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Alex Mouzakitis
Head of Electrical, Electronics and Software
Enginnering Reseach & Technology

Jaguar Land Rover

Dr Alex Mouzakitis is the head of the Electrical, Electronics and Software Engineering Research
Department at Jaguar Land Rover. Dr Mouzakitis has over 15 years of technological and
managerial experience especially in the area of automotive embedded systems. In his current
role is responsible for leading a multidisciplinary research and technology department
dedicated to deliver a portfolio of advanced research projects in the areas of human-machine
interface, digital transformation, self-learning vehicle, smart/connected systems and on-
board/off board data platforms. In his previous position within JLR, Dr Mouzakitis served as the
head of the Model-based Product Engineering department responsible for model-based
development and automated testing standards and processes.

Dr Mouzakitis is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IET and InstMC engineering
institutions. He is a member of the Industrial Advisory Panel of several international
conferences, member of the InstMC System and Control Technology Panel, member of the
InstMC National Council and a member of the InstMC Accreditation Panel. He has published
over 50 scientific papers in an international journals and conferences. Dr Mouzakitis holds a BSc
in Integrated Manufacturing Technology, an MSc in Systems and Control and a PhD in
Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence.