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Date: 25th, January, 2019

H.E. Antonio Guterres,

The Secretary General of the United Nations,
New York,
The United States of America

Your Excellency,

1. The entire people of Kajokeji are gripped with shock and pain over the
unprovoked and brutal murder of their two innocent sons by an UNMISS PEACE -
KEEPER from the Rwandan contingent in the United Nations compound on
19/01/2019 and are in a state of anguish and mourning.

2. The two young men Morris Kenyi Loburi and Legge Moses Kwatle (RIP} were
victims of the insecurity that befell Kajokeji from 2016; who preferred to flee to Juba
unlike others who took refuge in Uganda en-masse. They were fending for their
living and to raise school fees - through casual hired labour in an UNMISS
construction work site and got slain in cold blood by gun shots.

3. The people of Kajokeji are cognizant and appreciative of the United Nations
Security Council Resolution 2155 (2014} of 27 May 2014 which prioritized the
mandate of UNMISS as among others, being towards "THE PROTECTION OF
OF HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE"; but are now dismayed that the contrary is
taking place within the precincts of the very UNMISS bestowed with the mandate
and our trust to implement this resolution!!
4. This has happened at the time when South Sudanese are still reeling in agony
over the sexual molestation of their women and girls in the United Nations
PROTECTION OF CIVILIAN CAMP in the South Sudanese town of Wau by
members of the Ghanaian UNMISS police contingent which came to light only a year
ago. They are getting weary and worried whether at all; justice will ever be accorded
to the victims.
5. Accordingly, the community of Kajokeji would like to impress upon the peace
loving people of the world to join them in condemning this heinous and barbaric
murder of the two youth as well as sexual exploitation meted upon the South
Sudanese women and girls by those purported to protect and provide them with
humanitarian assistance; and with no uncertain terms DEMAND as follows:
a) Calls on the government of the Republic of South Sudan and the
United Nations to expedite immediate legal process for the killer of the two
young men to face justice before a competent court of law for impartial trial
as soon as possible.
b) Demands for decent burial of the deceased at their villages in Kajokeji
and subsequently to meet all the funeral expenses.
c) Demands for compensation of lives of the victims regardless of the
outcome of any court decision.

1. AU
2. !GAD
3. Troika
4. IGAD plus
5. R-ARCRSS guarantors
6. Speaker of the TNLA
7. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
8. Human Rights of South Sudan
9. Minister of Interior