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La Salle University

Integrated School

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Directions:Check the box of desired answer

1) The ambience of the dorm

affects my productivity.
2) Being comfortable in my room
helps me get things done.
3) My exhaustion wears off in
a well-groomed room.
4) Productivity growth is a
result of my comfortability.
5) The interior design of the
dorm makes me feel good.
6) The interior design of the
dorm relaxes me.
7) The color of the room
annoys me.
8) I feel empty whenever I
look around the dorm.
9) I don’t like the ambience
of the dorm.
10)The aesthetic design of
the room changes my mood.

Directions:Check the box of desired answer

1) I’ve injured myself

because of driving.
2) Students have suffered
death because of driving.
3) I’m afraid of accidents.
4) Accidents are inevitable.
5) I drive without fear of
6) It is normal to crash
when driving.
7) Driving is one of the
most common causes of
death for students.
8) Driving is very dangerous.
9) I still drive despite
the news on accidents.
10) Students who drive are
too cocky with driving.

Thoughts on students involved in accidents

because of unlicensed driving: