from eating up all the small applications and companies like ³Internet Explorer´. (or like facebook. Yes I just saw the Social Network (the facebook movie) yesterday!! Wooot!!). Anyhow, the court decision was that Microsoft let programs that Microsoft eat up (like Internet Explorer) be used on other third-party companies like Mac, Linux, etc, and appoint a people to ensure the compliance. Now, should Microsoft be hated for trying to gain as many software applications as possible to become the winner of the IT war-field and become billionaires? It¶s only natural that companies try to gain as much money as possible and kill all its competitors. Here is where, I guess, Republican and Democratic economics split. Nobel Laureate: Milton friedman

He studied economics at several colleges before obtaining his PH. James received the Nobel Laureate in Economics for his development of theory and methods for analyzing selective samples. in Economics from Princeton University. But hopefully I¶ll be able to learn in depth through this class. Heckman was born April 1944 in Chicago. monetary history and theory. Elway dominated the NFL for many years and has 2 super bowls wins to prove he is one of the best. After college James accepted a position with Columbia University and later was recruited by the University of Chicago where he feels he is home. Elway one of the best quarterbacks that have played the game of football received his economic degree from Stanford University .answers. James J. Microsoft is a dangerous case.Should government interfere in the business wars? The Nobel economist Milton Friedman (Rutgers undergrad and Chicago grad) didn¶t think so. He believed that US vs. http://nobelprize. and hence impinging technical progress within the industry Now.com/topic/john-elway Nobel Laureate in Economics. D. and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy´ in 1976. He was a prominent advocate of free markets (which explains his stance on the court case). Milton Friedman was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for ³his achievements in the field of consumption analysis. IL neighborhood of Hyde Park.html . http://www.Elway was drafted in 1983 to the Baltimore Colts before being traded to the Denver Broncos.org/nobel_prizes/economics/laureates/2000/heckman-autobio. not even economics major. Before that time he had served as an adviser to President Richard Nixon. because it may signal increasing government regulations within IT industry. Oh by the way. so I¶m not sure what is right or wrong. I¶m not an economist. After retiring in 1999 Elway has been inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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