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Lesson plan

DATE: 15th December 2018

GRADE: 10th
TIME: 50 minutes

Main aims
By the end of the lesson my students will be able to:
 Understand the main idea in a text and search for information
 To build up an area of vocabulary associated with Christmas

Sub Aims (if any):

 To make Ss feel comfortable and eager to work in groups and in pairs
 Make Ss aware of similarities and differences of Romanian and British Christmas;

Personal Aims:
Assumptions: - SS might be inclined to Materials: textbooks, paper tree, paper
write words associated with winter instead baubles, felt-tips, chalk, pictures
of Christmas.
Anticipated Problems: Ss might be tempted Solutions: rephrase the sentence into
to speak in mother tongue English
Ss may not know the name of some T prompts by giving them the meaning
traditional Romanian dishes using pictures.
Timetable fit
-SS have already been introduced to different types of Celebration, past tense simple
Stage Aim Procedure Interaction Time
1. Check Encouraging Ss T asks the Ss to read their homework; corrects if S-T 5`
homework to develop self- necessary
discipline in What was in our previous lesson about?
responsibility for
their own
learning and

2. Lead in Ss are asked to solve some puzzles in order to T-S 5`

To raise the match their word with a picture displayed on the S-T
readers' blackboard.
knowledge of What is the celebration are we going to talk
what they are about?
about to read Do you have all these things at Christmas?

3. Pre-teach To understand the Teacher divides ss in groups and asks each

vocabulary meaning of the member of the group to read one paragraph and
unknown note down the Christmas words then whole class S-S 5`
phrases/words feedback.
Ss are asked to read the text again matching the
people and the actions.(ex.3/pag.35)
T. checks their answers asking them to retell the
story by memory using those seven expressions
To read for but adding more details between the sentences.
4. Reading detailed T-S 10`
information In groups ss are asked to decorate a Christmas tree S-T
with both Romanian and British Christmas:
traditional and entertainment activities, food,
feelings as follow:
-traditional activities
- write letters to Father Christmas;
-decorate the house and the tree;
-sing Christmas carols;
-put stockings at the end of the bed;
-open presents in the morning; GW
6. Controlled -go to church;
Practice -have lunch together
To consolidate -pull the crackers and put on the silly paper hats
the new -entertainment activities;
vocabulary -open the advent calendar; 20’
-play in a nativity play
-make snowmen;
-build igloos;
-have snowball fight
-roast turkey;
-Christmas pudding;
-brandy butter;
-chocolate sixpence;
-feelings ;
7.Production -light; 5’
-forgiveness etc.

T writes on the board the mistakes the SS have

made and elicits the correct form, if necessary
To give SS a practice pronunciation.
correction slot As homework ss are asked to write about their
childhood memories of a Christmas day in their
T marks the good ones.