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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

Question Papers
Term 2 (October to March 2014)

English Communicative



 Solutions

 Sample Question Paper 6 1 - 4

 Sample Question Paper 7 5 - 9

 Sample Question Paper 8 10 - 13

 Sample Question Paper 9 14 - 18

 Sample Question Paper 10 19 - 22

Sample Question Paper—6
Time Allowed : 2.30 Hrs. Max. Marks : 90

(READING - 15 Marks)
1. (a) child’s (b) compete 8
(c) child’s (d) boats
(e) intention/hope (f) hope
(g) sense feeling (h) valuable
2. (a) (iii) homework 7
(b) (iv) CBSE Chairman, Vineet Joshi
(c) (ii) collaborating group
(d) (ii) formative assessment
(e) (iv) conveniently
(f) (iv) all of the above
(g) (iii) the siblings and parents should do the project

(WRITING - 20 Marks)
3. Friday 3
19 December 2013
10 : 45 p.m.
I feel quite anguished at the thought that the girl child is still considered a curse. She
seems to be a burden and a liability to some parents. They feel that the present day social
evil i.e. dowry is going to play havoc with their lives. So they don’t welcome the birth of a
girl child. I am not happy with this thinking. Girls have an equal right to education as
well as healthy environment. Rather their education should be made compulsory. Girls are
an asset, not a burden. They are capable of multi-tasking. They shoulder more
responsibilities. I feel greatly annoyed with the people who ill-treat a girl-child. I hope a
day will come in near further when they will be looked upon with respect.
4. Bihar Floods 5
Yesterday, a new headline ‘Flood Cause Havoc’ was flashing on the TV screen. They were
screening pictures of the flooded streets of Bihar. It was terrible watching the flood-hit
people. Actually, it rained cats and dogs which the residents of Bihar had not expected.
The river and streams over flowed water and soon it crossed the danger mark. The low
lying areas got flooded. The huts and houses were submerged in the rising water of the
river. Several kids drowned. People found their cattle missing. There was a huge damage
of life and property both. People had climbed up the roof-tops and trees to save themselves
from the rising water. Everywhere there was hue and cry and sounds of confusion. Soon a
rescue team reached the spot and started evacuating the people. Then the people heaved a
sigh of relief. The Chief Minister also took a bird’s eye view of the devastation in his
helicopter and announced a relief of ` 5 lakhs to the victims.
2 | O swaal CBSE Sample Qu estio n P aper, Engli sh Communicativ e, Class X

5. Date : 5 Aug 2013 6

From :
To :

Dear Rohit
I was shocked when I read about your result. It must have been a blow to you to
have come to know that you’ve been unsuccessful in your examination. But now is
the time to realize that this is not the end of the world. Success lies in the hands of
those who aspire for it. You still can work hard and get good percentage. I have full
faith in your capabilities. Don’t lose your confidence. Build it up again and start a
fresh. Success and failure are a part of our life. We must not feel dejected or depressed
in any way. But you have to put in more efforts from today onwards to move towards
the path of success. If you need my help in any subject, please do not hesitate to tell
me. I will always be there to support you.
Pay me respects to uncle and aunty. Waiting for an early reply from your end.


