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Balikpapan, April 17, 2007


Position Applied : HES ENGINEER
Place & Date of Birth : Palembang, South Sumatra , 15 August XXXX
Formal Education : S1- Chemical Engineering - ITENAS

Last occupation/Company : SHEQ Advisor – PT Amec Berca Indonesia

1. Could you shared with us an occasion when you achieved expected result

SITUATION (What, Technip won a work order to execute As Building Project, part
When and where) of project deliverable was requirement to develop procedure to
assess requirement and formal quality works on
onshore/offshore in As Building. There were no existing
company procedure for As Building available.
TASK I was key member in As Building Team. I was assigned to
(Your role & develop this procedure.
ACTION As I was involved in new and unknown project type, I talked
(What did you do) much to people to seek their input, and requesting for formal
meeting with other key member of As Building Team (Project
Manager, Process Leader, Instrument Leader, Electrical
Leader, Piping Leader and Structure Leader), to gather similar
input to prepare procedure with previous assessment done in
other typical project in Indonesia or elsewhere. I reviewed all
input to have common and important things to include into
RESULT I finished the procedure within assigned time with very good
(What is your quality`. It covers the objective, the As Building process (pre-
contribution) assessment, assessment, and post-assessment), and check list
(general & independent check list for each disciplines). It was
then used as primary tool to execute As Building project.

2. Tell us about a time when you made changes for improvement (AO)

SITUATION (What, In 2004, I noticed that several PPE (Personnel Protection

When and where) Equipment) was under abnormal condition after servicing for
3-5 years period (broken, scratch, etc.). In incoming months,
Technip personnel from several discipline will need to do site
surveying. Abnormal PPE will create hazardous behavior and
hazardous working practice. Every PPE had it owns expired

TASK As a HSE committee and QA Representative, I was assigned
(Your role & to do safety observation which included development of office
responsibility) and project facility.
ACTION I sent messages to HSE Representative and Office Manager
(What did you do) regarding the importance of having normal PPE and beyond
expire date. I remind this issue in HSE & Management
meeting to all discipline leaders and office manager to
convinced them that we need to replace all expired PPE and
provides our employee with the safety benefits and advantages
while they were executed field work by wearing standard and
fresh PPE .
RESULT Management/HSE responded my requisition by establishing
(What is your developed list of PPE and its expire date for each type of PPE.
contribution) The list also covers of any replacement of PPE which already

3. Tell us about a time when you anticipated future problems and prepared a
contingency plan (INV)

SITUATION (What, As part of Sepinggan 1st and 2nd Stage Gas Cooler
When and where) Replacement Project (cooling water was used in application
with Cu/Ni piping material specification), 2004. Some gas
cooler trains required to be change to new material include its
piping and instrumentation attached to the coolers. There were
also some small issue to be captured in this replacement stage,
its deluge system, blowdown system and vent system were
required to be checked during the design.

TASK I was a member for process and safety engineering team in this
(Your role & project. The existing cooler was made from carbon steel, while
responsibility) now, it is required to be replace by Titanium material. The
spec break of existing cooling water inlet/outlet lines were not
clear, and in field application the piping were in same painting
colour. The team fail to recognize spec breaks on the lines,
these lines has been servicing the system for more that 10
years, the survey team can not check flanges for clear spec
breaks properly as some of them are already corroded.
Process/safety assigned to assist piping department to modify
and choose the point for piping replacement.

ACTION Instead of checking every gas cooler train, I offered them to

(What did you do) focus on finding clear spec break in one train only. Every
flanges are checked and some uncommon insulation flanges
(IF) are found and being notice to existing piping routing.
Technip discuss of IF application to client, it is clear that these

IF used to separate between carbon steel to Cu/Ni material and
some of them are used to separate between special material
application to common material (example : carbon steel to
Titanium, etc.).

