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File-New File-Open File-Save File-Save As File-Plot File-Execute-Grip Filo-Execute-Debug Grip File-Execute-NX Open Edit-Undo List EditRedo Edit-Cut Edit-Copy Edit-Paste Edit-Delete Edit-Selection-Top Selection Priority - Feature Edit-Selection-Top Selection Priority - Face Edit-Selection-Top Selection Priority - Body Edit-Selection-Top Selection Priority - Edge Edit-Selection-Top Selection Priority - Component Edit-Selection-Select All Edit-Object Displey Edit-Show and Hide-Show and Hide Edit-Show and Hide-Immediate Hide Edit-Show and Hide-Hide Edit-Show and Hide-Show Edit-Show and Hide-Show All Edit-Show and Hide-Invert Shown and Hidden Ecit-Move Object View-Operation-Fit ‘View-Operation-Zoom View-Operation-Rotate View-Section-Edit Section View-Visualization-Ray Traced Studio View-Visualization-High Quality Imago View-Layout-New ‘View-Layout-Open View-Layout-Fit All Views View-Information Window View-Current Dialog Box View-Move Clip Left View-Move Clip Right View-Full Screen View-Maximize Resource Bar Tab Ctni+N Ctri+0 ctni+s: Ctri+Shift+A cani+P Ctr Ctri+shitt+G Ctri+U ctni+z City ctri+x Citric ctri+v Ctrl+D Shift+F Shift+G Shift+B Shift+E Shift+C Ciri+A Ctritd ciri+wW Ctri+Shift+1 Ctri+B Ctri+Shift#K Ctri+shitt+U Ctri+ Shift cani+T CtritF Ctri+shitt+z Crit Ctri+H Ciri+Shift#W Ctri+shitt+H Ciri+Shift+N Ctri+shitt+O_ Ciri+Shitt+F Ctri+Shitt'S F3 Shift+F1 Shift+F2 Alt+-Enter: Fil View-Reset Orientation Formal-Layer Settings Format-WCS-Display Finish Sketch Extrude Normal View to Sketch Move in an Orthographic Direction Copy in Another Position Copy Along an Orthographic Direction Tools-Expressions Tools-Journal-Play Tools-Journal-Edit Tools-Macro-Start Record Tools-Macro-Playback Tools-Movie-Record Tools-Movie-Pause Tools-Movie-Stop Tools-Customize Information-Object Analysis-Curve-Refresh Curvature Graphs Praferences-User Interface Preferences-Visuelization Preferences-Selection Preferences-Object Application-Modeiing Application-Shape Studio Application-Dratting Applicafion-Manufacturing Application-Inspection Applicafion-Sheet Metal-Sheet Metal Ciri+FB CtrieL w ciri+a x Shit+F8 Drag+Shift Drag+Ctri Drag#Shift+ Cte Write ALES ArT Cir'+Shift+R Ctri+Shift+P ARTES AR+FS ALE? crit cris Ctri+Shift+C crea Ctri+Shift*V Cirt+Shitt+T Ctri* Shifted cirieM Citas Ctri+Shitt+D CiriatteM Ciriattel Cir'+Shift+M Application-PGB Design-Flexible Printed Circuit Desig Ctr'+At+P Help-On Context FA