6. Benefits of Hobbies 6
Respected Principal mam, worthy teachers and my dear friends. Today, I, Mridul—the
Head Boy, am here to share my views on the benefits of hobbies. I’ve noticed that many of
us do not have a hobby. We spend our leisure time in watching T.V., surfing net or
playing video games. We don’t indulge in any constructive and useful hobby which provides
interest and recreation. In fact hobbies are like an oasis in the drab desert of routine. They
help us take a break from the monotonous routine. We can select any one hobby like
reading books, gardening, stamp-collecting, coin-collecting etc. Once a person indulges
himself in a hobby, he realises what he was missing in his life T.V. video games only make
us lethargic and obese whereas these constructive hobbies change our life-style. We learn
something new every other day. I hope you will all agree with me and plan to follow a
hobby from today onwards.
Thank you
(GRAMMAR - 20 Marks)
7. (a) (ii) by (b) (ii) more 3
(c) (iii) last (d) (ii) fears
(e) (iii) many (f) (iv) will
8. (a) (iv) inagurated 3
(b) (i) donated blood
(c) (iii) were tested
9. (a) Platinum is one of the rarest metals on the earth.
(b) It arrived on our planet two billion years ago.
(c) Platinum is one of the most precious metals on the earth.
10. (a) person has. The (b) lives are splashed 3
(c) pages of leading (d) they go when
(e) to do things (f) watching a football
S ample Q uesti on P aper (S o lu ti ons) | 3
11. (a) what had happened 3
(b) Jimmy had broken the window
(c) he had thrown a stone at him and he had ducked
12. (A) (a) a broken human face lies half sunk in the sand. 3
(b) The shattered visage looks cruel and pitiless with, ‘wrinkled’ lip.
(c) The face tells that the sculptor was a great artist who carved out the real
expressions of the king’s face in stone.
(B) (a) Naresh Dutt, who is in the production department is the speaker. 3
(b) Patol Babu is to play the role of short tempered pedestrian.
(c) Speaker feels sorry that he cannot give him any big part to play.
(C) (a) Mark Antony to Conspirators. 3
(b) Slippery ground stands for the allegiance shown by Antony to Caesar as well as
the conspirators.
(c) Antony’s shaking hands with the conspirators may prove that he is either a
coward or a flatterer. So he says so.
13. (a) It deals with a number of great themes, such as the arrogance and transcience of
power, the performance of real art and emotional truth, and relationship between
artist and subject.
(b) The three elements are : The Supernatural Element, Love for Nature and The poetic
form i.e. the use of quatrain which rhymes a b c d and variation in the number of the
lines in some of the stanzas and also the rhyme scheme.
(c) The ghost lady asked him to exert his influence in getting all his friends and
acqaintances to stop using the Ouija board because she was continuously disturbed
by them.
14. Julius Caesar, a great general of Rome, died a tragic death and that too by his friends on
whom he had built a complete faith. Brutus was a true friend of Caesar. Caesar regarded
him as his angel. He trusted him completely. When Metellus Cimber presented a petition
to free his brother, Caesar refused it. His rejections sparked the fire of fury and Casca
stabbed him. All the others followed, Casca by stabbing Caesar. Caesar fell on the ground
following Brutus’ assault. He expressed shock that Brutus could betray him. His dying
words were ‘Et tu Brute.’ It was the unkindest cut of all. He had never expected Brutus to
be one of the conspirators. His faith on friendship was shattered to pieces.
Friendship means to be a friend in good as well as bad times. But one most not put entire
faith in someone blindly as Caesar had done. The conspirator could never have succeeded
in killing Caesar if Brutus had not joined them. It is rightly said a friend in need is a
friend indeed which Brutus never understood. Friends should never deceive each other.
The plant of friendship should be nurtured. 5
The Ancient Mariner saw the three guests going to attend a wedding. He stopped one of
them by holding his hand. The guest protested that he wanted to attend the wedding but
the mariner held him captive with his glittering eyes. The guest was spell bound. He was
powerless. He could not resist so he sat on a stone to listen to the story of the Ancient
Mariner. He finally got involved in the story and even asked the mariner some questions
at a later stage. 5
4 | O swaal CBSE Sample Qu estio n P aper, Engli sh Communicativ e, Class X
15. Novel/Long Reading Text (10 Marks)
(a) The conditions in the outside world were terrible. Burglaries, break ins and thefts
were very common. People were falling ill but the doctors could not attend on them
because their vehicles used to got stolen the moment they turned their backs. Scarcity
of food made people stand in queue for vegetables and other kinds of goods. Little
children used to break the windows and steal anything they could lay their hands on.
As far as clothing was concerned, people were wearing torn and worn out clothes.
They didn’t have proper clothes. The men were being shipped off to Germany and the
children were undernourished or sick as they didn’t get proper food. There was an
increase in the acts of sabotage against the authorities. 5
(b) Peter van Daan : Peter van Daan was the teenage son of the Van Daans, whose
real name was Peter Van Pels. Anne first saw Peter as obnoxious, lazy, and
hypersensitive, but later they both became close friends. Peter was a quiet, timid and
honest boy who was sweet to Anne. During their time in the Annexe, Anne and Peter
developed a romantic attraction, but he failed to express his love openly. He liked
reading books and especially if they were meant for adult reading. Once he hid in the
loft to read one such book and got so engrossed in reading that he forgot to come
down for dinner. His father came up to call him and hit him hard when he found him
reading the book. He was refused dinner that night which he resented. He didn’t like
his parents’ authoritative nature, but being shy, he never told them about it. He got
emotionally alievated from them.
At a later stage, he expressed his desire to become a criminal. Anne disapproved of it.
She realized that he wanted to be successful but did not want to work hard for it. He
was forced to take part in the ‘death march’ and died on 5 May 1945. 5
(a) Helen came to know of Shakespeare and his plays through her reading of Lamb’s
Tales from Shakespeare’. She was much impressed with his great tragedies such as
‘Macbeth’ and ‘King Lear.’ She could never forget the dagger scene, Lady Macbeth’s
little white hand and then disturbance of her mind. In ‘King Lear’ when she read the
scene in which Gloster’ eyes were put out, she was filled with horror which stuck to
her memory. She was surprised to read the characters of Shylock, Saten and Judas.
She began to wonder to what extent man can degrade himself if he is drifted away
from the path of good. She continued reading Shakespeare’s play, though she did not
favour the critical analysis and commentary written about them. 5
(b) Miss Anne Sullivan was Helen’s instructors as well as a guide. Without her help and
guidance, Helen would never have progressed so much in her life. Mis Sullivan
taught her all the subjects starting with the spellings with great patience. It helped
Helen in communicating with others. Both of them had a good time with each other
throughout their lives. Miss Sullivan was always by her side, teaching her through
examples of nature. Her interpretations were vivid and clear. Helen never had any
problem in understanding whatever she taught her. Miss Sullivan stood by Helen in
every thick and thin. When Helen was charged with plagiarism, she investigated into
the matter and brought out the truth in front of the world that it was only an
unknowing error on part of Helen and that she had not done anything intentionally.
Helen’s life had changed after her arrival and she enjoyed each and every moment
spent with Miss Sullivan. 5
Sample Question Paper—7
Time Allowed : 2.30 Hrs. Max. Marks : 90

(READING - 15 Marks)
1. (a) was (b) were standing 8
(c) decided (d) thought
(e) warning (f) foolishly
(g) caution (h) wishing
2. (a) (iii) standing on a chair 7
(b) (ii) the peak casts a shadow over one’s face
(c) (i) not returned as promised
(d) (iv) happened to him this time
(e) (iii) walking carefully
(f) (iii) keeper
(g) (iv) his friend had not returned

(WRITING - 15 Marks)

3. Springdale Public School, Noida 3

30 Nov. 2013
Screeing of Documentary Film
All the students of the institution are hereby invited to watch a documentary film on
the preservation and protection of trees, birds and beasts as a part of ‘Go Green’ week
being celebrated in the school. The film will be screened at 11 a.m. in the school
auditorium tomorrow. For more details contact the undersigned.
Kanchi Shah
(President Interact Club)

4. Amitabh Bachchan 5
There’s hardly anyone in India who has not heard the name of Amitabh Bachchan, well
known as ‘Big B.’ Amitabh was born in Allahabad. His father Harivansh Rai Bachchan
was a renowned Hindi poet. Amitabh passed his Bachelor’s degree in Science from Delhi
University. He has a small family comprising of wife-Jaya Bachchan, son-Abhishek
Bachchan and a daughter. His wife and son are also good actors and have worked in
many films. At present, he’s working in film as well as T.V. He has bagged several awards.
He was the winner of National Award for best actor for four times and Filmfare award for
maximum five times. A distinguished panel of BBC declared him as the ‘Star of the
Millennium.’ He received the Padma Vibhushan award also. Recently, he acted in a film
‘Paa’ and got appreciation from everyone for his wonderful acting. May he live long.
6 | O swaal CBSE Sample Qu estio n P aper, Engli sh Communicativ e, Class X
5. 46, Kaveri Vihar, 6

