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HSNS206 2018 T3 REASS Aseptic Technique feedback


Student Number: 220193547
Assessment Date: 08/01/2019

Assessment Criteria Result Comments

1) Identifies indication C well done

2) evidence of therapeutic interaction with C very clear

patient, e.g. gives explanation

3) Gathers equipement C

4) Confirms sterility of the package C very good

5) Demonstrates problem-solving abilities, eg. C sound knowledge

positions patient comfortably

6) Washes hands C

7) Opens package C very good

8) Adds necessary sterile supplies C competant

9) Uses sterile forceps to handle sterile C

10) Performs required procedure C

11) Cleans, replaces and disposes of C

equipement appropriately
12) Documents relevant information C very good

13) Demonstrates ability to link theory to C excellent

S:Requires Supervision
D:Requires Development

Overall Rating: Satisfactory

Additional Rating: Excellent
Additional Comments:
congratulations, very nice technique

Any queries should be directed to your Course/Unit Co-odinator, and not to the examiners.

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