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For Judy Here I Am, Lord For S.A.T.B. Voices and Piano or Optional 3-5 Oct. Handbell Accompaniment Freely DAN SCHUTTE ‘ Setting by ARNOLD B. SHERMAN _p_ S00 orsetion fi = Here 1am, Lord. Is it 1, Lord? thave heard you call-ing in the night.— — Iwill go, Lord if you lead _ me. ©) rntempo(J=ca 96) I will hold your peo-ple in my SA unis. 1, the Lord of J have heard my —peo-ple cry. All who dwell in © 1989 and this Ar ©2000, Daniel L,Sehute and New Dawn Music, 5536 NE Hass, Poa, OR 97213. Alright reserved. Used by permission Sole Selig Agent fr this aangement, Hope Publishing Company, Carl Steam, IL 60188 a ne ae road ow. Tha CCL a can eens does NOT eo ara ® Pa my hand will save. of night, 1 will make their dark-ness bright. Who will bear my ® Here =I Here Am Lord am. Lord. eet Lord? 1 have am, Lod @ news you cai-ing yet Ea call-ing in the mt Ot tte 80, Lord, if you lead me. Here dm, ord