14 Aug. 2013

The President
Resident Welfare Association
Kaveri Vihar

Subject : Security Threat to our Colony

Through this letter I wish to draw your attention towards the park in front of my house
which has been illegally occupied by some people. The children feel afraid and do not go to
the park to play. The number of thefts has also increased in our colony. These slum
dwellers lack civic sense and thus are making our colony an unhygienic place to live in.
Sometimes they come down to violent behaviour also. There is an atmosphere of terror in
our colony.
It is my humble request to you to look into the matter and take a strict action against these
people. We can overcome this problem by appointing colony security guards also. I hope
you will take quick action on this.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Love Kalra
6. Female Infanticide 6
Respected Principal mam, worthy teachers and my dear friends. Today I Tanya Bajaj of X A,
stands in front of you to express my views on the topic ‘Female Infanticide.’ We all are aware
that ours is a male dominated society. Females are not given much importance in this society.
They are considered a responsibility. With the result many of the females are killed in the
womb of their mother i.e. before they are born. It is strange that we pray to goddess Durga
for strength, goddess Laxmi for wealth and goddess Saraswati for wisdom and knowledge
but when this goddess of love and affection tries to take an entry into our home, we either
ban her entry or shed tears at it. The birth of a female child is considered a burden on the
parents. Now is the time to realize that females are not liabilities. They are assets. In modern
times they’re marching ahead in all walks of life. The scenario has changed a bit. Even
government is paying attention to safeguard the females and their rights. A ban has been
imposed on female foeticide. Given an opportunity, females can bring a drastic change in our
family as well as society. A voice should be raised against female infanticide as well as their
exploitation if we want our society and nation to progress. The time has come to pay respect
to the females and give them their due importance.
Thank you.
(GRAMMAR - 15 Marks)
7. (a) (ii) in (b) (iii) are 3
(c) (i) the (d) (iv) as
(e) (iii) to (f) (iv) their
8. (a) (iii) donated (b) (iv) has qualified 3
(c) (iii) was blamed
S ample Q uesti on P aper (S o lu ti ons) | 7
9. (a) The doctor was a part of the patient’s family. 3
(b) Nowadays appointments are made and patients wait for the doctor.
(c) Even today patients build a rapport with their doctors.
10. (a) a the (b) lay laid 3
(c) or and (d) in on
(e) these this (f) conecting connected
11. (a) if he ever worked out 3
(b) he ever lifted weights
(c) when one was as heavy as he was then walking was lifting weights


12. (A) (a) ‘We refers to the ancient Mariner and other sailors. 3
(b) The journey began on a happy note.
(c) The poetic device ‘repetition’ is used in the above lines.
(B) (a) Sosanko 3
(b) Patol Babu
(c) So that he knows what he has to speak
(C) (a) Calpurnia to Caesar. 3
(b) that he would be murdered.
(c) Caesar is overconfident therefore his wisdom is destroyed.
13. (a) First they blamed him. Then they praised him. They thought that the killing of
Albatross brought them great woe. When the sun rose they felt he had done the right
thing. They did not judge the killing of Albatross by any standard of reasoning but by
the change in the weather. (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)
(b) He despised himself for throwing the log of wood on the snake. He felt hurt inwardly
for his action and called it paltry, vulgar and mean. He hated himself and his human
education. He felt that he had missed an opportunity to honour a king. He regretted
for his pettiness. (Snake)
(c) He enjoyed it because the big screen with the loud volume makes him feel like he was
inside the game, battling it out. They are games played with a virtual reality visor
and glove, which have the ability to change what person can see. They control the
action in the game by their thoughts.
14. Life really is strange as it offers joys as well as sorrows. It is only a practical man who can
came to terms with whatever life offers. A handful of joys and success should not let a man
go as high as sixth sky nor should the sorrows make him feel distressed, depressed and
Patol Babu is one such film star who is a very practical man. He takes the ups and downs
of his life in a positive day. During his youth, he was a popular stage actor. People used to
buy tickets seeing Patol Babu’s picture on the advertising hand bill. He was in great
demand. But success did not go into his head. Despite all the popularity he remained a
simple and respectful person. Then a time came when there was a change in his life. He
changed his line from theatre to various office jobs but still enjoyed his life. He was
satisfied with his life though the struggling period of his life had started. He took a
8 | O swaal CBSE Sample Qu estio n P aper, Engli sh Communicativ e, Class X
practical step, left the stage life and joined a company which offered him higher salary. He
had again a smooth sailing for nine years but then there was retrenchment after World
War II. The long period of struggle in his life started. He didn’t give up and tried his hand
in many jobs, opened stores but all in vain. Look at the courage of this man, he did not
give up. He kept trying something or the other to earn his living. He really was practical.
Then the offer of a film role fell in his lap which he accepted immediately. Though it was
only a monosyllable yet he worked hard to rehearse his part so that he could do justice to
it. Thus it is true than one must accept life as it comes and not grumble about it. One
should be practical enough to move ahead in life despite the struggles. 5
In order to turn the crowd to his side. Antony uses rhetorical questions, appeals, and irony
in his speech to the people. Without breaking his word, not to wrong the conspirators.
Antony indirectly persuades the crowd that the conspirators were wrong in killing Caesar
and that Caesar’s death should be avenged.
The use of rhetorical questions in Antony’s speech causes the crowd to question whether or
not what the conspirators claimed to be true. For example, when Antony asked the crowd,
‘‘I thrice presented him a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse. Was this ambition ?’’
This reminds the crowd that Brutus said that Caesar was ambitious. In effect, they
wonder if Brutus was actually right or not.
He also asked, ‘‘You loved him once, without cause; what cause withholds you then to
mourn for him ?’’ This question reminds the crowd of how their lives were before Caesar
was killed. Then, the crowd questions Brutus tricked them. 5
15. Novel/Long Reading Text (10 Marks)
(a) ‘D-Day’ or the Dooms Day arrived on 6 June 1944. On this day the British started
invading by bombing. Calais, Le havre, Cherbourg, Boulogne and Pas de Calais.
Warnings of bombardments were given beforehand. So that people could make
preparations accordingly. The German news broadcast that the British paratroopers
had landed on the French coast. Eleven thousand planes, four thousand landing
crafts and small boats were put into action. The annexe residents were happy and
could visualise the liberation which was much awaited. They felt that 1944 would
bring victory as well as liberation for them as they might come out of their hiding
after the victory to inhale fresh air. 5
(b) Margot was Anne’s elder sister. She was born in Frankfurt in 1926. She was a pretty
and smart girl. Anne’s parent, according to Anne, loved Margot more than Anne as
she was well-mannered, studious and reserved in contrast to Anne who was outspoken.
Margot had her schooling from a public school. She was good at Arithmetic and was a
brilliant student. Anne was jealous of her as her mother always favoured Margot.
Like Anne, Margot also loved to read books. Mr. Frank Wanted that both Anne and
Margot should read the Bible the New Testament. Margot learn shorthand during her
stay at the Annexe and learnt Latin also. She even translated Mr. Dussel’s letters in
Latin before sending them which Mr. Frank disliked. He forbade her from doing it.
Mr. Alfred Dussel also liked her and made it clear to Anne by saying that he would
have shared the table with Margot if she had asked for it but definitely not Anne. At
one stage, Margot felt herself attracted towards Peter but when she discovered that
Anne was emotionally attached to him, she gracefully withdrew herself and told Anne
so that she was not happy about it. But unfortunately, Margot too died at a young
age in the camp a few days before Anne died. 5
S ample Q uesti on P aper (S o lu ti ons) | 9
(a) Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone has to face some problems in his life. The person
who overcomes all the obstacles in his path with determination turns out to be a
successful person. This is the main theme that underlines the novel. ‘‘The Story of my
Helen, a deaf and a blind girl faced problems right from her childhood. She wanted to
be like other children who could see, hear and speak. Sometimes her friends
discouraged her but this did not deter her from her efforts. She worked hard and
gained knowledge in all subjects with the help of Miss Anne Sullivan. Miss Sullivan
was one person on whom she relied on and emerged as a successful personality. 5
(b) Helen was greatly fascinated by ancient Greece. The stories of Greek Gods, Goddesses
and their mysterious world had a mysterious fascinations over Helen. In her fancy
the pagan Gods and Goddesses still walked on the earth and talked face to face with
men. She read with utmost interest Homers ‘Iliad.’ ‘Ilaid’ made Greece Helen’s paradise.
She formed good impression of it. It made her conscious of a soul sense that lifted her
above the narrow, circumstances of her life. 5
Sample Question Paper—8
Time Allowed : 2.30 Hrs. Max. Marks : 90

