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The Start Of A Teaching Career

It was while living on a kibbutz in Israel that Craig first became interested (0)

teaching English. His Israeli neighbour, (1) worked with foreign volunteers, wanted

to learn English in order (2) speak to the attractive girls from abroad. In spite of the

fact (3) he only had an old grammar book from (4) 1960’s, Craig succeeded

(5) teaching his friend a little English.

The pleasure and satisfaction he got from this experience took him completely (6)
surprise. So much so that he decided to go to London and do a course in Teaching English
as a Foreign Language.

After (7) than 13 years of teaching English professionally, Craig hasn’t lost (8)

enthusiasm and he still thinks of teaching (9) a hobby.

(10) days he lives in Valencia, and a few years (11) he started a website

called La Mansion del Inglés with (12) friend Luis. During the last four years they

(13) helped thousands of students to improve (14) English, and La Mansion

del Inglés is now one of the most popular sites on (15) internet.

Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) Reading

You are going to read a magazine article. Six paragraphs have been removed from the extract.
Choose from the paragraphs A-G the one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra paragraph
which you do not need to use.

A Russell and his wife had lived for several years in the picturesque village of Lymm where the
crumbling 130-year old tower stood. The grade II listed building was one of several hundred
surviving water towers which were built in the 1800s to improve public health across Britain.
This particular tower was currently being used by three mobile phone companies to anchor their
telephone masts. Russell regularly walked along the footpath beside the tower, and when it went
up for auction in 1997, he impulsively put in a bid for £138,000.

B But finally it all paid off. The end result is both contemporary and luxurious. The original
tower houses a ‘winter' living room on the ground floor. Above it is a master bedroom with an en
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suite bathroom on a mezzanine. Above that, there is an office, guest room and a room for the
telecom equipment. Atop it all is a roof garden with views stretching as far as Manchester and

C Work finally began when planning permission was granted in 2002. But before the new
structure could be built, substantial work had to be done to the existing tower. The stonework
was cracked and the turret was damaged. Two skilled stonemasons worked for six months on its
restoration. It was then sandblasted, the water tank was removed, and huge steel frames were put
into place to support the new floors. Only then could foundations be laid for the extension.

D Over 60 companies were involved in the construction, and Russell gave up work to act as
project manager. There were problems at almost every stage. If something could go wrong, it
inevitably would. Spirits plummeted and costs spiralled, and Russell and Jannette could do little
but look on as their savings dwindled.

E Russell and Jannette had just finished renovating a 1920s farmhouse nearby. This was done in
a much more traditional style. By the time they'd finished with it, the once-roofless property had
the typical Aga, log-burning stove, rugs, country pine furniture, dried flowers and knick-knacks.
Chintzy in comparison to the modernist design they attached to the water tower. Since the work
on the tower, they have become a real converts to minimalism.

F Colour is added to this stark interior by the creative use of lighting, which was designed by
Kate Wilkins, responsible for the lighting scheme at the Tate Modern Art Gallery. The lighting is
subtle, mostly made up of simply concealed fluorescent strips or cold-cathode tubes. The
innovative approach to lighting design won them the prestigious Lighting Design Award.

G Fate, however, had other ideas. Russell and Jannette had to battle town planners and local
opposition to get their dream on the road. Five years along, work still hadn't started and the
couple were losing heart. All this changed, however, when they met the architect Julian Baker,
who drew up plans for a contemporary design blending old and new. His inspirational ideas gave
them the impetus they needed to kick-start their project.

Renovating the Lymm Water Tower

After eight years of grit and determination, Russell and Jannette Harris have succeeded in
transforming a derelict water tower into a spacious family home, and in doing so, won the 2005
Homebuilding and renovation awards. However, the road to success was relentless, as what
began as a whim turned into an insurmountable challenge, and there were times when they
thought they might never move in.


Finding themselves the owners of the dilapidated structure, the couple then had to decide what to
do with it. Their early visions for the project were fairly modest; they originally considered
wrapping the structure in timber cladding and fitting a copper roof, or keeping the tower as a
folly and building a cottage in the grounds. As time progressed, the couple decided that they
could use this opportunity to create something far more ambitious.
Julian's masterplan involved wrapping a glass-and-steel extension around the tower, creating
living spaces on various levels. Massive windows would give floor-to -ceiling views of the
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countryside, strategically placed so that the morning sun would shine into the kitchen and set on
the dining area. The summer lounge, facing due south, would catch the daytime rays.
Work also had to be done to hide the unsightly selection of antennae on the roof of the old tower.
These could not be removed, as they were essential part of funding the conversion. So they were
rehoused in an extension to the existing stone turret, concealing them from sight.
Thankfully, they were able to reclaim something towards these costs from the income generated
by the radio masts. They also reaped some money by making a television programme about the
project. But with costs soaring to £450,000 and beyond, the family was forced to cut down on
personal spending. They stopped taking family holidays, traded in their car and lived in cheap
rented accommodation.
The extension meanwhile, which accommodates the main living space, is a tribute to
minimalism. There are no pictures. The house is like a work of art in itself, with its sweeping
views of the countryside. White is the dominant colour, and everywhere there are sleek, curved
lines. Even the light switches and plug sockets are discreetly hidden.

