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102 Tae NortH CaroLina COLLEGE social behavior, of learning, language, thinking and _intelligen causes and methods of treatment of maladjustive attitudes and actions. Prerequisite: Psychology 210. An undergraduate course in another department that may c as Psychology is: Sociology 311. SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. 5 quarter hours. PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING One Year Program The one year program of study with a major in Public Health Nursing consists of 3 quarters of academic work, and one quarter of field work; this program is designed to prepare students to carry on the functions of Public Health Nursing based upon the satisfactory completion of an approved cur- riculum including a minimum of one quarter of supervised field practice. While there is a prescribed curriculum of study, a program will be arranged on an individual basis with consideration for the educational and experiential background of the student. j The objectives of the curriculum in public health nursing are as follows: 1. To prepare public health nurses for the increasing de mands for qualified personnel in nonofficial and official health agencies. 2. To develop an integrated program of instruction where by public health nurses may be prepared for community health service. 3. Through this integrated program of study to develop skills that can be utilized in a coordinated community pro gram. J 4. To assist in raising standards of education for publi¢ health nurses, and thereby assisting in raising standards in the basic nursing programs. 5. To interpret the positon of the public health nurse in 4 community program. Residence Requirements At least one calendar year must be spent in residence at North Carolina College at Durham. Admission Requirements | a. Graduation from an approved high school, or prepara tory school, or its equivalent. (The exception—see Catal ogue 4 Page 42, Admission as unclassified students.) se ‘TMENTS OF INSTRUCTION AND CouRSES OFFERED 103 duation from an accredited school of nursing ap- the Committee on Admission. stered Nurse (registration in any state). Curriculum for one year program with a major in Public Fall Quarter flag OF SANITATION. 4 quarter hours. NNCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF PUBLIC HEALTH ING. 5 quarter hours. is course is designed for an introduction to the field of public sing and will include its evolution, development, and -trends. The general responsibilities of the public health in the various services will be stressed with special attention to practices in relation to the health of the pre-school and child. Emphasis is given to the modern concepts of the role public health nurse in the school health program; how she ively function in a generalized program as a resource as a guide with respect to children and parents, and as a nt with respect to teachers and administrators. RITION. 5 quarter hours. Page 84. Winter Quarter (C HEALTH NURSING ORGANIZATION AND AD- ISTRATION. 4 quarter hours. itinuation of principles and practices of public health nurs- s course is designed to develop an understanding of the les basic to sound organization and administration and how ‘applied to public health nursing services under various UP WORK: ITS INTERPRETIVE FACTORS. 3 quarter ours. “course designed to acquaint public health nurses with com- ity factors, home, individual and groups as they relate to the ¢ health program. Emphasis is placed on community health tion, group work, and the coordination of community pro- as administered by various agencies. (GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY. page 101. BACTERIOLOGY. se page 62. ENGLISH. page 75. 104 Tue Nortu Carorina CoLLEecE Spring Quarter 433. APPLIED PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING FIELD PRACTI 15 quarter hours. Special programs will be arranged with consideration of the ex. perience and of the particular needs of the student. Five and one- half days a week. Summer Quarter 444, THE PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE IN A MATERNAL HEALTH PROGRAM. 3 quarter hours. Consideration is given to the evolution of maternity programs in the U. S.; a survey of community resources for the care and teaching of the hygiene of maternity. Included are discussions of the problems in maternity, the public health nurse’s part in ante- partum, intrapartum, postpartum, and infant welfare services. 210. SOCIOLOGY. See page 106. 344. MENTAL HYGIENE. See page 101. Degree Program Curriculum requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health Nursing. Candidates for this degree may be in either one of two groups: A. Those who meet the following requirements— 1, Satisfactory completion of at least 90 quarter hours in a rec- ognized college including 20 hours in English, 20 hours in Social Studies, 15 hours in Natural Sciences, 5 hours in Gen- eral Psychology, 5 hours in Physical Education and Hygiene, and 8 hours in Art or Music. Credit not exceeding 90 hours and determined by the Committee on Admission may be given for work taken in other colleges. 2, Graduation from a school of nursing approved by the Com- mittee on Admissions. 3. Satisfactory completion of a one year curriculum in Public Health Nursing in the Department of Public Health Nursing, North Carolina College at Durham. B. Those who have not had college work before entering upon their professional training in Nursing but who meet the following re- quirements— 1. Graduation from a school of nursing approved by the Com- mittee on Admission, with credit not exceeding 48 quarter hours to be determined by the Committee on Admissions. 2. Satisfactory completion of a one year curriculum in Public Health Nursing in the Department of Public Health Nursing of the North Carolina College at Durham. 3. Credit to meet the degree requirements of the North Carolina } College.

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