(READING - 15 Marks)

1. (a) lost (b) eyes 8

(c) try/toil (c) life
(e) chide (f) preventing/denying
(g) chided/stopped (h) served
2. (a) (iii) the Nawab 7
(b) (iv) the kite looked like a dragon
(c) (ii) flew away into the sky
(d) (iii) with a kite that made a sound like veena
(e) (ii) Cumbersome
(f) (iii) a sprig of grass
(g) (iii) the twine had snapped

(WRITING - 15 Marks)

3. Modern Public School, Chandigarh 3

20 October 2013
Match Postponed
All the members of the school cricket team are hereby informed that the friendly
match with Astha School Cricket Team scheduled for October 26, 2013 has been
postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. The next date will be announced soon.
Till then lets keep our practice on.
(Captain, School Cricket Team)

4. Annual sports Meet 5

The Annual Sports Meet of our school was held on 15th and 16th February this year. We
all participated in it. The playground was cleaned and a big canopy was set on one side for
visitors and on the other for the participants, who were further divided into four groups according
to the four houses. All the participants were very excited and exhibited their zeal and zest in
many events like races shot-put throws, javelin throw, long jump, slow cycling, gymnastics
especially the pyramids. There were some mock events like the sack race, spoon and lemon race,
frog jump etc. The function was presided over by the Additional District Magistrate who watched
the events with keen interest. In the end, he gave away prizes to the winners of different sports.
S ample Qu esti on P aper (So lu ti ons) | 11
The titles of best boy and best girl were also given. The sports meet ended with a note of thanks
from our principal who, to the extreme joy of the students, declared the next day a holiday.
5. 115 Ashoka Road 6

7 August 2013

Respected Uncle,
I was elated when I came to know that you have received an honour from the government
in recognition of your research on micro-organisms. Congratulation! It was great on your
part. I know you’ve persevered a lot for this research and you really deserved this honour.
You worked round the clock to get success in this field I still remember the way you had
been working in the laboratory, forgetting, even the passing of time. I’m so happy for you.
Your hard work, patience and perseverance have paid you well in the form of this
recognition. I congratulate you once again and am dying to meet you so as to get a treat
from you on this wonderful occasion.
Pay my regards to aunty and love to Rishika
Yours affectionately
6. A Daring Robbery : Robbery Nabbed 6
A daring robbery took place on Sunday, 1 Dec. 2011 in a big jewellery shop in Chandni
Chowk, Delhi. It was 8 pm. The shutters were down. The shop was closed and the doors
were bolted from inside. Lights were on, and the assistants were putting away the jewellery
into iron safes inside the shop. Two brothers–owners of the shop were busy counting the
cash. They had nothing to fear because the doors were bolted and locked. They little knew
that the danger was coming from the back lane. Suddenly, six robbers allegedly broke into
the shop from the back door. They were armed with pistols and knives. They overpowered
the jewellers first. The jewellers resisted but they were tied with a rope and gagged. The
assistants could not move at all from their places because two pistols were pointed at them.
The watchman, however, saw the high drama going on inside the shop. He at once raised
an alarm. The neighbours and passersby locked the doors at once from outside. They
telephoned the police. A PCR van arrived at the place within no time and the robbers were

(GRAMMAR - 15 Marks)

7. (a) (iii) biggest (b) (iii) with 3

(c) (ii) was (d) (iv) which
(e) (ii) made (f) (iii) shaking
8. (a) (i) What are you doing 3
(b) (ii) I’ve joined dance class
(c) (i) I’ve enrolled for music class
9. (a) Indian dance interprets legends that grew out of nature worship. 3
(b) Earlier Indian dance was a form of worship in the temples.
(c) Dance is not only an art but also a therapy.
12 | Oswaal CBS E S ample Questi on Paper, English C ommuni cati ve, Class X
10. (a) she asked him (b) taking place. If ½×6=3
(c) he had seen (d) that he had
(e) very high speed (f) him if the
11. (a) (i) were drowned 3
(b) (ii) and damaged
(c) (iii) were delayed

