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Ballroom Dances happy and bloopy type of

performances, with lots of knee
 Waltz - graceful and slow two movement and hip rocking
person dance introduced in mid-
19th century African-American and Traditional Jazz
- gold standard and the
most famous dance  Swing - This dance is today synonym
of the ballrooms for the jazz and swing music of the
around the world. 1920s-1930s.

 Tango - the fascinating sensual and  Tap Dance - Originally created by
energetic style. the African slaves, tap dancing came
into the mainstream with the
 Cha-Cha-Cha – combines both the performances of Nicholas brothers.
slow and very energetic movements,
making it an instant hit among the  Moonwalk - This extremely famous
dancers around the world. dance move that emuates the
illusion of walking backwards was
 Rumba - Popularity came from its first performed by pop icon Michael
focus on sensual hip movements of Jackson
dance partners.
 Boogie-woogie - This quick and
 Samba - Samba is a famous dance energetic style of dance became
and musical genre that originated widely popular during 1930s and
form the coast of Africa and land of 1940s.
Worldwide Dances / Latin dances
 Mambo - accompanies the mambo
music of the same name was  Salsa - very sensual form, energetic
introduced in 1930s movement and innovative
choreography that was influenced by
 Quickstep - Light-hearted and fast Mambo, Changuyi and Rumba made
movement, powerful forms and it very popular all around the world.
syncopations, represent the core
style characteristics of the  Flamenco - Its magical, passionate
Quickstep, one of the most popular and energetic fusion of singing
ballroom dances today in the world. (cante), guitar playing (toque), dance
and handclaps (palmas) made it
 Jive - known under the names of famous in entire world and became
swing, boogie or boogie-woogie. It is one of the accepted heritages of
considered to be one of the liveliest entire humanity.
of all Latin dances, promoting the

disordered choreography. alternative to classical dance styles (such as ballet). vibrations of the hips or the ribcage. where and entire body utilizing sudden participants can freely dance how percussive movements.Folk dances represent musical. from a single dance but and non-standardized costumes. improvisation. It is made not simultaneous actions.The dance) and Jazz dance. unstopping and when they wish. Shaped by many factors in late . classical Indian or Persian dances Belly dance is regarded as very and others. It emphasizes of set music. originated from Para. It managed to successfully around the world. art dance scene. maxixe and the carimbó  Contemporary dance - into unforgettable dance style. usually  Belly dance . Acrobatic small and fast shimmies.Modern dance is an Professional performance dance influential performance dance that originated as a reaction against the  Ballet .  Lambada . strong stress on activity that is closely associated the torso. fuse aspects of Forro. tap dance. choreographed dance that is performed for an audience. modern dance. salsa.  Modern Dance .Belly dance is one of at the theatre or an organized the most famous oriental folk gathering setting with the presence dances in the world. multiple and Western traditions. and lighting has pushed this of dance that can be performed to dance into the forefront of modern country-western music. Its focus on country dance style is a social dance free leg movement. cultural heritage. emotional and captivating. sensual.This famous dance that famous of all performance dances. and has even morphed the internationally popular during cultural histories of many countries 1980s.. Brayil became dances. reflections of daily life or ethnic history of  Concert Dance .Concert dance (also people who live in a certain region known as stage dance) is any or country. It is a polar opposite of the complex movement of the torso social or participation dances.  Folk Dance . Most popular fluid body motions and presence of concert dances are Ballet. modern styles (free  Country/ Western Dances .Ballet is without any doubt classical ballet and its movement one of the most highly technical and style.created one of the largest performance dance that originated "dance crazes" that our world ever in the mid-20th century as an seen. merengue. with American country and its unpredictability. Contemporary dance is a highly complicated type of modern  Polka . shivers and dance. encompasses many forms and styles sets.

 Tap Dance . Modern Dances  House dance -  Punk dance –  Rave dance -  Disco dance –  Bollywood dance - Hip-hop & Funk dance  Breakdance (Breaking) -.Among many types of popular dances around the world.  Bounce -.  Electric boogaloo -  Street Jazz -  Jookin' -  Locking – . tap dance may be one of the most unusual dances. 19th and early to mid-20th century. release technique. Instead of focusing on body movements and dancing with a partner. tap dance is characterized by the creation of percussion-like musically-focused rhythm performance using tap shoes striking on the floor in accordance with the dancing music. improvisation and contact improvisation.  Popping - modern dance evolved into a popular free dance style that includes elements of performance art.