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SUPREME COURT. BIA 7 7 OF RaUSER ReaistRY $- X g 0708 JAN 2.2. 2018 : Vancouver Registry In the Supreme Court of British Columbia om, Matter of the Business Corporations Act, SBC 2002, c. 57 Between Jennifer Robertson, as Executor of the Estate of Gerald Cotten Petitioner and Quadriga Fintech Solutions Corp. Respondent PETITION TO THE COURT This proceeding has been'started by the petitioner(s) for the relief set out in Part 1 below. If you intend to respond to this petition, you or your lawyer must (2) _ file a response to petition in Form 67 in the above-named registry of this court within the time for response to petition described below, and (b) serve on the petition(s) (1) 2 copies of the filed response to petition, and @) 2 copies of each filed affidavit on which you intend to rely at the hearing Orders, including orders granting the relief claimed, may be made against you, without any further notice to you, if you fail to file the response to petition within the time for response. Time for response to petition A response to petition must be filed and served onthe petitioner(s), {01003-028100890005.3) | -2- | (@) _ifyou were served with the petition anywhere in Canada, within 21 days - after that senvi¢e, (b) _ifyou were serled with the petition anywhere in the United States of Americ#, within 35 days after that service, (c) if you were served with the petition anywhere else, within 49 days after that service, arid (d) if the time for response has been set by order of the court, within that time. | (1) | The address of fre registry is: Law Coutts 800 Smithe Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E1 L (2) | The ADDRESS FOR SERVICE of the petitioner is: CAMP FIORANTE MATTHEWS MOGERMAN LLP #400 — 856 Homler Street Vancouver, BC 6B 2W5 Fax number address fot service (if any) of the petitioner: (604) 689-7554 | E-mail address for serve (f any) ofthe pettioner: | (3) | The name and office address of the petitioner's lawyer is: CAMP FIORANTE MATTHEWS MOGERMAN LLP #400 ~ 856 Homer Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5 | ICLAIM OF THE PETITIONER PART 1: ORDER(S) SOUGHT 1. An order pursuant to ‘. 235(1) of the Business Corporations Act dispensing with notice of this application; 2. An order that a general meeting of the shareholders (the “Meeting”) of Quadriga Fintech Solutions Corp. (‘QFS") be held at 400 ~ 856 Homer Street in Vancouver, British Cdlumbia on Friday, January 26, 2019 at 10:00am (PST) for the following purposes: | ie forocscenececoeessy = | (a) toelect’ pircto 7 i -3- 's of QFS; and () to transact such other business as may properly come before the Meeting. 3. With respect to the Meeting, an order: (@) dispensing wit the need to set a record date for the Meeting for the purposes of determining those shareholders entitled to receive notice of, and vote at, thé Meeting; (b) that the| notice QFS shall be: be delivered bj requirements for the Meeting as required by the Articles of varied, and the petitioner shall distribute the Notice of courier to the address of each shareholder who continues Meeting on yar Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 5:00 pm (PST) to to have| both legal and beneficial interest in QFS as set out in the last ‘available shareholder register dated November 30, 2015 (shareholder register), exce| notice to Crypt shares in QFS, it notice to Lovie Horner shall be delivered by email, and Consulting Group. Ltd., as the beneficial. owner of certain shall be delivered by email; (©) _ inthe alternative to (b), that notice of the Meeting is dispensed with except that notice. si dup Ltd; Consulting Gr (d) waiving} the ob| the directors pI QFs; | fall be provided by email to. Lovie Homer and Crypto ligation under s. 185 of the Business Corporations Act that lace before the Meeting the annual financial statements of (e) that the shareholders may attend the Meeting by telephone conference call; and 4. An order that the pet by QFS on a solicitor PART 2: FACTUAL Basis 1 The parties 4. Jennifer Robertson tioner's costs of this application shall be reimbursed in full ient basis. js the Executor of the Estate of Gerald Cotten, (the petitioner’), and is is the beneficial owner of 16,800,000 common shares in QFS, which is approximately 43% of the company’s shares. 2. The petitioner was granted probate of the will of Mr. Cotten on January 2, 2019. 3. OFS isa corporatior} incorporated under the Business Corporations Act, SBC 2002, c 57 and has a registered records office of 1500 — 409 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC. {o1003-028/00690005 3}