12. (A) (a) He is referring to a snake 1×3=3
(b) The snake had come to drink water.
(c) It had taught him that snakes are poisonous.
(B) (a) Mother of Sebastian Shultz. 1×3=3
(b) Miracle to bring him out of coma as doctors had lost hope of his recovery.
(c) Yes, Sebastian came out of coma.
(C) (a) Brutus. 1×3=3
(b) Antony.
(c) That Antony shall speak no ill of the conspirators.
13. (a) Lavinia faced the ghost bravely. She thought that Hallock was hiding some woman in
the room. On realizing that it was only the ghost of a woman, she felt great relief. She
gave a broad satisfied smile. She fell forgivingly into Hallock’s arm. (A Shady Plot)
(b) The aim of the Dragonquest was to rescue the fair princess Aurora from the wicked
dragon who was imprisoned at the top of a tall tower and to collect the wicked
creature’s treasure along the way.
(c) Brutus loved his country and countrymen more than anything else in the world. He
was a true patriot. When the consipirators convinced him that Caesar was
overambitious, he betrayed him and killed him.
14. The supernatural element is filled throughout in ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’ In the
beginning : 5
 The mariners set out on a bright, sunny day on a cheerful optimistic note.
 The weather undergoes an unexpected change; the ship is overtaken by a terrible
storm and is forced to change direction.
 The mariners find themselves in an icy cold region; they feel trapped; the ship is
 An Albatross appears from nowwhere and alights on the ship.
 The arrival of the Albatross is followed by a south wind; the ship starts moving; the
mariners have a sigh of relief.
 The Albatross is considered a bird of good omen and is fed by the sailors.
 All of a sudden, without any rhyme or reason the mariner kills the Albatross with his
cross bow.
Marcus Brutus was a good friend of Julius Caesar and had an inspiring personality. He
was political idealist and was highly patriotic. He was among the conspirators but was the
only conspirator who was acting without any selfish purpose. He was more of a philosopher
S ample Qu esti on P aper (So lu ti ons) | 13
than a statesman. Unlike Mark Antony, he was not a good orator and so was unsuccessful
in instigating the mob. He killed Caessar because he thought that it was for the betterment
of his country thus he was great patriot who sacrificed his friendship for the sake of his
country. 5
15. Novel/Long Reading Text (10 Marks)
(a) Mr. van Hoevan used to supply potatoes to the Annexe residents. One day he was
arrested on the charge of hiding two Jews in his house. Arrests were quite common
during those days but it changed the life of the annexe residents. The food shortage
was already prevailing in the Annexe and Bep also couldn’t cope up with such
situation. Mrs. Frank, Anne’s mother thought of skipping breakfast and eating porridge
and bread. Anne thought ‘‘We’re going to be hungry but nothing’s worse than being
caught.’’ Without potatoes, their menu was definitely going to change and they might
have to switch over to squeezing the consumption of other vegetables. 5
(b) Otto Frank : Anne’s father Otto was a practical and kind man. Anne had a particular
kinship to him. He was born on May 12, 1889, in a wealthy Frankfurt family. He was a
loving caring father whom everyone respected. He made a living selling chemical
products and provisions until the family was forced into hiding in 1942. The moment he
received a call-up notice, he started making preparation for a secret hiding after
discussing it with a few people. He always planned well before jumping into a situation.
Shifting to the secret Annexe is a good example of his plan. He took a quick action and
promptly followed it. He is an optimist who believed that they would soon he liberated
after the invasion of the allies. Like any other father, he loved his daughters. He
wanted to give them good education. He managed to get books for them to read even
when they were in hiding. But he couldn’t understand the emotional desires of Anne.
He told Anne not to have serious relationship with Peter as he was not strong in
character. When Anne refused to do so, he felt hurt, showing that he was a sensitive
man. When they were in hiding. Otto was the sole member of the family who survived
the war and lived until 1980 and devoted his life to promote Anne’s diary. 5
(a) Helen was against examinations. They frightened her the most though she had
passed several examinations and yet the fear was still there in her mind. At the
thought of examination, she felt her courage oozing out at her finger’s end. She spent
the day before the examinations in cramming her mind with mystic formulas and
indigestible dates. And yet it so happened that the right answer did not strike her
mind at the right moment. In her opinion examinations hang upon students like a
sword of Damocles.
According to Helen, there were disadvantages in going to college. In college, too much
emphasis was laid on learning and little importance was given to thinking. Helen was
much interested in thinking and imagining. It was natural for her. Being a blind and
deaf child, it was difficult for her to learn, while she could think and imagine a lot
easily. In college, there was no time to communicate with her thoughts. She had to
part with her dearest pleasure-solitude, books and imagination. 5
(b) Helen was much benefitted by her visit to Boston. It developed in her the love for
books and she began to read seriously. In Boston she was permitted to a few hours at
the institution library. There she read many books. Though she did not understand
much of what she read. But her mind retained many words and whole sentences.
When she began to talk and write, these sentences would flash out quite naturally so
that her friends wondered at the richness of her vocabulary. 5
Sample Question Paper—9
Time Allowed : 2.30 Hrs. Max. Marks : 90

(READING - 15 Marks)
1. (a) homes (b) lutes 8
(c) cities (c) dead
(e) songs (f) wind
(g) dreams (h) world
2. (a) (ii) one already knows the story 7
(b) (iii) children
(c) (iii) the story has been told in different forms by different people
(d) (i) emotions of characters
(e) (ii) picturesque
(f) (iv) she knows how children would react to the story and the pictures
(g) (ii) elaborate

(WRITING - 15 Marks)

3. S.N. Senior Secondary School, Jhansi 3

1 August 2013
Rally for Conservation of Nature
This is to inform all the students that the school is organizing a rally with other
exciting activities for the conservation of nature as part of ‘‘The International Year of
Forests’. Students who are interested to participate should collect near the school
library on 3 August at 8 a.m. Every students will bring impressive slogans or flash-
cards to make others aware of the importance of nature. For further details, please
contact the undersigned.
(Convenor, ECO Club)