RESULT To meet the new process condition, the existing IF are being
(What is your checked for its suitability, the final decision mention that
contribution) existing IFs are suitable for new process condition. I prepare
the piping spec break based on IF position as these practise
will reduce the required carbon steel and Cu/Ni pipings. Some
of existing instrumentation are being re-utilized for new
coolers so it will reduce the budget also.

4. Tell us about a time when you used analytical techniques to deal with
situation (AT)

SITUATION (What, With depletion of production, our client were prepared VLP
When and where) system installation as replacement of existing LP system. It
will influencing its relief system also.

TASK As a Proces Engineer, it was my responsibility to advise Lead

(Your role & Process Engineer to prioritized process/safety improvement
responsibility) within his areas of responsibility to VLP relief system, do
adequacy check and replacement any equipments (if

ACTION Sr. Process Engineer prepare simulation of the system and I

(What did you do) was assigned to prepare process data, sizing equipment and
equipment lay-out optimization in the existing platform. In
same way, I was assigned to check input from scrubber
adequacy check, relief load from 2 cases (Fire & Blocked
Outlet), Vent system Hydraulic (of some cases) and prepare
general dispersion calculation.

RESULT As final decision to optimize the equipment lay out, we take

(What is your major statement from API 521 and IP 15 that vent shall be
contribution) elevated by 3 m meter above any adjacent equipments and 15
m horizontally from any structures with discharge velocities up
to 150 m/s. I come up with a result that 3 m and 15 m away
from any structures/equipment is sufficient to provide non
hazardous area in the optimized lay out on the existing
platform (Dispersion calculation and study, LFL calculation,
and vent rate is the back-up of this result).

5. Tell us about a time when you used a systematic processes or research to
obtain info or data (AL)

SITUATION (What, As part of client plan to built new Gathering and Testing Satellite
When and where) (GTS), Project Manager ask me to review incoming documents for
this project. It covers some GTS installation during previous
engineering phase and three new GTS.

TASK As a Process/Safety Engineer, I was responsible for preparing

(Your role & engineering deliverable list and manhours estimation.
ACTION I review the documents, analyse preliminary scope of work given
(What did you do) by Total Indonesie.
I prepare the questions to be clarify by clients and discuss it with
Project Manager (PM) & other discipline leads before PM sent the
items to
Be clarified to Total Indonesie. Form process/safety point of view,
clarification required are question about process data sheet,
simulation, heat and material balance, P&ID to be prepared,
system to be prepared, process instruments data to be prepared,
line list and equipment list preparation, and HAZOP participation.

RESULT As part of the project management process, I presented the

(What is your Manhours selection outcomes to the Project Manager. Detail
contribution) numbers of P&ID to be prepared, detail numbers of process data
sheet and instruments data sheet to be prepared, line list to be
prepared and HAZOP participation with moderate manhours
required for each activity are included in this estimation.

6. Tell us about a time when you played a role in resolving problem in a team

SITUATION (What, In CSMS program (contractor safety management system), our

When and where) workshop is being audited for quarterly performance review
(QPR). The audit shall be taken formally with the client

TASK As a SHEQ Advisor, I have to coordinate with Onshore

(Your role & support coordinator and workshop supervisor to liase internal
responsibility) CSMS audit before formal CSMS taken. .

ACTION I take the BP’s CSMS audit form and do internal audit with
(What did you do) help of Onshore support coordinator and workshop supervisor.
There were 11 items as finding after the audit, I report it to

Project Manager and the team, then we initiate some
corrective action before the formal audit. I break it into several
steps and plan which we have to account to accomplish each
findings. Then in the formal audit with the clients, there were
only 3 findings (2 of them are the same from the internal audit
but on the formal audit it was account as already being in
progress to cover it findings).
RESULT The client is quite satisfied with the formal audit, and he is
(What is your agree to account the progress as positive finding on QPR. I
contribution) help the project team with a great effort within assigned
schedule before formal CSMS audit and schedule for making
the workshop more suitable for ready to be audited.