With a total cost of over £500,000, plus eight years of hard slog, Russell is unsure whether he
would advise other self-builders to put themselves through the trouble. At times, he wished he
had never bought the tower. But when he sits in the roof-top hot tub with 360 degree views over
the countryside, he admits that it was worth the effort. And now that the Lymm Water Tower has
been valued at £1.75m by a local agent, the Harrises can surely feel satisfied with their


Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a
word that fits in the gap in the same line.

Second Language Learning

There has been much debate in recent times about when young people

should take up a second language. This has been especially fuelled

in recent times by the increasing placed on the English

language. It is now commonplace to see parents providing a

substantial amount of on additional tuition on language

lessons to give their children every edge. In the past
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decade, language institutes have sprung up innumerous

centres, all claiming to provide rapid in English.

There has been a push by many parents to expose their children to

English in their formativeyears. This, many claim, will make the

language more and ensure that all pronunciation errors

can be avoided. There is some evidence which points to youngsters

who have been raised in bilingual families, where the language

spoken at home is different to the one that they with

in their external environment. While these children can switch between

two languages with greater , it remains to be seen

whether this is when learning additional languages.


In these exercises, you need to take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the
word in bold so that the second sentence has exactly the same meaning. You cannot change the
word in bold in ANY way. You can use a minimum of THREE and a maximum of SIX words
for each space.

1. Carol should have worked harder if she wanted a promotion.

Had Carol worked harder, getting a promotion.

2. The manager will give a bonus to the best employee of the year.
The a bonus by the manager.
3. Don't tell a soul what I said to you about Margaret.
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what I said to you about

4. I forbid you to go to stay out so late.
It's for you to stay out so
5. You can't tell Sophie that you saw me today.
On Sophie that you saw me
6. This revolutionary new engine won't work unless it's carefully planned.
Careful planning of this revolutionary
new engine.
7. It's very unlikely that we will promote Barbara this month.
There is very little this
8. They tried very hard to finish the painting by the end of the day.
They the painting by the end of
the day.

1. Jenny isn't a bad accountant, but I don't think it is a very suitable occupation for her.
I just don't think Jenny an accountant.
2. Don't you think insurance is getting very costly these days?
Don't you think the higher and higher these
3. We had no problems at all during our holiday in Turkey.
Everything during our holiday in Turkey.
4. It's possible Clare phoned while we were out.
Clare while we were out.
5. Our class has won the History Quiz for the third year running.
For the , our class has won the History
6. The thunderstorm brought their tennis match to an abrupt end.
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They had to because of the

7. What used to be my workplace is now a Thai restaurant.
My old workplace Thai
8. I don't mind at all if you film my wedding speech.
I have my wedding speech.

1. If your sister didn't work so hard, your family would starve!

Were it working so hard, your family
would starve.

2. Margaret told her daughter never to touch the vase.

"Under this vase to be touched,"
Margaret told her daughter.

3. We get on well with both of Jack's parents.

We with both of Jack's parents.

4. If we could choose, we'd prefer to go to Paris.

We'd Paris if given the choice.

5. "Have you considered the cost of this project?" Elena asked.

Elena wanted to know if they had taken of the

6. "You might have to drive a lot in this job," Greg said to Kathy.
Greg told Kathy that the job of driving.

7. The airline never said anything about having overbooked the plane.
At tell us they had overbooked the plane.
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8. If you left the bank at 3pm, it's possible you saw the thief.
You may you were in the bank at 3pm.


For each question, fill the space in the sentence using the base word given in bold at the end. The
required word may be a noun, adverb, adjective or verb and it may be either positive (e.g.
helpful) or negative (e.g. unhelpful).

1. It was quite recently that human was first captured on camera.


2. It was my uncle Clive that provided me with advice and sound when I was young.

3. The author has a stilted and style, which I found tough to enjoy.

4. Local planners admit they the number of tourists that would come for the festival.

5. As is the case when I go to a restaurant, I ate too much and spent a fortune!

6. It's a hot day today, so take the of using sun cream and drinking plenty of water.

7. Whatever are drawn from these results, you can't deny it was a groundbreaking

8. Mr Hansard was elected President after a election result.


1. Holidays where people carry out voluntary charity work are becoming popular.
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2. This morning's explosion at a chemical plant resulted in one and four injuries.

3. We stopped at the church for thirty minutes to pay our to a local writer who had

4. I think a toy gun is a totally toy for a four-year old.


5. Colin acted with restraint, despite how angry he must have been feeling.

6. The of this new department will help the company face the next ten years more

7. The summer school organised many for us to do. We were never bored.

8. The mayor was forced to resign after the at his ill-considered remarks.