4. An Unforgettable Journey 5
I still remember the excitement with which I was packing my belongings as we were
planning to go to Punjab during the summer vacations. Finally the day arrived and I
reached the railway station along with my family members to catch the train. The train
was half an hour behind its schedule. There was a great hustle and bustle at the station.
Exactly after half an hour the train arrived and we boarded our compartment. We adjusted
our luggage and sat down. Then I looked around and saw a family sitting opposite our
seat. There were two boys of my age and we started talking. The boys had brought a pack
of cards and Ludo. We all played a game of cards and enjoyed playing Ludo. The train was
S ample Qu esti on P aper (So lu ti ons) | 15
moving at a fast speed. I looked out of the window and saw the field of rice, corn etc. The
crop was in full bloom. I could see some farmers tilling their land despite the heat. I
saluted their spirit of hard work. It was really hot outside. The June sun was showing its
extreme heat but still I felt happy. As the train left Jalandhar, I felt an excitment and
thrill grow inside me as I was about to reach Amritsar, my destination. I was wondering
who would be there to receive us at the station. After a long one hour, the train entered
the railway station of Amritsar and stopped at platform number one. After getting down
the train I rushed towards my grandfather who had been waiting for me at the station.
His eyes were full of affection. We all moved with him towards our paternal home.
5. 36 Gomti Nagar 6

21 December 2013

Dear Nikhil,
I am greatly excited as India has attained a good position in the recent Asian Games. Our
sports persons have shown good results. The credit goes to their hard work and coaching. I
think more people should come forward and join the field of games and sports. This can be
possible if more importance is given to sports in schools whereas the trend these days is to
provide the facilities only to the chosen ones. Public should be made aware of the importance
of sports so that they can come forward to join this field. If students are selected and
trained at an earlier stage they can show better results and can come out in flying colours
in international events.
How’s everyone at home ? Pay my regards to all.
Your’s truly
6. The Dependence of Youth on Gadgets 6
Modern times are best known for the modern gadgets. These electronic gadgets hae become
an integral part of the life of today’s youth. They have brought a vast change in the life
style of a man especially youth who are over using and misusing them. Today, the
youngsters can be seen busy with sending e-mail, chatting on internet, playing games on
lap-tops, listening to music on FM radio or i-pods. They hardly have time to study or play
outdoor games. They depend on these gadgets, using them as a symbol of superiority and
fashion statement. The most popoular gadget is the cell phone which can be seen in each
and every hand. No doubt, the cell-phone is a boon in case of emergencies and has
narrowed the distances but the youth is busy talking on these phones thus wasting their
precious time. Sometimes, under peer pressure, some clippings become means of black
mailing. Taking at all these pros and cons, one can easily make out that these electronic
gadgets are not of much use. Rather over dependence on them is making our youngsters
lazy, unorganised and careless. They should be made to understand that modern gadgets
should be used but judiciously.

(GRAMMAR - 15 Marks)
7. (a) (i) at (b) (iv) like ½×6=3
(c) (ii) was (d) (iii) to
(e) (ii) had (f) (iv) taking
16 | Oswaal CBS E S ample Questi on Paper, English C ommuni cati ve, Class X
8. (a) (iii) Where are you girls going ? 1×3=3
(b) (i) What are your names ?
(c) (iii) my elder sister, and I am Deepa.
9. (a) The doctor was part of the patient’s family. 1×3=3
(b) Nowadays appointments are made and patients wait for the doctor.
(c) Even today, patients build a rapport with their doctors.
10. (a) in of (b) are was ½×6=3
(c) to of (d) A The
(e) clear cleared (f) is was
11. (a) what he needed that/it for. 1×3=3
(b) he wanted to buy a hot cup of coffee on that
(c) he had lost all his money

12. (A) (a) The two speakers are the Ancient Mariner and the Wedding Guest. 3
(b) The mariner does not want the wedding guest to leave.
(c) The mariner is very old and looks and behaves like a crazy person.
(B) (a) Helen 3
(b) Taking through the Ouija board.
(c) She had materialized to ask John when his wife was going to get rid of the Oujja
(C) (a) Brutus 3
(b) Antony
(c) That Antony shall speak no ill of the conspirators
13. (a) The ancient mariner is the central figure in the poem. He looked tormented as he held
himself responsible for albatross killing. He repented his sin of killing the albatross by
undergoing the punishment given by other sailors. All this shows that he was an
emotional but disturbed man.
(b) The poem conveys the transitoriness of human life. Rich or poor, mighty or weak
everyone has to leave this world. Time does not spare even the ‘King of Kings.’ The
statues carved in stone, marble etc. do remind the world about them but with the
passage of time, these statues also get shattered and the world gradually forgets
(c) Patol Babu was pleased with his performance and he had got a lot of satisfaction from
the labour and imagination put into it. Money could never measure up to the intense
satisfaction of a small job done with perfection and dedication. 3×2=6
14. Friday 10 p.m. 5
15 October 2013

