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HSNS206 2018 T3 Observation feedback


Student Number: 220193547
Assessment Date: 08/01/2019

Assessment Criteria Result Comments

1) Identifies indication for BP & T.P.R. S

2) Identifies normal respiratory rate S

perimeters for an adult
3) Identifies normal oxygen saturation S
perimeters for an adult

4) Identifies normal blood pressure S

perimeters for an adult
5) Identifies normal heart rate perimeters for S
an adult
6) Identifies normal temperature perimeters S
for an adult
7) Evidence of therapeutic interaction with patient, e.g. S
gives patient a clear explanation of the procedure

8) Assesses patient C

9) Gathers equipment for BP assessment; C

sphygmo. stethoscope alcowipes

10) Gathers equipment: for TRP Assessment; C

Thermometer & probe cover Watch with second
11) Demonstrates problem-solving abilities, S
eg. prepares enviroment

12) Performs hand hygiene C

13) Positions & prepares patient C

14) Applies the cuff correctly C

15) Performs a preliminary palpatory systolic C


Generated: 15 January, 2019, 10:16 pm

Assessment Criteria Quality of Performance
Result Comments
16) Assess temperature NS

17) Measures pulse rate, rhythm and C

18) Measures respiratory rate, depth, C
rhythm and quality
19) Measures SpO2 accurately using C
appropriate device
20) Positions stethoscope and cuff C
appropriately to measure BP
21) Auscultates the patient's blood C
22) Removes the cuff C

23) Cleans, replaces & disposes of C

equipment appropriately
24) Documents relevant information in a C
timely manor
25) Demonstrates ability to link theory to S
S:Requires Supervision
D:Requires Development

Overall Rating: Satisfactory

Additional Rating: Expected Standard
Additional Comments:

Any queries should be directed to your Course/Unit Co-odinator, and not to the examiners.

Generated: 15 January, 2019, 10:16 pm