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Name : Eka Desriyanti Sabelau

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English task

What do I catch dan I remember about the seminar was the following points.

One explanation of that hegemony is that belongs to a social group. And there is also a negative impact
foreign hegemony for the communications industry,namely the defeat of capital, competition for
human reseources, profit sharing, employment, bran image tax, social and cultural change.

And than about staturing the new face of the communication industry, namely :

 A change that has just been in tiated and operates between 3-5 years.
 Is still in the phase of bussiness research and development.
 Income is less than $100.000/year.
 Operating in the field of tecnology and product resulting in similar application in digital from.

And then there are is also about,

What global PR said about in upcoming years?

 The pace of change is than it`s ever been

 CEO’s will take comporate reputtation seriously
 Public : reletions is behind on dateand insights .the person with the best data will have the best
insights. The best insights fead to the best strategy.
 PR are expected provide non traditional service and succelient, digital service.

And then
 Recognize clients ( business aspects offter solutions ).
 Buildid good relatinships with stakeholders
 Social media relations and social media monitoring.
 Streng then capabilities in the field of technology according to the times.