Dear Diary,
I feel quite embarrassed when I think about the party that I had arranged last night. It
was an Ouija Board party in which all the guests had to work their Ouija board with a
partner. My friend Laura Hinkle’ partner did not turn up and I suggested John to be her
S ample Qu esti on P aper (So lu ti ons) | 17
partner. While they were working their board, a strange thing happened. The board
started throwing the message ‘‘T-R-A-I-T-O-R’ and then ‘A-s-k-h-i-m.’ Laura Hinkle, who
is also known as fliratious crocodile, immediately spread the message in the party that
someone by the name of Helen was calling John a traitor and almost hinted that John had
an affair with that lady. I bubbled with anger and decided to go to my parent’s house after
the party. I was in a fit of rage. I went to John’s room to inform him about my departure
but somehow felt something fishy in his behaviour. I felt as if he was trying to hide
something from me. When I forced him to tell me I realised there was a ghost named.
Helen who had appeared before him and had asked him to exert his influence to make
people stop using Ouija Boards. On hearing this I felt awfully guilty and distressed. I
should have listened to John beforehand. How could I behave in such a way ? But now
I’ve realised that the bond of love and understanding between me and John is very strong.
No one can break it. 5
The funeral speech is a master piece of orator and very persuasive. Antony gains his
objective as he convinces every member of the mob of Caesar’s innocence and the brutality
of the conspirators. He enters with Caesar’s body to win sympathies of the crowd and
addresses them as ‘Friend.’ He repeatedly called Brutus noble and honourable to convey a
sense of sarcasm. Antony praises Caesar in his speech and highlights his refusal to accept
the crown. (Shows and tells that he was not greedy/ambitious). He refers to Caesar’s will
and tells them Caesar had left money to each one of them. He makes the crowd believe
that Brutus was telling lies and whatever he has said may be questionable. Brutus
convinces the people that Caesar was killed/assassinated in the interest of the Romans but
Antony plays upon the emotions of the crowd who rise in revolt against Brutus, Cassius
and others. The Mob gets very angry. Their anger causes widespread death and destruction.
Antony was an emotional and sincere speaker who avenges Caesar’s death through his
skills of oratory. 5
15. Novel/Long Reading Text (10 Marks)
(a) On 11 April 1944, a burglary was attempted in the warehouse. Mr. van Daan, Pim,
Peter and Mr. Dussel went downstairs when they heard a bang. After that it was
quiet. The police was expected to reach there any time. So Mr. Van Daan and Anne’s
father announced them to put out the lights. When Peter went downstairs, he saw
the door of the warehouse missing. The men entered the warehouse and Mr. Vana
Daan shouted ‘Police.’ The burglars immediately fled away. Suddently there was a
kick from the outside and they were shocked. Then they noticed a man and a woman
entering with a torch in their hands. They fled away from that place and came. up.
The whole night was spent in tension. 5
(b) During her hiding at the annexe, Anne had forgotten almost everything about nature.
She now felt a sort of madness for nature. The blue sky, the chirping birds, budding
blossoms, moonlight etc. never had any effect on her when she was not in hiding but
now she waited to have just one look at the moon. Sometimes she used to look at the
sky through the curtain. Once, the dark and rainy evening, the wind, the clouds all
had a mysterious effect on her and she felt mesmerished by its beauty. 5
(a) One day Helen’s teacher found her in the library turning the pages of ‘‘The Scarlet
Latter.’’ The teacher told her that it had a beautiful story about a little which she was
18 | Oswaal CBS E S ample Questi on Paper, English C ommuni cati ve, Class X
sure she would like most. The name of the story was ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy.’ She was
greatly fascinated by the story and read it again and again until she almost knew it
by heart and all through by childhood Little For Fauntleroy’ was her sweat and
gentle companion.
Helen was greatly influenced and interested by the ‘Little Lord Fautleroy.’ It aroused
in her keen interest of books. Each books opened to her a treasure of knowledge and
she became an avid reader of books. There after she read ‘Greeks Heroes.’ La Fontaine’s
‘Fables,’ Hawthorne’s Wonder Book,’ ‘Bible Stories,’ Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare,’
Achilats History of England,’ ‘The Pilgrim’ Progress,’ ‘Robinson Crusoe,’ ‘Little women,’
{The Arabian Nights.’ ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ and many other books. 5
(b) Helen visited big crowded streets of cities. She had also visited the dirty streets and
slum areas where the poor lived in most unhygienic surroundings. There lived hungry
children with their parents too poor to provide them with the basic necessities of life.
One the other hand the rich lived in their big beautiful houses and enjoyed most
pleasant life. Helen was pained to note this big gap between the rich and the poor.
She wanted that the poor should also be provided with basic necessities of life. She
was really a socialist. 5
Sample Question Paper—10
Time Allowed : 2.30 Hrs. Max. Marks : 90

(READING - 15 Marks)
1. 1.1. (a) with b) unsolicited/unasked 8
(c) career (d) doctorate
1.2 (a) Chandran received unsolicited suggestions from relatives and friends as to what
he should do after graduation.
(b) there was plenty of independence and leisure in lectureship.
1.3 (a) pestered
(b) persecution
2. (a) (i) to defy/break the laws of gravity 7
(b) (iii) froze in wonder on seeing him
(c) (i) to take pictures of Lorbeer
(d) (iv) physically impossible actions
(e) (ii) time passed quickly
(f) (iii) Frankfurt
(g) (ii) German street performer

(WRITING - 15 Marks)
3. Message 3
2 August 2013
8 a.m.

Dear Akshat,
I need your help today to do some laundry. Actually I am getting late. So I can’t do it
myself, please set up the laundry and run the washing machine taking care of dark
shaded shirts as their colours bleed. Put them separately in the wash tub for washing.
You will have to finish this work before 1 o’ clock as there will be load-shedding in the
afternoon. Hope you would not mind doing this bit of favour for me.
4. Increasing Crime Rate 5
It can be seen from the given figures that the crime rate is increasing day by day. In 2007,
500 cases were reported. The number rose a little higher (around 800 cases) in 2008.
There was a sharp rise in the year 2009 when as many as 1,500 cases were reported and
in 2,010 the number was 2,500. The reasons for this increase can be many but the major
reasons might be social unrest, inflation and unempolyment. The government should take
strict actions against criminals. They should be severely punished so that no one else can
think of committing a crime. Children committing crimes should be sent to Bal Sudhar
Grah so that they can be put back on the right path of life.
20 | Oswaal CBS E S ample Questi on Paper, English C ommuni cati ve, Class X
5. 19 Mayur Vihar

24 August 2013

The Editor
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi
Subject : Increasing Chain-Snatching Incidents

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw your attention towards
the increase in the chain snatching incidents in our city. Scores of such incidents are
reported everyday. Women folks are an easy prey for these out laws. They threaten the
women and decamp with their chains in broad day light.
Through this letter you are requested to the some strict measures against these anti-social
elements. Round the clock police patrolling will be welcome by all the citizens. One caught,
these out laws should be severely penalised
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely
6. A Brave Girls 6
Meena was a twelve year old girl who used to stay with her mother. Her father had gone
to another city to earn money. One day a stranger came to Meena’s house. Her mother
was not in the house at that moment. The man caught hold of Meena. She began to cry
loudly but no one was there to hear her. Suddenly Meena was reminded of her mother’s
teaching of not losing the wits and alertness mind when in hour of need. She built up her
confidence and looked around. She could not see anything with which to hit the stranger.
Suddenly she bit the stranger on his arm. The stranger cried with pain and let go of her.
The moment was important for her. She took her mother’s Saree and tied it around the
stranger’s neck. Now it was time for the stranger to cry for help. She tied him and then
used her mobile phone to call the police as well as her neighbours. The police reached with
in no time and arrested the man. The neighbours had also arrived. They all patted Meena
on her back for fighting bravely with the man.

