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cee February 2019 “arm - 4 5 6 7 8 7 "mag | “eon Pe] a fo | oe Pla 10 I 12 13 14 15 16 ee ovis Beersetrenonorat |) gi) en |S |S =) 4 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 oe er | mm | (SESS) eet | ear | eo —_| Ste 24 25 26 27 28 Aterdoce Cea eo] oe | aa =e Minister’s Musings Glimpses Of Heaven I have always loved watching the sunset. | do so every chance I can. There is something about it that stirs my soul. I sit on my back porch and watch as the sky becomes a tapestry of ever-changing colors. Blue, white, yellow, gold, red, orange, pink, and purple all weave together to create something so beautiful and so glorious that itis transcendent. When you look at it for a brief instant it is like you are getting a glimpse of Heaven. It isn’t just sunsets, though, that can give you a glimpse of Heaven. With a loving heart and a grateful spirit, you can see that they are everywhere. They are in a baby's laugh, a litle gin’s smile, the wag of a dog’s tail, and the loud purr of a contented cat. They are in an uplifting song, and a beautiful painting. They are in the first flower of Spring, ccol breezes on a Summer day, the colors of the Fall leaves, and the first snow of Winter. They are in a heartfelt hug, a gentle touch, a caring kiss, and an encouraging word. They are in every loving thought, every prayer from the soul, every simple act of kindness, every single act of charity, and every joyful “Thank You" you give to God. ‘Anything that brings us closer to love gives us a glimpse of Heaven. Any act that helps another soul gives us a glimpse of Heaven. Any thought that makes us more one with God gives us a glimpse cf Heaven. In fact, our highest calling in ths life isto bring as much Heaven as we can down here to Earth. When our hearts are full of Heaven, then Heaven will be our home in this life and in the next. May you fill all of your cays here with Love and joy. May your heart always be full of thanksgiving. May you find Heaven everywhere you look and bring Heaven everywhere = Joseph J. Mazzella = Board Meeting: January 13, 2019 Present: Pastor Brian Wohihuter, Carroll Olsen, Charlie Leaders, Phylisha Wolfe, Pan Danker, Dana Martens, Ananda Murley, Tracey Roane, Gina Wiggins, and Jerry mrley. Meeting notes for Decenher were approved. let by Pam Dankex, 2nd by Ananda Masley. Pastor's Report: 4 weddings scheduled for 2015, Memorial service for Mery Kahler will be held May 25 at church when family 18 back. confirmation has 2 boys. gan 26th will visit st. Patrick's Church. in Feb: Jewish visit and Muslin service. Group 3:16: Overnight lock-in on March 29th and will take kids bby bus to Hub Trampoline Park in Council Bluffs. chicken dinner is coming up dn Maren. ‘Treasurer's Report: ‘This 1s last report srepared by Richard Dau. Report approved. 1st: Charlie Leaders, 2nd: Tracey Roane. Pastor Brian purchased calendar software for Deb was $30.00 due to old program no longer working. Bill keceived from Blectronic Sound that was for looking at the screen not going up or dovn and was $368.73. Minden Community Club also gave us back $200.00 of the hall rental for the church auction. Mission Fund: 2 gift cards purchased for the Divelbess family, as their daughter Anelia is going through leucenia treatments. Upcoming graduates for this yest Sophie Driver, Connee Holben, and Sen Ribner. Memoria1 Fund: No changes. Pastor Brian has not mentioned the Easter banners. Deacon's Fund: No expense this month. Balence is $23.00. rustee's Report: Leak in the chapel has gotten worse. Mill investigate more in the Spring. Jerzy recommended to borrow the thermal gun from the fire years. Charlie is going to check with Harley Leaders from Central Towa Roofing. Griffin came and fixed the kitchen sink bit pipes under sink are rusting and need replaced, Water softner st parsonage vas having problens but per recommendation Brian got a cleaner and it ie now working fine again.