(GRAMMAR - 15 Marks)
7. (a) (i) would (bi) (iii) at ½×6=3
(c) (i) her (d) (ii) heavy
(e) (i) with (f) (iii) about
8. (a) (i) always been regarded as nature worshippers 1×3=3
(b) (iv) men came to
(c) (iii) hugged a tree
9. (a) It enables man to record his thoughts and deeds 1×3=3
(b) However, there were a great many writing tools before a real pen was first made.
(c) For instance early man used pointed stones to scratch records and pictures on cave
S ample Qu esti on P aper (So lu ti ons) | 21
10. (a) has have (b) introduction introducing ½×6=3
(c) for since (d) quiet quite
(e) of from (f) are is
11. (a) had invited Rajiv and wife for lunch 1×3=3
(b) they should also invite the Kapoors
(c) which restaurant they should take them to

12. (A) (a) A broken human face lies half sunk in the sand 1×3=3
(b) The shattered visage looks cruel and pitiless with, ‘wrinkled’ lip.
(c) The face tells that the sculpture was a great artist who carved out the real
expressions of the king’s face in stone.
(B) (a) At Faraday House during shooting. 1×3=3
(b) People associated with making and shooting of film
(c) Making fool of him by giving just one word ‘oh’ ! to be spoken in the whole film.
(C) (a) Antony 1×3=3
(b) Brutus.
(c) He has our permission to speak; we have everything under control. We are the
leaders now.
13. (a) Julius Caesar had banished Publius Cimber. Metellus, Cimber pleaded humbly to
repeal his brother’s banishment. Caesar didn’t like it and spurned him like a dog out
of his way. He declared himself ‘Constant as North Stay’ clearly telling him that he
would not change the decision. Hearing this, Casca stabbed Caesar followed by other
conspirators and Brutus.
(b) It was summer season and the day was hot. A snake came to his water through the
drining water beside the big dark carob-tree, which was strange and scented. The
poet had to wait there with his pitcher until the snake left.
(c) According to Michael, Sebastian was playing a psycho-drive game on his laptop when
he met with an accident. His head banged against the computer and went into coma.
The computer saved his memory and kept on sending message to save him through
different game like Wild West, Dragon Quest, Jail Break and Warzone. 3×2=6
14. Julius Caesar, a great general of Rome, died a tragic death and that too by his friends on
whom he had built a complete faith. Brutus was a true friend of Caesar. Caesar regarded
him as his angel. He trusted him completely. When Metellus Climber presented a petition
to free his brother, Caesar refused it. His rejection sparked the fire of fury and Casca
stabbed him. All the others followed Cascal by stabbing Caesar. Caesar fell on the ground
following Brutus’ assault. He expressed shock that Brutus could betray him. His dying
words were ‘Et tu Brute.’ It was the unkindest cut of all. He had never expected Brutus to
be one of the conspirators. His faith on friendship was shattered to pieces.
Friendship means to be a friend in good as well as bad times. But one must not put entire
faith in someone blindly as Caesar had done. The conspirator could never have succeeded
in killing Caesar if Brutus had not joined them. It is rightly said—a friend in need is a
friend indeed which Brutus never understood. Friends should never deceive each other.
The plant of friendship should be natured. 5
22 | Oswaal CBS E S ample Questi on Paper, English C ommuni cati ve, Class X
When the Albatross arrived on the ship the mariners felt happy and thought they were
blessed by a Christian soul because its arrival helped the sailors favourably when they
were in trouble. Just because of the storm their ship faced difficulties. It was caught in the
ice everywhere. All the mariners were scared of the bad weather for a long time. But Lord
Christ had sent them a help in the form of Albatross. The ice split with a crackling and
howling sound and made the breeze blow. The ship sailed freely and Albatross came to the
ship for food and play everyday. It seemed to enjoy the company of the sailors and
responded to their call. 5
15. Novel/Long Reading Text (10 Marks)
(a) Anne called 6th June as ‘D-Day.’ The British had involved the war and the British
paratrooper landed on the coast of France. The news filled them with great courage
and hope. The BBC broadcast reported that 11,000 planes were ready for action and
small boats as well as landing crafts were ready to arrive. About 20,000 aeroplanes
were being used to bomb the French cost with 5,500 tons of bombs. Dummies wee
dropped behind German lines which exploded the minute they touched the ground.
All these news had a pleasant effect on the annexe residents as they could see the ray
of hope of liberation. 5
(b) Mrs. van Daan : Mrs. van Daan was a friendly and teasing woman. She was
fatalist, egotistical, flirtatious, and disagreeable woman. She quarreled over petty
issues and no body in the annexe got along well with her. Mrs. van Daan frequently
complained that Anne didn’t admire or respect her. She was timid lady who got
frightened at the slightest noise. She didn’t behave well with Mrs. Frank, Mr. Dussel
and even Peter. She was always ready to pick up a fight. On Sept 2, 1942 she had a
quarrel with Mrs. Frank as she had found out that the Franks were using her China
bow instead of their own. She got annoyed with Anne when she broke one of her soup
bowls. All these incidents point towards Mr. van Daan being short-tempered whenever,
she picked up a row with anyone it was only Mrs. van Daan who came out as a
winner because she seemed a ‘born debater’ to annexe. In the later stage of her
hiding, she became uncomfortable during her hiding and gave vent to her feeling by
frequently hitting others with her speech. Mrs. van Daan had a timid nature. She
jumped with fright at the slightest noise after the break in. She took the longest time
to relax and feel comfortable after the burglaries despite her critical nature. She did
not survive the war like all others. 5
(a) In the summer of 1894, Helen was advised to go to the Wright-Humasen School for
the deaf ‘New York City.’ The school was chose especially for the purpose of obtaining
the highest and voltage in vocal culture and training in lip service. Helen joined the
school with the hope that she would speak like other people. Her teacher believed that
this could be accomplished but although they (Helen and her teacher) worked hard
and faithfully yet they did not quite reach their goal. Then Helen thought, I suppose
we aimed too high, and disappointment was therefore inevitable. The proverb ‘‘Too
hopefully travel is better than to arrive” came true to her. 5
(b) Inspite of being blind, Helen was a great lover of great works of art. She could not
seem to be empty but her sense of feeling was so intense that she derived genuine
pleasure from touching works of art. As soon as her fingers touched lightly traced line
and curve, she would become aware of the thought and the emotion that the artist
had displayed in his masterpiece. It was really a great quality with which divinity
had compensated for loss of eye sight and hearing. 5